We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


4. My Hero Shrunk To Zero

'RONETH!' Zayn screamed from downstairs. i heard things breaking and crashing. i quickly ran downstairs and saw Harry and Zayn fighting. 'STOP!!' i yell as i ran down the stairs. 'GET BACK UPSTAI-' Zayn throws a punch at Harry and i jumped to block Harry from getting hurt even more. 'Stop! Zayn! i didnt say you can hurt him!' i yelled. 'WHAT DO YOU EXPECT!? YOU LET ME JUST STAY IN MY CAR AND LET YOU TRY TO ESCAPE YOURSELF!? YOU ASKED FOR MY FUCKING HELP AND NOW YOU'RE DEFENDING HIM!?' i hated when Zayn screamed or even yelled at me. i felt like he didn't love me and so whenever he does, tears stream down my face. 'i know i did Zayn.. but i didnt ask for this..' i said weakly. he looks me at worried.

i dig my head into Harry's chest, not wanting my face to be seen. Zayn tried to walked toward me but i just dig in alittle more into Harry. 'Roneth.. im sorry.. lets go home now.' he said sadly. i knew he didnt mean it just yet. i looked down to see his fists were still clenched. i responded weakly, 'no.. im spending a night here.' 'but you-' 'i want to stay here i said. i dont care if i asked for your help. just go away please Zayn. i need this..' Zayn later let go of his fists and tried to hug me but i stayed in Harry's arms. 'go away please.. i dont want you right now.. ill go home tomorrow.' i said. 'im sorry please, Roneth.. come home with me..' Zayn pleaded. i didnt want to look at him. i finally was released out of Harry's arms to face Zayn but i didnt look him in the eyes. 'go. we'll talk tomorrow. im not ready to look at you..' i said, looking down wiping my face.

Zayn tried to lift my chin up but i moved my head so he didnt lay a hand on me. Zayn walked up to Harry. 'you asshole. i swear if you hurt her, ill make sure to kill you.' Zayn said in fury to Harry's face. 'im the one protecting her. you 're the one hurting her.' Harry responded. 'im going to pick you up tomorrow morning keep your phone on please. i love you. bye gorgeous.' i finally looked up at Zayn and hugged him tightly. he kissed my head and walked out the door. i dropped to the floor, right when he closed the door. i was sobbing on the floor, not knowing what to do. i felt a hand go on my shoulder. i turned to look up to see Harry. 'cmon. lets rest now.'

Harry carried me up the stairs bridal style then into his room. i took the tshirt he gave me earlier and changed. i later burried my face into his chest. 'im sorry about everything tonight.. i was just scared to be with you and with Zayn earlier..' i said. 'dont worry babe. you dont need to be scared anymore.. im protecting you now and with Zayn, that was nothing. im sure he'll rub it off his shoulders.' he said. he kissed my head and i fell asleep in his arms..

Sorry for a short chapter!! ill update soon!! i hope you're enjoying the story so far! w/ <3!!! :) .x


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