We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


13. Louis's Party

it was closing time and the whole mall was nearly empty. i grabbed my stuff from the staff room and told Jes i was leaving. she stopped me before i walked out of the store. 'isnt Liam suppose to take you home?' 'uhm.. i dunno if i want him to. im gonna go now.' i told. i made Jes let go of me then walked away. once i got outside, cool breezes came by. i was shivering. i took my phone out to call Zayn. Zayn.. whats gonna happen if he sees my cheek?! i put away my phone and just began walking. it was good to take this walk alone because i just wanted to think for once. wow, so much in one day. first Harry, then Liam. they, are a big mess. i couldnt help resist who was more worth it.

i love Harry because his kisses, and touches made me weak and whenever i would try to talk to him, he was actually gentle and softer. as if, i was his weakness. but Liam, he had the class, respect and care. he had patience and more manners than Harry. but the thing is, hes my best friend. if we were ever to get together and break up, it would be hard to fix what we had before... UGH. i hate my life so much! why does it have to be this hard!?! i screamed at the top of my lungs and just stopped walking. tears slowly slid down my face and i looked down. i was sick of all the fighting.. i wanted to chose already but i dont know who i want.. 

as i was standing there, a car stopped next to me. it slowly rolled the the passenger window down. 'Roneth? is that you?' the voice spoke. i remembered that voice from earlier. i turned to look inside the door. 'Louis? what are you doing here?'  i asked. 'come in, love. ill drop ya off home.' he said. i got in and he began driving. 'where do ya live?' he asked. '4 blocks straight then a turn right.' i told. 'why were ya alone?' he asked. 'i wanted to be..' i mumbled. 'i have good ears so i heard that clearly.' he stated. hes funny. 'tell me, you looked pouty. what were you thinkin' about?' he asked. 'nothing..' i whispered. 'LIAR!' he yelled. i gasped in shock then i took a breath out. when is he ever quiet? 'fine, you got me.. i was thinking about Liam and Harry..' i told. 'andddd..?' he responded. 'and i dunno who to chose..' i said quietly. 'well, i can tell ya both lads are worth it. you may think Harry is the rough type when he really isnt. outside, hes really hard and tough but inside, his soul is fragile. do you know why he became who he is today?' Louis spoke. 'no..' i told quietly. 'back then, it was senior year. Harry fell for this girl pretty darn hard. when he found out she cheated on him, he went totally depressed. he wouldnt talk, eat or even just have emotion. i guess after they broke up, he just.. was never the same.' 

i couldnt believe it.. how soft Harry truly was. no wonder he grew soft when he felt guilty or serious. then i just realized how harsh i was earlier and how rude i was... i didnt mean to it was because of his attitude. i felt like i was suddenly the jerk now. Lou finally reached my house and parked in front. 'well, get better soon. come tonight please.' he said. ' i will. thank you Louis.' i hugged him and then walked to my front door. i knocked on the door to find no answer. i climbed the tree next to my house. i went through my window then jumped in my room. woah.. well today was quite, shocking.

i looked at the time,  7:06. wow, no rest. i got up to get ready. i had no sexy clothes besides my dress. it was tight on the body, making my butt and boobs shape out more and it was strapless. i put that on. it was a solid black color. then i ran to the bathroom to put on my makeup and do my hair. when i opened the door, Zayn was walking out with just a towel on. 'oh youre home.' i said breathless. 'yeh, going somewhere?' he said. 'yeah, a party with Liam.' i replied. i stood where i was, in the dark hallway. if i were to step into the bathroom, my cheek would have been seen already. 'okay, ill leave you with your face and hair in here. putting loads of makeup you dont need.' he said walking away. before he walked into his room, he kissed my cheek. 'love you, gorgeous.' 'love you too.' i replied. my cheek was hurting alittle because he kissed the side with the bruise. i quickly got in the bathroom and locked the door. i curled my hair then put my make on. i tried to put enough foundation to hide the bruise but it was still noticeable. i put on my bold red lip stick then puckered my lips to make that pop sound. i did finishing touches on my hair, then got out. only this time, Zayn was in front of the door and i was inside the bathroom, with light.

'the hell, what happened to you Roneth?' Zayn said walking in the bathroom for light. ' i uh.. accidently fell my face..' i stuttered. 'this doesnt look like you fell.. it looks like some one else made this mark.' he said, stroking my cheek. i jerked my head away so he can stop. 'youre gonna ruin my make up.' i said. 'who did this?' he said. 'no one.' i said. 'who did this?' he asked, a bit louder. 'no one.' i said again. 'Roneth, if you leave this house without telling me, im not gonna forgive you.' he told. that hurt. 'fine.. someone accidentally whacked me in the face while i was picking CD's off the floor.' i said, unsteady. Zayn narrowed his eyes. 'stop lying. this is a punch. i can tell because from the placing of where it is.' he said, stroking my cheek again. 'let me see.' he said while making me turn my head to the side, then he saw the other mark. 'what the hell Roneth, is this a hickey?' he asked, examining my neck. i couldnt get out of this one. 'yeah..' i said quietly. 'who made this one?' he asked. 'H-.. Harry..' i stuttered. he quickly looked up, and had a quick thought. 'he punched you too didnt he?' he spat.

'it was an acci-' 'shut the hell up Roneth. i cant believe you were trying to defend him.' Zayn spat as he stormed out of the bathroom. i rolled my eyes then ran to my room. oh no. 7:27. i have to hurry. i quickly put on my solid black wedge heels. i took a quick glance at the mirror again then  ran downstairs.  before i opened the door, Zayn was standing right next to the door. i looked at him as he was leaning against the wall, arms folded against his chest. 'Zayn im sorry, i didnt mean to lie to you. i just didnt want you over reacting.' i told. he walks over to me. 'over react? more like care. Roneth, you were punched in the face. you dont think im not suppose to react to that?' he said. i looked down but he then lifted my chin up to look straight in his big brown eyes. 'i care about you, i dont want you hurt. if stuff happens like this, dont hide please. i need to protect you and keep you safe.' he said. he kissed my forehead. 'go, call me if anything.' Zayn said, opening to door. ' i will. thank you Zayn. i love you.' i said as i kissed his cheek. 'love you too gorgeous.' he replied.

i ran outside to see Liam sitting in his car, waiting. Liam waves as i knew it wasnt for me, it was for Zayn. i heard Zayn's car unlock from behind me so i knew he was going somewhere too. i get in the car without a break. 'hi..' i said. 'hey' Liam replied. we drove off and headed to Louis's. when we got there, the place was nearly packed. we parked across the street. when i was getting out of the car, Liam told me to stay in my seat. he quickly got out to open my door. he took a hand out to help me out. we then headed toward the house, hand in hand. 'you look beautiful tonight.' he said. i was blushing. 'thanks.' i replied. by the time we reached the front door, the music was bursting. everyone was everywhere. i couldnt believe how many friends a sassy guy can have. 'LIAMMM!! RONETTTHHH!' Louis shouted, heading toward us. he hugged us both with the smell of beer on him. he looks at me from head to toe. 'wow Roneth! you really know how to dress pretty damn sexy!' he said, nudging Liam. Liam pushed him off but Lou just chuckled. 'ill be over there! help yourself with some drinks!' he yelled over the music. we walked to the kitchen for drinks. i wasnt much a drinker so i just took a water bottle. Liam didnt get a drink either so we just sat down on stools and chatted. i was getting anxious to dance, so i asked Liam. 'wanna dance?' 'sure.' he replied.

i grabbed him toward the living room, aka dance floor and began dancing. all the people were petty much heated up and sweating so we were getting warmed up too. Liam got pressed against a wall then i pressed my body against him. he nudged me off and then walked away. i just gave a look at first but then someone else tugged me on the floor. i looked to see who it was. Styles. 'come one babe, its my turn.' he yelled. i didnt care who i was dancing with, i just wanted to. i pulled Harry toward the same wall. i pushed against it and pressed my body on him. this time, he grabbed my ass firmly and kissed me. he tasted like mixed drinks but i didnt care. i just wanted to be with him. we were battling again. our tongues trying to explore each other's mouths. his hands were sliding all over my body. he then began kissing my neck, then giving love bites. he knew exactly where my weak spot was so i moaned. somehow he heard me over the music and i felt his lips shape into a smile. i was so engaged with Harry, i forgot all about the party. but then i heard Louis screamed at the top of his lungs toward the door. 'ZAYN!!' he screamed cheerfully..... crap.

OH NO!!! what will happen Zayn sees Roneth with Harry?? will Zayn hurt Harry? who will win Roneth?? Harry or Liam?? comment, like!! w/ <3!!! :) .x

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