We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


9. Learning About My Other Friends

i woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. Maze, again. 'DUDE. IM READY FOR THE HUNT. LETS FIND THE OTHER TWO!' she screamed in the phone. gosh, why was she always this loud whenever it came to calls? i checked the time on my phone, 10:15. i gotta get ready for work pretty soon, but then i had to deal with ms. loud mouth first.

'okay, were not looking until we get addresses.'

'gotcha on that. i found Niall's already, and Louis is still being searched for.'

'did you stay up last night.. to find their addresses...?'

Maze was always crazy when it came to boys. this time, she was very determined one of them would fall for her.

'pffft.. no!! well, maybe. getting only 5 hours of sleep is enough for me so no i didnt stay up all night.'

'god Maze youre crazy. anyway, text me Niall's so i can tell Liam later at work. i gotta go and get ready. talk to you later Mazels.'

'mkay! ill be searching so do no disturb the pro here.'

'you nerd, bye.'

i hung up and got up to get ready. as i opened my bedroom door, i bumped into a warm, shirtless body. 'mornin' Zayn!' i tried to walk pass him but he blocked my way towards the bathroom. 'c'mon Zayn, i have to get ready to work.' i told. 'nah ah aah. you didnt give me my good morning hug!' he sarcastically said. 'ugh, if i give it to you will you let me through?' i replied. 'you gotta give me your best hug, okay?' Zayn said. i squeezed him into a hug. as we hugged me, he lifted me off the ground and spun me around. 'ZAYN STOPPP!' i said laughing. he put me down and finally walked away. i took a quick shower and got dressed. i was starving. i checked my phone before i went downstairs, a text from Harry. morning babe. xx

ugh. i ran downstairs to grab an apple and yelled at the top of my lungs at the stairs. 'ZAYN, DROP ME OFF PLEEAASSSSEEEEE.' i heard steps walking toward the stairs and then i saw him running down the stairs. 'youre fast' i told him. 'ive been ready, you just take long showers.' he replied. i playfully pushed him. he gave me a playful death look and that was my sign to run out the door, and to his car. 

'bye, gorgoeus. ill pick ya up later.' Zayn kissed my forehead and then i said goodbye. i walked into the mall, and went to the food court first. i got myself a sandwich and water. i walked to the CD shop to find Matilda and Jessy behind the counter. 'hey, is Liam here yet?' i asked the two. 'well, how was last night Rans?' Jessy asked, winking at me.

i rolled my eyes then responded. 'Jes, we didnt do anything last night. all we did was watch movies and chatted a bit.' 'wait woah, you and Liam were on a date last night?' asked Matilda. 'well.. not exactly a date but a movie night.' i told. she sounded a bit, jealous. 'oh okay. c'mon, youre my partner today until Liam gets here.' she said as she walked away to get CD's.

'well, someone seems abit jealous.' Jessy whispered in my ear. 'you think so?' i asked. 'yeah, she seems to be acting strange around Liam.. maybe she likes him.' she responded. i just shrugged my shoulders then walked over to Mati. 'hey, can i ask you something, Mati.' i asked her. 'sure..' she said handing me CD's and began sorting them on the shelf. 'do you like Liam?' i asked. 'uhm... why ya askin?' she spoke quietly. 'i dunno. it just seemed like earlier you were jealous.' i told. i love Matilda, she was kinda like me. she was very shy, and quiet. when it came to meeting new people, she had a hard time speaking up...



'and thats about it. here are your co-workers, aka, new friends.' i followed the manager, Jessy, around the shop. i couldnt believe it when i found out i was hired to work here.we first walked up to a guy with a snapback and tanktop on. his jawline was just perfect but not as perfect as Zayn's. 'this is Wesley, he been working here for ages, haha! Wes, this is the newbie Roneth' Jessy told Wesley. he was really good looking. and his sense of style, it was pretty hipster. awh man, i think i already have a crush on him. 'hiya, nice to meet ya.' Wesley put his hand out. i shook it but then he surprisingly took me in for a handshake hug.

i found those weird but it was nice. he was warm and his biceps were large. next we walked up to a curly haired, blue eyed girl. she was beautiful. 'this is Matilda. shes been working here for awhile, so you to will surely get to know each other.' Jessy told me. i waved at Matilda and she shyly waved back. we slowly walked away to the next person. 'dont worry, she doesnt speak to people she doesnt know at first. im sure you two will get close.' we walked toward a tall, cute guy.

'last but not least, this is Liam. you two will be working together as partners.' Jessy told. 'oh okay. hi. im Roneth..' i shyly said then put my hand out. 'nice to meet ya, partner.' he said shaking my hand while smiling. i for some odd reason, i felt like he was gonna be important to me later on in my life...


'oh eh.. well..' Mati spoke quietly. 'come on, its okay you can tell me. trust me, i wouldn't be asking if i cared.' i told. i honestly did care about her. shes so fragile to ever get hurt. 'iya.. i do. like him..' she said looking down. i lifted her chin up so she looks at me straight in the eyes. man, i think i got that from Zayn.

'hey, dont be shy about it. i dont like him so dont be jealous. were only good friends thats all.' i told her. 'oh okay.. well, i mean i have a small crush on him but you know, i get alittle jealous easliy so i do apologize for my behavior..' Mati told. she is just too sweet, i just adore her. 'Mati, you dont have to apologize. jealously comes unexpected so you shouldnt blame yourself, besides if i were you i would of reacted the same way.' i responded.

we began organizing CD's until Liam came. 'hey, thanks for the covering, Mati.' Liam told her as he took the CD's from her hand as she looked down smiling. she walked out of the isle, leaving me and Liam alone. 'so, about last night..' Liam began speaking. 'yeah, what about it?' i asked.

just as we were beginning to converse, Harry decides to show up. 'hey babe.' he said while walking to me to kiss me. i turn my head but this time he knew the trick and turned his head to get my lips. hes good. he kisses me softly and i accidentally sink in with it. when he backed away, i was smacked in the face with reality. he smiles at me, knowing he got me hypnotized that time. 'uhm, here. that goes on that shelf.' Liam said, alittle down handing me a few CD's. i knew what was going to happen wasnt gonna be good...


Hiya all!!!!!!!! hope you guys are enjoying the story so far! comment, like!! i admire all your comments!! w/ <3!!! :) .x

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