We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


19. My New Ally

Wes walked toward me and Harry. Harry never let go of me after Jade left. i had a feeling he was scared something like that was gonna happen again thats why he still held me. 'Roneth.. im uh, im sorry about her. i knew she was the whore she is so i never really trusted her. right when you told me that, i knew she never changed. she was still that Jade i first met, a stripper.' he told. i just gave a saddening look. 'look, im sorry i ended things badly for you two. i just didnt want her near my boyfriend anymore, plus its not just her fault either' i told. i looked at Harry after, he was looking away as if he wasnt guilty too. 'why'd you guys go out in the first place?' i asked Wes. 'well, she actually asked me. at first, i really liked her but then when i found she was a stripper and loved messing around, my feelings were totally killed.'  Wes said. i felt bad for Wes. he didnt ever deserved to get hurt. ill make sure Jade will pay for the damage she has done. 'here, uh, these go into isle 7. ill be in this one for now.' Wes told, handing me Cd's. 'okay, ill just head on then.' i said, walking away. 

i walked into the isle with Harry, not letting go of my waist. 'Harry please go. i need to work.' i spat. 'not until we settle things.' he responded. i put down all the Cd's i was holding then turned to face him. 'you cant wait until i get home?' i spat. 'Babe please. i cant stand you like this. i was just kidding with Jade. i told you already im not messing around anymore.' he said. i looked straight at Harry. his eyes were soft. i sighed then pecked his lips. 'okay. im not mad anymore but promise me you'll stop doing crap like that. if i catch you again, youll never see me again.'  i spat. 'i promise babe.. thank you.' Harry told, in an innocent voice. he hugged me tightly then softly kissed me. 'what time are you off, babe?' Harry asked. 'ill be done by 5 today. i worked extra hours already. pick me up please?' i responded. 'of course. why do you think i asked when youre off?' Harry told sarcastically. 'oh shut up go already before we get caught.' i told. Harry kissed me one last time then left. 

Wes later stepped into the isle. 'hey, im on break. Liam is here.' 'okay, tell him ill need help.' i told. 'gotcha. want anything?' he asked. 'mmm.. Arizona fruit punch please.' i responded. 'kay, im off. see ya in a bit, Ron.' Wes told, walking away. minutes later, Liam came into the isle. 'hey Runeth, hows it going?' 'mmm, ive been good. how bout you?' i replied. 'uhm, could be better but im okay.' he told. 'are you sure? you dont wanna talk about it?' i asked, sounding kinda worried. i really was worried about Liam. i felt like theres something inside of him thats hurting but doesnt want to say. 'yeh, im fine. dont worry about it.' he told. 'okay then. if anything, im still here for you, Liam.' i told. 'i know, and i am too, for you.' he said. i hugged him tightly then gave him a few Cd's to shelf. we were talking again, like back in the old days before Harry came into the picture. i missed these kinds of days, where everything was just simple but nothing cant ever be back to how it used to be and it hurt to remember that. i guess time really flew whenever me and Liam would always talk nonstop. Wes came back with my Arizona and i went onto my break. i wandered the mall, just letting myself take a stroll. i accidentally bumped into a guy as i was walking. the guy turned to give me a sassy attitude. 'excuse me but do yo- RONETH!' 

Louis screamed my name out then squeezed me in his arms. 'cant.breathe.' i told, without any air. he let go right away. 'sorry, love. so how are you and Styles so far?' he asked. 'uhm, were okay.' i responded. 'thats a lie now lets find a seat to talk.' Lou told, grabbing my arm to a bench. we sat down then Lou spoke. 'now talk. whats going on between you two?' he asked. 'well, one of Harry's highschool ex's came back to be fuck buddies with him. i have no clue how long they've been doing this but i found earlier. and turns out, this girl has been cheating so i got her caught but shes coming back for revenge' i said. 'im guessing, Jade right? i knew that bitch meant it. well then, we better get you a plan already because she hits pretty hard.' Lou replied. 'wait how'd you know it was Jade?' i asked. 'well, before highschool ended, Jade said she will come back for him and makes sure no one else has him but her.' Lou said. 'well, so whats the plan then?' i asked. 'well, i know her first move would be jealousy.' Lou stated. 'oh she already tried that but she failed. next.' i told. 'nice one, lad. hhmmm... her next move would be then would be the cheating stage. she'll try to make him cheat again and make it look like its his fault.' Lou told. 'hah, she does such weak stuff.' i spat. 'careful, she levels up each time she fails so be aware of her actions.' Lou told. i knew this war wasnt going down easy. if she wants to keep fighting, fine by me. doesnt mean ill fight back. at least i had my allies already...

sorry if this chapter was boring. :/ what will Lou and Roneth plan?! what will Jade do now?! will Wes ever take back Jade?! will Harry find out with Roneth is doing?! will the other boys help Lou and Roneth?! comment and tell me what you think!! :) .x

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