We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


51. Old Friends, New Faces

*Later that Day*

I was out with Zayn and Niall just having some time away from the house. We ate out for lunch then went an amusement park. Sadly i mostly rode with Niall on most of the roller coasters because Zayn was afraid. So much for being a big brother huh? As Niall and i headed into line for one of the roller coasters, i accidentally bump into the lady in front of me.

"Sorry!" I muttered. "Oh my gosh.. Roneth?!" She squealed. I look up as my heart suddenly floated. "Mati?" I breathed. "Yeah! Haven't seen you in ages! And is he your boyfriend?" She pointed towards behind me to Niall. "No hes just a good friend. Who are you with?" I asked. "My best friend!" She saids cheerfully, pointing behind her. The body behind her turns around to face us all. My heart dropped. "Maze?" I breathed. I couldn't believe it.

After all this time, i totally had forgotten my best friend. The sight of just seeing her was just amazing. She had a few tattoos on her arms and one showed a little off the hem of her shorts. The whole tattoo was under it. She wore a white crop too with her lacy bra showing so obvious through it. Her body was in perfect shape and her hair was long and gorgeous. Her thick, volumized bangs complimented the rest of her hair because it had that perfect fall all together of volume in her hair. She. Is. H o t.

She had black ray ban sunglasses that added a bonus to her perfection. "Rooonn! Whats up dude?! It's been ages!" She said. Her voice was cool. It had this smooth flow like she sounded like she was from the west coast of Cali. "I know. Where have you been lately?" I asked. "I went to California for a couple of months to catch waves and live the dope life over there, ya know? But anyway. Whatcha been up to here in England?" She explained. Her accent was the best. I wanted it so badly. "Oh uhh, just hanging with the lads we were suppose to hunt for together before." I replied.

"Aww sweet dude. I gotta meet them so i could see at least what i used to plan on going for." She winked then nudged my arm. "Hah, I'm just playing. But whos this dude behind you? Looks pretty cool." She asked looking behind me. "Im Niall. I'm guessing youre Maze?" He steps in front of me to stick a hand out. "Yup but thats just a nickname. Mazel is the full." She admits. Maze takes Niall's hand for surprisingly a hand shake and a bro hug. "Thats how you shake hands in west coast." She says. Niall chuckles. "Thats pretty sick." He replies.

"Ooh! Were getting closer!" Mati squeals. "Sweeeeet." Maze drags out. I've never seen Mati this outgoing with herself and Maze all laid back. This had been very interesting so far. I get on my tippy toes to whisper in Niall's ear. "So Maze huh? I saw the way you looked at her." I winked. He blushes. "Dont give it out. She hot and cool." Niall nudges my arm as i chuckle. We finally get on the coaster. I let Niall sit next to Maze while i sat next to Mati. It went pretty fast with some loops and drops. We exit all together, dizzy. "That was sick!" Maze announces. "Yeah it was." Niall agrees. We find Zayn sitting on a bench, next to Perrie. What a surprise.

"Oh jeez! Is that Zayn i spy?!" Maze calls. She runs up to him. "Aaayyyy long lost brother how you doiiiin?" She takes a fist out. "Sorry but do i know you?" Zayn replies. "Its Maze dummy." I replied. He shoots up right away. "Maze! Wow! You really, uh-.." "Yeah i know. The west coast got me. Its all about the surf life." Maze interrupts Zayn. "So you lived in California for how long?" Zayn asks. "Couple months. Almost a year though but luckily i changed my mind. I went off with Mati too so we could chill out and find new life there, ya know? But uhh, we decided to come back to see if anything changed and seems like you did!" Maze explains. Zayn looks down while giggling. "Well i dont feel any change but i see a huge change to you." He replied.

"Uhh sorry to interrupt but whos this?" Perries butts in, grabbing Zayn's arm. "Thats Mazel. Roneth's old best friend since high school. We haven't seen her in ages." He says. "Ooh." Perrie cooed. I looked at her with a smirk on my face. I think i sensed jealousy?.. "So where shall we go now ladies?" Niall asked trying to sound so well-mannered. "Uhh, i dunno. Mati?" Maze looks at Mati for an answer. "Anywhere is fine." She replies. "Why dont we actually head back home so we can catch up?" I say. "YES! Totally wanna see you and your boyfriend make out. NAWH IM JUST PLAYING!" Maze laughs at her own joke as i try to as well but only growing fear inside as i remembered about our plan.

"We got a taxi on the way here soo." Maze faded the last couple of words. "Just ride with us. Our driver, i mean Zayn, will take the lead." Niall jokes. Maze chuckles. "Poor Zayn the driver. Lead the way!" Maze joke along. Zayn and Perrie walk in front of us, hand in hand while Niall and Maze stood next to us. Mati and i walk side by side and actually had a good conversation. "So how are things with Liam?" Mati asked. "Hes fine. Been a good friend as always. Found anyone new yet?" I asked. "Uhh, yeah back in Cali but when i found out we were coming back here, i suddenly remembered Liam." She explained. I felt like she didnt just like Liam, she loves him. Even with time away from him, she still had thoughts for chances. "Mmm. Thats nice." I say. "I guess. So hows things with you and Harry?"

That was a question i dreaded to get from one of them. I already was teased about him earlier now im questioned. "We've been okay i guess." I said. "I guess? C'mon its a good or bad answer thing." Mati replied. I sighed. "Let's just say its both, mixed." My words trembled alittle after saying the truth bit by bit. We finally head to the car and drive to the house. Zayn and Perrie were in the front while all four of us squeezed in the back. Of course Niall made his move again by saying she could sit on his lap. Sadly, she rejected that because she thought she would crush him. I felt like crying at the moment when she said that because then i looked at myself.

While Zayn was driving, he held Perrie's hand. We could have been perfectly fine if she had apologized but no. Never did nor talked to me. So much for being the girlfriend of my brother. Niall and Maze talked the whole time through the drive and i sat still, listening to Mati talk to them too. I didnt even know what i do when we got home. I only had one other plan to back up the original plan but I'm thinking of another plan to avoid the plan. In simpler form, I'm trying to think of a way to continue what Harry and i have started without ruining it but what i have in mind is what i dont want to do. I need something else, now.

Finally we park in front and all head inside. Unsure of any ideas, i just called Liam first. "Liaammm!" I called. "Just head to the living room. I'll get the others." I whispered to the two girls. They motion following Niall while i ran upstairs to find Harry at our door way of our room, about to exit. "Wait! Dont go down yet!" I literally panic whisper. "Why whats wrong?" He asks. Liam comes out of his room first looking down the stairs then at me. "You called me?" He asks. "Yeah head down stairs theres a surprise for you." I tried to say happily but sort of failed. He shrugs then runs down the stairs. I nearly push hard back into the room and shut the door.

Before Harry even had a word come out of his mouth, i began to explain. "Maze and Mati are back from California. They took a vacation there and now came here to visit and meet the rest of the boys. My only idea is to act like were actually together but no kissing or teasing unless things get suspicious to them. Got it?" Harry takes about a second to take everything in. "So i can call you mine?" Harry smirks, walking closer to me. I put a hand on his chest. He pounding heart beating against his chest suddenly made my heart beat speed up. "No. After they're gone, were back to the plan. We cant just ignore that." I say. It sort of hurt saying it but i needed to. It was the only way to try and resist anything he would try. Now that he has his chances to take over me again, i had to push him away.

"Oh. We'll see about that." He growled. I sighed then motioned by the door. "C'mon we gotta head down there." I say. He runs to my side, wrapping his arm around my waist and pressing his lisp on my neck. "This will be too easy." His hot breath tickles my skin, causing goosebumps to rise. I shove him back. "Stop." I spat then headed down the stairs with Harry behind me rushing down. I head into the living room to see everyone there. Harry wraps his arm around my waist again, standing next to me like we were glued. Niall next to Maze, Mati next Liam, Zayn next Perrie, Louis is sitting at the edge next to Liam. There was no seats left so i just stood against the wall with Harry standing behind me with his arms wrapped around me from behind.

"Well well well. Ron oh Ron. I cant believe how much youve grown. After all those years of innocence, you got yourself a bad boy." Maze sarcastically says. "Yeah with a couple of difficulties." I told unhappy, looking at Zayn. He throws his hands up. "I was only trying to keep you from getting hurt but obviously with your stubborn head you never listened." Zayn said. I roll my eyes but smirk. "So on a scale of 1-10, how good is he in bed?" Maze winked. My lips slightly departure as i grew speechless from the question. I look at Louis who looked so angry. Jealous i was guessing. I didnt know what to say! Suddenly a deep, raspy voice spoke behind me. "Im so good, she cant put a number out." Harry jokes.

I elbow him in the stomach, causing him to wince. Maze, Mati, Niall, and Liam laughed while Zayn slightly chuckled while Perrie and Louis didnt even show emotions. "What? You know its true babe. I bet today was the best we've done." Harry winks while an arm was wrapped around his stomach. I slap his arm. "I told you no teasing." I growled through gritted teeth. "But it is at necessary timing." He smirks. I roll my eyes as he sets back into position from earlier. "So whats up with you Zayn? Never introduced your lady friend over here." Maze says. "Actually im his girlfriend." Perrie announces. "Figures." Maze saids blankly. I had a feeling Maze doesnt like her. "So how did you two end up together?" She asked.

"Long story short, we met in high school and were together. Things went down hill and never met up until well, now." Perrie explains. My god does she have to steal spotlight. I mean Maze asked Zayn not you bitch! "Aww thats cute. Waait, Harry didnt you date her too before?" Maze looked at him, facing us. "Yeah but we eventually broke up." Harry replied. I grew stiff at thought of Harry living Perrie during the time he left. Harry cuddled his head into my neck, his warm lips pressed against it. Goosebumps ran through my skin as lips fingertips slid slightly up and down my arm, not noticeable to anyone. I jerked my arm alittle to make sure he stopped. He obeyed.

"Aah i see. Well now how about you Liam, anything new?" Maze asked. "Uhh nothing really. Just working still in the shop. There's new people that work there but the only person who has still been there is Wesley." Liam explains. I missed Wes. I haven't seen him in ages. "Hey maybe you, me, Mati and Liam can stop by the shop to say hello?" I butted in. "Sweeeet! I would love to! Seeing Jesy again will be pretty hilarious." Maze said. "Can i come?" Harry asks. "No. Only us ex and current workers can. Its our thing. Sorry babe." I say. The last part was to just empathize our "relationship"

Not much conversation was left to talk about so we decided to head to the mall to visit the shop but before i walked out the door, Harry grabs me and wraps his arms around my waist and smashes his lips on mine. I had to go along because it would seem weird to see a girlfriend against her own boyfriend's kiss. After a few seconds, he unlocks and looks into my eyes. "Dont forget, youre mine." He smirks. I roll my eyes. "I know i know. Ill see you later." I say blankly then walked out the door. I hate the stupid plan.


So much has happened! What will happen at the shop? Who is working there now? Where has Jade been? Will Harreth ever be the same? Comment, like, favorite <3

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