We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


21. Our Date Night

when we got to the restaurant, i was shocked at the beauty of it. it was so fancy and high classed. we walked in and were seated by a huge window, on the second floor. the floors were made out of marble and there was a huge chandelier in the middle of the restaurant. the view of our window showed nearly all the cars outside, the glowing lights, and all the buildings that had lighted signs. i slowly then got up. 'where ya goin, babe?' Harry asked, looking up to me. 'the bathroom, well if i can find it. ill be right back.' i told, kissing his cheek. i walked back downstairs where most of the things were. the bar, balcony and kitchen. i wandered all around until i found a hallway that had 2 doors. i walked into the bathroom to just take a glance of myself in the mirror. later, a girl walked in. i fixed my hair and make up. i added a bit of blush and lip gloss just in case. i popped my lips while seeing the girl come out of the stall and to the sinks. 'wow, i love your outfit.' she said, while washing her hands. 'thanks, my boyfriend bought it for me.' i replied. 'wow, you must be a lucky girl, huh?' she said. 'uhm, i guess. but most people say im stupid for being with him.' i told. 'oh, and why is that?' she asked. 'my boyfriend is Harry Styles.' i stated. 'so im suppose to be watching you..' the girl said. 'what..?' i asked, with a dirty look. 'uhm, so, im guessing you know Jade right?' the girl said. 'yes. what about her?' i spat. 'well, as her little slave, i was paid to watch you and your boyfriend.. im sorry i didnt want to but she said she would kill me if i didnt.' the girl pleaded. i felt terrible for her; shes an innocent girl that was now put through hell because of Jade. 'its okay, ill let you do your job. i know you dont mean to do any of this. can i get your name?' i said. 'Andrea. thank you, and please dont tell Jade you know her plan.' Andrea pleaded. 'of course. ill be protecting you if anything. ill see you around.' i told, walking out of the bathroom.

i headed back to my seat, seeing Harry eyeing me as i sit again. 'why'd you take so long?' he asked. 'oh sorry, i uh, i saw an old friend.' i replied. 'oh kay..? well uhm, i ordered the food already so it should being coming soon.' Harry told. 'okay... Harry, can i ask you something?' i asked. 'anything, babe.' Harry replied. 'how did you and Jade meet?' i asked. 'why do you want to know?' Harry spat. 'well, she kinda seems to be a big impact to you so i just wanted to know.' i replied. 'you dont need to know, Roneth. tonight is only suppose to about you and me and no one else.' Harry told while kissing my hand. i smiled at him. 'okay, i guess i can give you that one.' i replied, happily. the food finally came and we began eating. after we finished, the bill was put on the table. i immediately took it and skimmed the bill. holy shit. $1,207.43. thats how much it cost for only 2 meals!? 'babe, let me see.' Harry said, sticking out a hand. 'Harry, this is over a thousand dollars.' i said, still shocked. 'i know. now, let me see it.' Harry said, growing his voice a little louder. i dropped the bill on the table and just looked out the window, mad. 'why are you like this?' Harry asked. 'because you literally spent a thousand dollars for me. Harry, i dont like it when youre spending so much for me.' i told, looking at him with disappointment. he just chuckled then looked at me. 'babe, you really think im going to listen? this is my treat for you. whether its from spending a thousand dollars to taking my life for you. i love you Roneth. i want you to feel like a princess, my princess.' Harry told. i just smiled, speechless. 

we finally began walking out of the restaurant, when suddenly i bumped shoulders with a lady. i turned immediately. 'oh im terribly sorry.' the lady then slowly turned to show her face. 'oh, my. what a cute coincidence seeing you both.' Jade said, with a evil smile. i looked next to her to see Andrea. she was just looking down. 'oh nevermind. i take back my apology.' i spat, smiling back. 'oh really? thats just sad. well ill let you and your pitty little boyfriend to run off.' Jade spat. 'Oh! and before you go, i think you should try this wine, its really good.' Jade said, grabbing a glass of wine from a tray. she slowly turned then spilled it all over my dress. 'oops! sorry, my hands are, hhmm. a bit slippery.' she said, with an evil smile. 'you bitch...' i spat, with clenched fists. 'babe, lets go, you both are making a scene already..' Harry said into my ear while grabbing my arm. 'buh byeeee.' Jade spat, winking with the evil grin. i shrugged Harry off then stormed out the restaurant. i was heated up inside. how dare she destroy my dress? you know what? ill get her back just wait and see...

oh no!! what will Roneth do now?! will Jade still try to get to Harry?! will any of the boys be help?! what does Jade plan on doing now!? comment! :) .x

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