We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


60. Nightmares

*Harry's POV*

I walk out of the terminal and back to where Louis was. "Thank you" i told him. "Anytime, now let's go after them" he commanded. I nodded then head for my car. I recently bought a new, black sports car to hide away from any of Jade's minions. I sped home and looked for the rest of the boys. "They're gone" i announce. All were sitting in the living room, waiting for our return home.

"So Harry, do you think you'll win?" Louis asked. "I'm not sure, but i hope Niall keeps his word." I spat. I didnt think i was ever going to forgive Niall for this. Taking away whats mine and making her, his. "What if he wins? What will you do?" He questioned. His curiosity will be the death me i swear. "Louis, just wait for the match tonight. Everything will be determined there. But until then, just keep it at this; i will win tonight and have Roneth". I didn't want to keep my guard down for this. All of this was for Roneth. For our family.

"You know how Roneth doesn't like you dont this" Liam spoke. "Okay then if you don't want me to do it, then you go on yourself. She wouldn't want anyone of us to do this for her. It's our last chance to gain her back" i defended. "He's right" Perrie chimed in. "She's not here anymore so we cannot speak of this deal. For now, let's have Harry finish it first" she told. Perrie's intelligence filled the last piece of out group. Even though Roneth is meant to be a part of the group, she just didn't seem to get involved as much like she did. Or tried to.. But it was better like that to keep her protected.

She meant a lot to each one of us. Liam loves her to death but tries his best to accept my relationship with her. But always tends to add on her thoughts to get a perspective of my decisions. Louis is just close with her. I mean their history may have a factor to it but he is intelligent as well, but he doesn't keep caution like Perrie. Zayn obviously loves Roneth to a degree none of us could. There is something about her that got us all attached to her.

"So what time do you need to head out there" Zayn asked. I look at the clock. I had until 7 to catch up alittle. "Ill go on my own. Stay split and make it hard for Jade to find me" i explain. They nod and agree to my plan. "I gotta take care of something,I'll be right back" i tell them. I walk out and drive off to a building. It was tall and glossy. I headed inside to the 12th floor.

I headed towards a desk, there sat a young receptionist. "May i help you?" She asked. "Appointment for Styles" i replied. She opens her book and nods, signaling me behind her were door to another hallway that lead to a huge door. I open it sat the man himself.

"Styles, long time no see. How's your mother?" He asked. His chair faced his window that viewed majority of the place. "I dont know. Haven't spoke with her." I told. "Thats a shame, what is it you'd like?" He asked. "My girlfriend headed out of country with Horan. I need one of your men to watch her" i spilled. "Why'd she leave? What's going on?" He turned around to finally see me. "Wow,haven't changed one bit" he grinned. "Jade" i muttered. He nods, "i see. She's unstable, like her mother. I suppose her men are back as well?" He asked.

"They are" i told. "Andy left my company for her. He fell for her scams and played it off smoothly. Liam must feel something from this.." He told. I shook my head, "he does.. I need your men to watch her while she's away. Making sure shes safe with him" i say. "Why not trust the lad? Does he love her too?" He questions. I bit my down on my jaw, "everyone does" i spat. He raised an eyebrow. "Well, I must say there must be something special about her". I looked away, "sadly everyone can see it" i prevented myself growing deep into thought.

"I promise to get my men to head out and find her. I'll be there tonight to watch you. Dont disappoint me" he commanded. I nodded, "only for you, Dad". "Alright, head out there and get your head back into the ring. Stop thinking about her" he says. I walk out and head straight to the abandoned warehouse.

It was dusty and had a light in the center of the ring that Hung from the ceiling. "You're here early" the voice rang. "Why are you here" i asked. "Just excited i guess" she paused, "where is she". "Away from you" i spat. A booming chuckle echoes the room, "you're quite the charm, Harry. I've missed you deeply. I hope you realize you will realize one day that killing all those people back then will get you to rot in jail" she tells, haunting me with memories. "Jade, you made me like that. I never wanted to hurt anyone" i defended.

"Youre so good at lying to yourself but never to me. You meant it all. The way you looked at every body you destroyed made you feel powerful-" "no, i only looked like some psychopath" i interrupted. "Stop denying it all, Harry. Just because Roneth changed you doesn't mean she changed your past about us. You loved me. And i know there's something there. Just let me back in and it will be all over." Her voice crept through my body, as she made me remember the things we did together.

No one knew what I did back then because I couldn't let the word get out and get locked up. I couldn't count on the boys back then because i even pushed them away during that time. "No" i spat. She smirks, "alright, that was your last chance. I'll make sure Andy takes care of you" and off she disappeared into the darkness. I checked the clock to see its already 6. I heard the boys walk in with their voices loudly echoing the room. "Harry!" Louis called. "I'm over here" i announced. All four go come to me. "What did you do?" Asked Louis.

"Dont worry about it, just make sure Roneth is okay. Call her right now please" i ask. "She's on the plane, how will this work" Louis sasses. I roll my eyes, "fine, i guess that was stupid of me. I just want to make sure shes okay" i say. He pats my back, "worry about this fight. This is for her too you know. If you fail you will-.." "I know. Zayn, help me warm up will ya?" I ask him. He nods and walks with me to another part of the warehouse. "I trust you Styles. Dont let us all down" he says. "I wont" i reply.

I change and begin to warm up with him. Get a few key things to be better and soon, the clocked strikes 7. I hear the crowds roaring with excitement as i begin to feel my chest compress with anxiety. I think about Roneth for one last time and look at my paper necklace. As long as I knew she had hers on, i felt better. "Styles" a man calls in cue for me to head to the ring. I walk in and see Andy prepped up. I take a big breath and look at him straight in the eyes. "G'luck Styles" he smirks. "Back at you" i say.

-Roneth's POV-

I looked at a distance and saw Harry farther away from me. I call him and run but he was only going further ahead. I try to run faster but once i reached him, I saw him in the arms of another. I stop and only watch. Then she turns and reveals herself.


I shook and look around me to see i had only a nightmare. I sigh as i look next to me to see Niall sound asleep. I look at my phone to see the time. We had a few more hours to go. I grasp my necklace around my neck as I think of Harry, hoping hes okay. But somehow, I felt like he wasn't..

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