We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


14. Louis's Party 2

i quickly got off of Harry and then walked away. the only way i was gonna head to the kitchen was passing through the front door. i quickly ran, passing toward the front door. i kept my head down and tried to get around all the people. right when i was passing the door, Louis grabbed my back. 'RONETH! have you met the other mate, Zayn?!' he yelled out. 'Roneth, what are you doing here?' Zayn asked me. 'WAIT WOAH, YOU GUYS KNOW EACH OTHER?!' Louis blabbed out. 'He's my brother!' i yelled over the music. 'holy shit! thats insane!' Louis yelled. Zayn rolled his eyes then looked at me. 'Roneth, go home. youre not-' 'babe why'd you..' Harry walked in but slowly stopped talking to see Zayn was here. 'well looked who showed up.' Harry spat. Zayn gave the dirtiest look at him. 'shut your mouth, Styles. you have no right to be here.' Zayn spat. 'actually i do. Lou invited me and the other mates.' Harry spoke. just on "perfect" timing, Liam walked in. 'there you are, i wa- Zayn..?' Liam said curiously. 'this was the party?' Zayn said to me. 'yeah, but i didnt expect you to come.' i replied. just as more tension was growing there was someone opening the door.

'NIALL!' Lou screamed. all the boys to turn. Lou literally jumped on Niall, Zayn and Liam bro hugged him. Harry just stood there, with a blank look. Niall then walked up to him. 'Harry mate, you okay? havent seen you in ages too!' Niall spoke as he playfully punched his arm. Harry then walked toward him. 'nice mate, its good to see you could make it all the way here.' he told. i couldnt believe it. Louis made this whole party for the reunion. so long for the hunt. i slowly tried to walk away but arms slithered around my waist. 'hey babe, where do you think youre going?' Harry whispered in his deep, raspy voice. 'i thought maybe you wanted to catch up with all the lads now since you guys are complete.' i told. Lou then walked by me and Harry. 'and Nialler, this is Roneth.' Niall took his hand out. 'Nice to meet ya. youre gorgeous.' Niall told. i blushed then shook his hand. 'thank you, youre very sweet.' i replied, cheekily. Niall just made a cheeky grin and then i smiled back. i like Niall, hes cute.

Lou and Niall then walked away, leaving me with Liam, Harry and Zayn. 'get away from her now, Styles.' Zayn spat. 'make me.' Harry said with gritted teeth. Zayn then nearly threw a punch but missed by Harry pushing me away and then throwing his punch. they both started tackling each other and throwing punches. 'STOOOPP!!' i cried. i was nearly in tears, devastated to see Zayn doing this. Liam then grabbed Zayn off and then i tried to block Harry getting any closer to Zayn. 'Stop.. please..' i pleaded to Harry. he first looked at me with all his anger but then softened. he had fists turn into hands that stroked my cheek. he kissed my cheek. 'im sorry babe..' he said softly. i half smiled then pecked his lips. 'i forgive you..' i told, smiling. he showed his cheeky grin. 'you son of a bitch.. YOURE MAKING MY SISTER FALL FOR YOU, YOU, YOU...' Zayn was nearly trying to jump off Liam. Liam let go automatically, making sure Zayn would really get Harry. i then jumped in front of Zayn to stop him stomping toward Harry. 'please, Zayn. stop this now. people are staring.' i begged. he kept trying to walk away from me but i just mimicked every step he took, to still be his blockade. 'please.. stop it Zayn...' i said. i couldnt hold back the tears. Zayn then stopped to look at me. tears slowly falling off my cheek. his face loosened then he held my hands. 'Roneth, im trying to protect you from... that. you know hes a monster. dont fall for him, please.' he told. i just looked down then spoke. 'Zayn.. i dont know if i can promise you that anymore..' i told.

i walked away from him, walking out the front door. it was kinda chilly so i was walking aimlessly down the sidewalk with tears falling. then i felt someone giving me their sweater. i gasped and quickly turned to see Niall. 'what are you doing out here..?' i said, sniffling. 'walking. what are you doing here?' he replied. 'i wanted to be alone for alittle bit..' i spoke quietly. 'why? was it because of earlier?' he said. 'yeah.. did you see?' i asked. 'yeh, saw and heard. whats going on with all of ya? why is Zayn and Harry big messes?' he asked. 'Harry has been trying to get with me lately and in town hes known to be bad news. Zayn doesnt want me to be with him, so thats why.' i told. Niall then looked at me then stopped me from continuing to walk. 'wait.. it that a bruise? who did that to ya?' Niall said, examining my cheek. 'oh.. Harry uh, accidentally did it. he was about the punch my friend so i went up to defense.' i responded. 'wow, you must truly care. hey, i gotta question.' he told. 'oh..okay.' i said, stumbling over my words. 'do you like Liam? because Lou told me Liam likes you, alot and well.. he wanted me to see who you wanted. dont tell him i told you that.' he said. i chuckled then spoke. 'well, im still not sure who i want.. i mean, Liam, hes truly a great friend and i dont want to lose him as a friend at all. Harry.. im not sure if he really does want me.. i feel like im only for, his ego.' 'well, that makes sense. listen, ill always be here so if you ever need anything so hit me up anytime.' Niall replied, handing me a piece of paper with numbers on it. im guessing thats his number. i hugged him tightly. 'thank you so much Niall, this really helped.' i spoke. 'hey, what are friends for.' he replied. i chuckled then we walked together back to the house. 

we got in with still people dancing and music blasting. 'NIALL! RONETH!' Lou screamed, walking toward us. 'Harry's over there and Liam's over there! now choose!' Lou said, pointing to each ends of the house. Niall patted my back then walked to the side where Liam was located. i was guessing Zayn was there too. i just stood my place at the moment. this was the decision of my life. if i chose which to go with now, what will happen? i was still unsure who i wanted to be with. i decided to walk upstairs and into an empty room. i laid on the bed and shut my eyes. i began humming to myself beautiful people by cher lloyd. i slowly grew sleepy. i was falling into sleep, and right before i went into a deep sleep, someone pecked my cheek and laid next to me. 'g'night... i love you..'

OHMYGEEEE!!! who laid with Roneth??!! will Niall be any good help?? Who will Roneth choose!? whats going to happen to the group now?! comment!! w/ <3!!! :) .x



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