We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


56. My Escape

*Roneth's POV*

After a long discussion of catching up and bonding, i finally bring up the wedding. "So i got an invitation" i say. He gives a confused look, "i didnt give you one.. Well not yet" he mutters the last words. "Was it Perrie?" I ask. "Ah, so you got it" Perrie pops in the room with an empty glass and begins to refill her drink, "i decided it was best for her to be there to support you, Zayn" she admitted. Zayn sighs, "i never expected you would do that babe. But I'm glad you did" he hugs me once more. "Do you want her to help?" He asks while pointing at Perrie. "If only she wants to get involved, but i dont want her to get hurt before your wedding" i say. "I'll be fine, love! I'll make sure youre safe first before me anyways. That precious life youre holding matters more" i smile brightly at her.

"So, shall we head back to your house?" She asks. I grin, "yeah, I think we should" i head out to my car as they followed me from behind. We head inside and together and there i look into the living to see him.. He changed. He looked more buff, tough. He looked at me as if he didn't know me. "Liam" i say. He stands up as he towers over me, "Hey" his low, husky voice spoke. Why do i suddenly feel all these chills through me? "Well its nice to see us together again" Niall says aloud. "Yeah, wonderful" Liam spoke while staring at me still. "Why don't we all sit down" Harry told. I break the stare and look at him. He look mad enough with Liam this close to me, so I decided to just move on to the couch and sit next to Harry.

The tension was really rubbing against me as everyone sat in silence for a moment until I broke it, "thank you, for coming back to-.." Liam cuts me off, "your lucky we even came together" he spat. "What's your problem?" I replied. "You" he snapped and stormed out. Suddenly i heard a loud thud in the kitchen. I run there to see he punched a wall. "Liam..." I shivered. "You disappoint me, Roneth. You knew how much i loved you and wanted to be with you. I left to move on and become stronger but i cant see you like this. With Harry's child and now that I'm trying help save" he explained.

"You didn't.. I asked for a favor, Liam. It's not just for my child, for my protection as well. I need you back-.." "And for what?! To save you too again?! Harry can never care for you like i would ever! Instead you let him take you still and ruin your life and put you in situations like these" he snapped. I didnt know Liam loved me.. How was this possible.. "Then why did you even bother to show up here" i spat. "For you" he muttered.

-flash back-

*Liam's POV*

I sat at my house after I finished showering. I couldn't believe how far I've made it without any of them. My body became built and i didnt have any feelings anymore. Every girl i took home was nothing but a game to me and heartbreak to them. I didnt care anymore. I lost it after Roneth let me go so easily. Suddenly i hear knocks on my door. I open it to see Niall and Louis standing in front of me. "Liam, we need to talk" Louis said. "I dont think we should" i reply. "Its important, its about Roneth" he says. I sigh, i let them in and take a seat. "What's going on?" I ask. "She's gotten in trouble by Jade. She's going after her baby" Louis explained. "So why should I care?" I spat.

"Because she has a group of men that nearly took Niall's and her lives. If we don't come back as a group we'll all die" Louis says. "Roneth got herself in this-.." Suddenly Niall stood up, "whats wrong with you?! What happened to you Liam?! You used to care so much about Roneth but now all you seem to show is nothing about her. Dont deny that you still love her because I know you do. She's asking for your help. She needs you again Liam."

I couldn't stand her with Harry.. She always ended up on trouble because of his troubled life. All those stupid acts he did before. We used to do all these things to get all this cash. We decided to split after Harry and Zayn fought over Perrie. "I cant see her again.. Not in the way shes in. Pregnant." I say. "Please Liam. We have to do this not just for her, but for us. We need to reunite. We need the brotherhood back" Louis admits. I think for a moment. Will this be worth it? To risk my life for the girl i once loved or so thought i was over her? "Fine.. Only because of Roneth" i say

-end of flash back-

*Roneth's POV*

Did that mean Liam actually did love me?.. Even if i had hurt him so bad that he would come back to save me? "Liam im sorry. For hurting you.. For making you feel worthless.. Trust me when i say this, you are my best friend and i loved having you around but i never loved this side of you" i begin "I cant love my best friend if he isn't who he truly is" i add. He turns around to face me, "I loved you so much Roneth.. I could've been the one to do so much better. But you chose him. You let him get you in all this trouble" he spat.

I sigh, "its true, he does get me in this but you know what? He doesn't mean to. It's not like he means to ruin us, Liam. Please understand that I cant love you like i love him" he looks down then back at me and inches his face closer to mine. "I love you Roneth.. I would do anything to win you over" he whispered. Tear prickled at the edge of my eyes, but I tried pushing them back. I felt his hand slide up to my face and cup it on my cheek. I held his hand grasp on me, "Liam, i cant let you live on false hope. Please, dont get yourself hurt again.." I say with unsteadiness. Soon I was wrapped in his big arms. I needed this. I needed my best friend again. But I couldn't let him get hurt again.

"Ahem" i turned quickly to see Harry leaning against the wall, arms tightly crossed against his chest. "Are you both done" he spat, " i have you know this is about you and our child" he added. I looked down, "Harry please. Let me fix things" i reply. "Whatever. I'm sure Liam would love you to fix his heart too" he snapped. "Liam let's go" i spat. "What?" He whispered. "I want to get out of here and away from Harry" i told. Harry turns around from walking away and deathly looks at me. "Dont you dare leave" he spat. I walked closer to him and pushed him out of the way. "Dont tell me what. To. Do." I pointed at him as i roughly spoke.

He grabbed my wrist vigorously as I felt the bruising begin. "Harry" Liam called. Suddenly he let go of me and gave a dirty look at Liam. "Go then" he spat and walked away. I watch him walk away and look back at Liam, who stood there furious. "Let's go, I'll take you somewhere" he says. I nod and head towards the back so no one knows we left.

*Harry's POV*

I storm back into the living room where everyone was sat. "So where are they?" Louis asked. "They left" i spat. "Where'd they go?" Niall asked. "I dont know. All she said was he wanted to leave with him so i let her because she told him she missed him" i explained as the pain rumbled on my chest. With the thought if them together hurt but I couldn't keep her on a leash because she would eventually keep doing this constantly. "So you let her go? That easy?" Louis asked. "I had no choice. If I told her no, we could've possible lost Liam again and she would still try to run off to him". Maybe this proved how i wasn't enough for her. If she needed an escape from me, then she must be starting to get sick of me. But she wouldn't leave me because of our baby... That would be the only reason. 

*Roneth's POV* 

He drove us all the way into the city, where there was a festival going on. It was nice to finally catch up and have peace with Liam. I checked my phone once in while to see if Harry would ever text or call me. He never did. I just let it go as I dedicated this say just for me to have an escape. With Liam. We went nearly around the whole city until he decided to change location. He drove me to picnic area, next to a tree. "why are we here?" I asked him. "Stop asking questions and let me lead the day for once" he spat. i sighed. we both hopped out of the car and head towards the tree. I look beyond the tree and see a whole field. "Woah.." i muttered. He comes from behind and slides his arm around my waist. "I know. I usually went here whenever I wanted to find a place to think" he admitted. 

"Its beautiful" i say. "Like you" Liam told. I look at him to see him already staring at me. The sun was beginning to set and caused a glare in Liam's eyes. The hazel color began to shine through brightly. "Roneth, I took you here to tell you that I understand how much you love Harry, but I'm not sure who would ever love much more" he paused for a breath then look into my eyes again. "I can't stand you with him because ever since I met you in the shop, I wanted you. Not in any sexual way, just for the way you are" he takes a deep breath, letting myself begin to tear up. "I know I cant change  your mind anymore about how you feel, but i promise you I will always be here. I'm sorry I left so sudden. I just couldn't stand seeing the girl I love be with my friend.." The tears slid down the sides of my face, only causing me to weaken inside.

Liam cups one of his big hands on one side of my face and strokes his thumb to wipe my tears. "Please don't cry, I didn't mean to hurt you. I wanted to just tell you how I feel" he softly spoke. "Im so sorry Liam for everything i've done to you. I understand if you were to leave again because i know you're hurting and I can't fix it." I sobbed as I couldn't look at Liam anymore. He was soft only with me. When he was around the boys, he tried to show no emotion. Somehow i must have made him feel, like with Harry. The only thing was that I love Harry. He was the man I fell in love with, not Liam. But it hurt because I knew how much he needed my love too. "Liam.." i mutter. "Yes?" he whispers. Suddenly I met my lips with his and felt the warmth of them linger through my skin. He pulls in my body until our bodies touch. I held his neck in my hands, only causing him possibly to want more. 

I depart mine from his and look into his eyes, "Im sorry.. I should of never done that.." I whisper. "Don't worry about it. I know it meant nothing to you but it will mean so much to me" He replied. i sigh, "I didn't want that to happen but I knew you needed me so much" i weakly spoke. He forces a small grin, "Well, I think we should head back there, Harry must be going crazy for you". I look down, "Liam" he looks at me, "yes?" I look at him again with tears piling up, "I love you as a friend, okay?" i explain. He nods, "I know, but i love you more than a friend". i smile, "Best friend?" he chuckles, "Maybe just alittle more"

"Cmon, lets go home" he takes my hand and walk together to the car, still holding hands. "I will never forget this day" I admit. "really? Neither will I" he replies. "Will you tell Harry about earlier?" he adds. I sigh, "I don't want to but I know he would expect it at least from me.. We spent the whole day together" He smiles at the road, "If he tries to kill me, I won't blame you" I pat his arm, "He wouldn't be able to if i was there for my best friend". We pull up to the house and sit in the car for a few more moments.

"I wish we can spend time like this again soon" He says, looking at me. I meet his eyes, "me too. For now, everything is a mess and we have to get rid of Jade and her gang" i spoke sadly. "but promise me one thing" i begin, "don't try to act like an emotional prick in front of all of them to seem tough. It doesn't seem like you and I don't like it" i say. "well how else am I suppose to act? Weak? Soft? that was who was before, I can't be stepped on anymore" he says. I sigh, "I know. I'll miss this you. the true you" I admit. He kisses my forehead, "He'll come back don't worry" I smile at him and give him a cue that we should go inside.


Personally idk where my Liam feels came in but i had to let them out, LOL. anyways, poor Liam. friendzoned so hard. give me feed back on this and tell me if i should end this soon or keep it going!! comment, like, favorite <3

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