We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


40. Hurt

-Harry's POV-

The ambulance finally arrived. Two men jump out from the back with the stretcher. They each take a side of her and take her pulses. "Shes slowly going down, c'mon." One of them say. "Is she going to be okay?!" I cry. "Were not sure yet." All of us run to the back of the ambulance again and drive to the hospital. I sit right in front of Roneth who laid broken and hurt. I did this.. This is all my fault..

"So whats her name?" One of the men asked. "Roneth Malik." I replied. "Age?" They asked. "18" i replied. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. Tears constantly prickled down my cheeks. I didnt know what to do. This was the second time Roneth became hurt. Because of me.

"Were here." One of the guys say as they were already opening the doors to the ambulance. We all run inside as i still stayed right next to Roneth, holding her hand the whole time. We finally reached the E.R. and i couldn't go any further. A guy was pushing me back as i tried to pass through. "RONETH. RONETH PLEASE, DONT LEAVE ME, I LOVE YOU!" I yell as i finally gave up and dropped to the floor and cried more. I didnt know what i was going to do at this point. I wanted to be the only one to know about Roneth, but i couldn't hide this from the boys.

-Louis's POV-

"HAHAHAHA! THATS WHAT YOU GET HORAN!" I laughed out loud as Niall was wiping frosting off his face. "Whatever Tommo. I'm still gonna get you back. You just watch and see." He pouts. I laugh more as i sit next to Zayn on the couch who was just causally watching tv on the couch. I look at Zayn's face expression. Simply just blank. I was guessing it was because of earlier with Roneth. I overheard when Roneth began yelling at him.

"Zayn?" I whispered. "Yeh?" He replied with his eyes still glued to the tv. "You cant forget about earlier can you?" I try to read his face but its too difficult. He was just emotionless. Zayn finally looks at me with tears welling up. I bro hug him. "Do you want to try and find her?" I asked. He shakes his head. "She would just be more pissed if we even tried to find her. She chose to be with Harry so let her be." He trembled. My phone began to ring. "Hey i gotta take this." I pat his shoulder. I get up to walk to the kitchen.

"Hyello Styles?"

"Louis.. I-i.. I messed up again.."

"Wait woah slow down boy. What happened?"

"Its R-Roneth.. Please.. Come to the hospital. Sh-shes hurt.."

"Okay i will. I'll see you there Styles. Please dont be an idiot and do something stupid."

"Just hurry.. P-please.."

I hang up and storm around the house to find my keys. I grab my sweater. Right before i walked out of the house i bumped into Zayn. "Where are you going?" He asked. I thought for a minute. "Oh uh, just to pick up Harry. Hes at the bar." I lied. I couldn't let Zayn know what happened to Roneth just yet. He would freak out again and try to kill Harry for sure this time. I get outside and think, who can be with me.. I grab my phone out of my pockets.


"Yeah whats up?"

"Come outside."


"Just come into my car and dont tell anyone."

I hung up and waited. Niall ran out the door and jumped into the passenger seat. I began to drive as Niall began asking questions. "Where are we going?" "The hospital." I replied with my eyes on the road. "Why? What happened?" Niall asked. "Its Roneth. Shes hurt. Styles was with her but i dont know what happened." I replied worried. We both sat there in silence as i was driving. Niall finally pulled the question i hope he never would ask. "Do you like Roneth too?" I grew stiff then replied. "I dont know. Just promise me this sticks with only you and me." He nods. "Promise." Niall was like a little brother to me. I can trust him and play around with him too. And when things like this came up, he was always there.

We finally arrived at the hospital. I parked on the emergency side of the hospital. We walk in together. I walk up to the front desk. "Hi have you seen a tall, quiffed hair boy walking with a girl?" The lady looks up. "Uhh, yeah. Shes down the hall in the E.R. I think the boy is there." I nod then thank her. I storm down the hall to see Harry sitting on one of the chairs in the waiting room. His head was down as he was took sniffs. "Harry." I called.

He shoots his head right away to see me and Niall. He runs up to me with a great big hug. He whimpers as he tries to calm himself. "Harry, tell me what happened." I spoke. He wipes tears out of his eyes then looks at me. He was so broken.. "Sh-she was shot.. By Jade." He spoke with a shaky voice. Tears still slid down his cheeks. I take him in for another hug. "Everything will be okay.. Shes a strong girl. I know she can fight it." I try to calm him down. Niall pats his back. "She will be okay. I know it." Niall tells. Harry walks away to sit in his seat again. Me and Niall sit in the seats across from him.

We wait about an hour until the doctor walked out. "Are you all with Mrs. Malik?" He points at all three of us. "Yes." We reply in unison. "She is in critical condition. Uhh, her wound lost quite a large amount of blood so if you would like, we would like the ask for a pint of blood from one of you just to make sure there will be enough blood for her to survive tonight. Other than that, she should wake tomorrow. Any questions?" The doctor tells. "I'll donate the pint." Harry said. "Alright, I'll let a nurse know then we can get it." The doctor tells then walks away.

"I was hoping you would beat me to it." I winked. Harry lets out a small laugh. "Shut up Tomlinson." He tells trying to sound serious. A couple minutes, a nurse comes to get Harry and takes him to another room. The doctor comes back. "I also forgot you may see her if you like." I nod my head and thank him. Me and Niall walk into the room to see Roneth hooked to a heart monitor and other things. I sigh at the sight of how see looked. She looked so hurt, maybe even broken. It killed me inside to see her like this.

I pull the chair against the wall to her bedside. I hold her hand then begin to speak. "Hey Roneth, its me, Lou. I dont know if youre listening or not but I know we've had a couple of rough times but i just wanted let you know im here for you whenever." I kiss her hand then look at her again. Niall lays a hand on my shoulder. I look at him standing behind me then back at Roneth. I smile at the thought when we accidentally kissed. Her lips were so soft and warm.

Harry soon walks in with the nurse behind him with the pint of blood. The nurse hooks up the blood while i stood up for Harry to sit next to Roneth. I watch Harry look at her. He was so worried, afraid.. It made me even tear up alittle. After the nurse finished, we thank her as she walked out. "Why didnt you tell the others?" Harry asked facing Roneth. "I didnt want to without your permission. I wasnt sure what Malik was going to do if he heard what had happened." I replied. Harry turns to face me. "Thank you, for coming here. I didnt know what i was gonna do and you too Niall." He tells.

I lay a hand on his shoulder. "Hey, remember i promised you all i would always be there for you? Yeah never breaking that promise." I told. He smiles. That made me feel good inside. "You can call them. We cant hide this forever." Harry admits. "Are you sure? What if they both try to hurt you?" I reply with worry. Harry shakes his head. "I dont care, i just dont want i hide this from them anymore." He told, a bit with anger. I decide to call Liam.


"Hey Payne, are you busy right now?"

"Well i was just about to sleep, why?"

"Whats Mailk doing?"

"Downstairs. Why?"

"Can you check on him."


I waited until he got downstairs.

"Hes drinking."


"Hes drinking and i think hes drunk."

"Great. Drinked out his problems."

"Just tell me why you're asking what were doing."

"Roneth's in the hospital. She got shot."

"What?! Is she okay?!"

"Critical condition. If Malik cant control himself then you stay home with him."

"No were both going. We'll be there in a few."

Liam hung up. I turn around to face Harry. "What problems were you talking about?" Harry asked. I sighed. "After you left, Zayn and Roneth got into a heated argument. She tried to get to you as fast as possible but got stuck having to argue with Zayn. It was first about family, then you. How till this day, Malik is still hating you for stealing-.." "Dont, mention her name. Please." Harry interrupted. I guessed he was still affected from when he had stolen Perrie away from Zayn. They didnt last at all. After 3 months, Perrie cheated on Harry. Now ever since the day we all graduated, Zayn had never seen her again.

Liam and Zayn walk in. As Liam walked in, he was carrying Zayn with an around his neck. I run up to him to help carry him to the seat Niall was in. Niall stood up right away and we placed Zayn there. "How much did he drink?" I asked without breath. "Enough to make it this difficult to even get him out of the couch, house, and car." Liam replied, exhausted. He walks by Roneth's bedside. "What happened to her?" He asked so worried. "Jade shot her. She was aiming for me but Roneth jumped out and took the bullet." Harry spat. I was guessing he was guilty for admitting the truth.

"Why didnt you push her out of the way?" Liam asked. Harry stood up. "I DIDNT HAVE A CHOICE. SHE CAME OUT OF NO WHERE AND RIGHT WHEN JADE PULLED THE TRIGGER SHE WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!" Harry yelled across the bed. I held him back to make sure he wouldnt charge at Liam. "Try to keep it down for Roneth." I reassured. He sat back down then cried. " i tried okay.. I tried, making her happy, protecting her, giving her everything but i guess, i wasnt enough so thats why i wanted to take the bullet so bad for her.. I just, didnt know she was going to do this for me.." He cried. I patted his back. "Im sure you were everything to her, Styles. She loved you so much, she put her life out just for you." I told. He shoots his head up to look at Roneth. I look at Harry then, Liam. Somehow, i read his face to see he was also hurt..


Oh gosh.. What will happen to Roneth now? What does Jade plan to do next? Will Harreth still continue stronger? Comment, like, favorite <3

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