We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


8. I Don't Like Him

i walked backed inside to see Liam and Zayn chatting, having a good time. 'is he finally gone?' Zayn asked. 'yeah.' i replied. 'why did we even hang out with him before?' Zayn asked Liam. 'well, Lou loved hanging with him, member'? besides, he was better who he was back then rather than now. i dont like his attitude to women.

he treats them like rubbish.' Liam stated. i actually agreed with him. Harry doesnt know how to properly treat girls. he thinks were some sort of game. 'ugh, what a man he became. i wonder where Lou and Nialler are now..' Zayn said. 'well, i can find them too if you would like.' i told. 'oh please dont work yourself too much, love! you already reunited the three of us, imagine having to find two more people and who ever knows where they are now!' Liam said.

'well, you are my best friend Liam, Zayn is my brother so that didnt take any difficulty, and Harry, well he was a mistake but still came into my life anyway.' i replied. 'please dont, gorgeous. i know you want us all to be reunited but ju-' 'please Zayn. i wont be doing this alone too. ill have Maze's help. just let me do it, for you please? and Liam?' i said cutting off Zayn earlier. 'well.. if you really think you can find them.. go for it. but you cannot leave this town, got it?' Zayn stated.

'thankyouthankyouthankyou Zayn! i promise i wont let you down!' i literally tackled him in for a huge hug, and then also hugged Liam. 'hey, if you dont mind, can i help you too?' Liam asked me. 'of course you can! their your long lost buds anyway!' i said chuckling. 'this is great. when can we start?' Liam asked. 'well, tomorrow we have to head into work alittle early because Jes let us off early today. so, the following day?' i told. 'perfect!' Liam replied.

it was getting late, so i hugged the boys good night. i ran up the stairs to head into the bathroom. after i finished up, i remembered forgot my phone downstairs. i heard the boys still talking so i didnt bother to walk in. i slowly walked down, sat on the last step and couldnt believe what i was listening to. 

'mate, dont get mad at me for telling you this but i like your sister, alot.'

'for how long?'

'quite awhile actually.. but i dont think she likes me back because of Harry. hes getting me angry, Zayn. ive known Runeth longer but yet he has the gull to hit on her like they've known each other forever..'

Liam's voice sounded weak and saddening. Liam? liking me? but i always thought of each other as great friends. he was always there whenever i needed someone, i mean besides Zayn. Harry doesn't mean anything to me, well as ive known of so far. then, Zayn replied.

'mate, im not mad at all. im glad you told me. trust me, my sister isnt stupid enough to fall for a guy like Harry. keep your hopes up, im sure she'll eventually like you back.'

'but shes told me before she only likes me as a good friend, nothing more and nothing less. but with Harry in the way, he can take her away from me..'

no, i dont like Harry. i love Liam, but he was right. i dont like him the same way.. i just hope he doesnt make things awkward between us after this..

'well, i gotta go, mate. see ya around.'

Liam walked toward the door as i tried to silently run up the stairs. as clumsy as i can be, i tripped a stair and slid down. i scraped my knee and i yelped. i heard Liam walk toward the stairs and he ran to me, carrying me bridal style down the stairs. 'are you okay, Runeth? what happened?' he asked. 'i forgot my phone downstairs and i was gonna get it but i tripped a stair.'  i replied, shyly. Liam continued to carry me, into the living room and set me down on the couch. then, Zayn came rushing toward me. 'what happened!?' he asked worried.

'i was coming back downstairs to get my phone but then i tripped a stair.' i replied. 'oh you clutz, gorgeous. you hurt though?' he asked. 'well, my knee kinda hurts but that doesnt matter.' i reached to get my phone. 'well, ill be heading upstairs now. night guys.' i hugged the two again. 'wait, do you mind walking me out the door?' Liam asked. 'not at all! c'mon.' i walked in front of him to open the door, he walked out first then me.

i shut the door behind me and on on my door step. 'so, ill see you t'morrow then?' i told. 'yeh, see you. thank you so much for tonight. i enjoyed catching up with the mates.' he kissed my cheek then walked toward his car. i watched him walk away as  i put a hand on my cheek, where Liam kissed me. i felt, like there was alittle spark inside me going off. i walked back inside, and headed upstairs. i called Maze as i closed the bedroom door behind me.


'Maze, youre not gonna believe what happened..'

'i will if you were to tell me.'

'Harry, Liam and my brother were all highschool buddies before. i had a reunion at my house and well things went okay. Harry kissed me again and i didnt like it, at all. then, i overheard Liam and Zayn talking about me. Liam likes me but hes upset because of Harry getting in the way. on the way out of my house, i walked Liam out the door and he kissed my cheek. do you believe that all..?

there was a brief silence until Maze began screaming over the phone.


i know, i know. but theres more. it wasnt just the three of them though. they used to hangout in a group of five. Liam, Harry, Zayn, Louis and Niall. and i asked if i can find the last two and i can. i will need alittle help. care to join me? and ps, Liam is helping too.'

'hell yeah! nyawwhh. you and leyuuummmm though. oh this will be fun.'

'oh shutup, we'll talk more tomorrow.'

'ohkayyyy. nighty then.'

i hung up, and laid in my bed. i just stared at the ceiling and just kept thinking. me and Liam.. me and Harry.. no, i'd rather be with Liam but hes only just my best friend. i kept thinking until i grew exhausted and finally shut my eyes..

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