We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


44. Its Not What It Looks Like

-Roneth's POV-

I woke up with the bed not half empty, again. I turned to see Louis was sound asleep. I grinned at him while i admired his adorable sleeping face. I got up to head downstairs. I found Zayn and Niall sitting at the table eating already. "Morning!" I announced. "G'morning." They said in unison. "Wheres Liam?" I asked while getting a plate. "Working." Niall answered while taking a bite of his food.

I sit next to Zayn and grab food from the table. He puts an arm around my waist and kisses my head. "How was your sleep last night?" He asked. "Better." I replied while taking a bite. He chuckles. "Good." I smile and take another bite. "Gorgeous?" He cooed. "Yes?" I look into his eyes. "Let's go out together. Just you and me, just like before." He told. I big grin spread across my face.

"Of course! Plus i dont plan to go back to work today." I explained. Zayn hugs me tightly. "Alright. After you eat, get dressed." Zayn told. He got up and walked upstairs. He left me with just Niall. "So a day out with Malik, huh?" He asked while taking a bite. I chuckled. "Yeah. Its nice to have him around even if hes a pain in the ass sometimes." I joked. Niall laughs out loud.

I laughed along with him as if i told a great joke. I took the last bite of my food and stood up to get ready. I went upstairs into my room to see Louis laying in bed with his phone. I sat next to him. "Hey babe." He told on his raspy voice. It was pretty sexy i had to admit. I hug him tightly. "Morning." I replied cheerfully. I stood up again to grab clothes from my drawer. "Where you going?" Louis asked. "Out with Zayn." I replied.

"Ooooh! I want to come!" Louis replied in a girly voice. I giggled. "I dont know. Zayn just said me and him." I replied, a bit sad. "Awwwh, pretty please can i come." He cooed. I shook my head while laughing. "Oh gosh Louis. I'll see what i can do." I told. He shoots up and hugs me from behind. "WHOO!" He cheered. He turns me around and looks into my eyes. Suddenly we grew deep in daze just by looking into each other's eyes. Our smiles faded in serious looks.

I break off the stare by turning around to grab my clothes. "Uhh, let me get dressed first and then I'll ask." I told. He nods. "Okay darling." He replies then walks out of the room. That was weird. He looked at me like he wanted to kiss me or something but wasnt sure to. I dont know, all i knew is that i had to get ready. I put on my white v-neck shirt and ripped jeans. I went into the bathroom really quick to fix my hair then headed downstairs.

I walk into the living room to see Zayn and Niall watching whatever was on the tv. Zayn stands up. "You ready gorgeous?" I bit my lip. "Uh Zayn, i was wondering if Louis could come too." I asked a bit nervous. "Why? I thought today was dedicated to just you and me." Zayn explains with confusion. "I know but i just felt like maybe we could just bring him along. Hes helped me a lot. I owe him." I told. Zayn shakes his head and looks down for a minute then back at my eyes. "Fine. But now you owe me a day for just you and me." He replied. I hug him tightly. "Thank you." I whispered. "Ay! I cant see the tv! Move your love session over there!" Niall points to a different direction while still keeping his eyes glued to the tv. We both chuckle then walk towards the kitchen. "I'll go get Louis." I told.

I go by the stairs to see Louis already at the top. He slowly walks down until he reaches me. "What did he say?" He whispers. "You can come." I reply in a normal tone. He smiles. "Let's go then! We should go to the mall!" Louis announces while grabbing my arm and locking them together. We head to the kitchen to see Zayn grabbing the keys. "Let's go." He tells. He walks past us and out the door. "Bye Niall!" I announced. "Have fun!" He calls. Louis and i walk out together towards the car. I get into the passenger while Louis sat in the back seat. "Where to?" Zayn asked before starting the car. "The mall. She gets a free shopping spree today from me and if you want to chip in then better." Louis sasses. Zayn shakes his head but trying to hold back a laugh. "Fine by me." He starts the car and begins to drive.

-Harry's POV-

We were on our way to the mall. She drove while i just sat in the passenger seat, looking out the window. "Thinking of her?" She asked breaking the silence. I ignored the question and continued to sit in the silence. "You know, one day youre going to have to go back." She explained. I shook my head. "Please, can we not talk about this?" I replied a bit angry and hurt. I couldnt stand talking about Roneth.

We finally parked in the lot of the mall and walked in the second entrance. "Mine coming with me to couple stores? I need some advice on some clothes and what not. Then i will break you free to be on your own." I shrugged. "Sure." I replied without emotion. We first headed into a few famous brand stores, then into Victoria Secret. It was amusing to go into the store with all the junk that girls wear. She walks by a drawer full of panties. "Uhh, if you want you could wait outside. I'll only take a couple of minutes." She told. I nodded and walked out, waiting in front. I began to go through my phone to keep me busy.

-Roneth's POV-

"Oh my god, Louis!" I gasped. I laugh out loud as he placed a pantie on his head. "Heheh, am i sexy now?" He sasses trying to be suductive. I laugh out loud. "Take that off!" I spat trying to become serious. He throws it off and puts it on top of the rest of the panties. "I'll wait outside." Zayn tells. I nod then look back to Louis who was by the perfumes, trying to sample them all. "What are you doing?" I asked. He sprays a small card and smells it. "Mmm, this one smells really good." He tells. I smelled the card. It smelled like strawberries with a dash of blueberries. He sprays himself and walks away trying to seem suspicious.

I laugh so hard as he walks away with the scent of the perfume. I follow him as i cracked up. He suddenly stops and stares directly at something. "Whats wrong?" I asked trying to get a hold of myself. He points straight ahead to the view of Zayn talking to a girl. "I cant believe it." Louis breathed in shock. "What? Who is she?" I asked urgently. "Thats the girl Zayn lost in high school to Harry." Louis admits. I walk past Louis to try to go by Zayn but before i know it, he grabs my arm. "Leave them time alone. They need to catch up." Louis tells. He grabs my hand walks by a different part of the store.

-Harry's POV-

I begin my legs to grow a bit tired from standing for awhile. I walk back inside the store looking for her. I finally find her, only talking to Zayn. I walk by but not close enough to be seen. Soon i look around and suddenly felt my heart break. I saw Louis and Roneth holding hands, intertwined with each other. I felt tears well up in my eyes as i tried to push them back. I walked by a different part of the store until she was done talking to Zayn.

-Roneth's POV-

I laugh out loud as Louis made more jokes about panties. "But that makes no sense!" I cried. Louis walks away as i followed him from behind. We both bumped into him as i didnt pay attention to where i was walking because Louis was being a nuisance. "Who were talking to earlier?" I asked clearing my throat. "Oh, Perrie? She was one of my exs in high school. I haven't seen her for years." Zayn explains. Louis comes from behind. "THATS GREAT! FINALLY FOUND HER." Louis yells in his ear. He shoves him away and covers his ear. "Yeah, i did. I got her number and planned a night out together to catch up." He told.

I laughed at Louis who pulls Zayn away from me. "We'll be right back. I have to talk to him for just a minute." Louis quickly speaks. I watch him walk away from a distance with Zayn. I giggled and looked away to see what i thought would never come. My chest filled with weights as i couldn't believe what i was seeing.

A woman with white hair and dark lipstick with a gorgeous outfit with Harry. She turned her head and revealed half her face. It was the same girl Zayn was talking to earlier, Perrie. They looked so happy together. As if, they were together. I shook my head to erase that thought and pushed back the tears prickling up in my eyes. "Hey were back." Louis told with Zayn walking from behind. I look at a different direction and shake my head back to reality. "Oh uh, let's go. I'm tired now." I told. They both nodded in agreement. We all walked out of the store. As we walked down the mall to the parking lot, too many thoughts ran through my head.

Does he love her now? Is that why Harry left me? For Perrie? I try to forget what i had seen earlier but it was so hard.. I was broken all inside. I felt like leaving this world and never coming back. I hated this. I hated myself and hated the world. I hate how i fell for Harry Styles. I guess he never loved me after all. I realized now, i have to move on before i keep getting hurt..

-Harry's POV-

We were finally in the car again on our way home. "Hey, whats wrong? I know this time something happened." Perrie asked. "I saw her." I spat. "Really?!" She gasped. "With Louis." I added."Well maybe they were going out on a friendly date." She explains. "Friendly? Whats so friendly about laughing at everything he says and holding his hand? I knew she didnt love me anymore.." I spat. Perrie didnt say anymore after i told her what i had seen.

I couldn't believe it still.. Roneth with Louis, i should of seen it coming. He always wanted to be with her anyway so he finally got what he wanted. Plus Roneth was sick of me so it was perfect timing that i left. I couldn't go back anymore. "I'm not going back." I told breaking the silence. "Harry c'mon im sure they're not together, they probably-.." "I cant go back anymore. Roneth moved on. I cant get her back its too late." I interrupted. "I cant go back, not now.." I told trying to say in a calm way.

We finally had reached the house and went in with a bit of tension. "I saw Zayn earlier." Perrie told while setting her stuff down. "Really?" I asked shocked. "Yeah, he said he was with his little sister and Louis." She replied. I shook my head. "Of course, spending brother-sister time now that I'm gone." I mumbled. "How do you know his sister?" Perrie asked. I sarcastically chuckled. "He seriously didnt tell you who his sister is?" I asked in disbelief. "Noo." Perrie slurred. "Its Roneth." I admitted. "Wow, small world." She told.

I shook my head. "Im going to sleep, night Perrie." I told. "Night Styles. By the way, I'll be out tomorrow with Zayn so i trust you to be alone in this house." She announces. "No promises." I cooed going up the stairs.


OMG Perrie! Poor Harreth. Never working anything out. :( when will Harry go back? Will they ever get back together? Will Zerrie ever happen again? Will Jade do anything now? Comment, like, favorite <3

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