We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


3. He Won't Leave..

-That Night-

I had to find something to wear tonight. i really didn't want to go. i got a call from Maze, 'hello?' 'yeah Rons ill pick you up right now. im saving you from your date now lets go.' she said honking outside. i quickly wore my yoga shorts with a black skinny strap tanktop. i quickly ran downstairs to wear my maroon vans when suddenly Zayn carries me bridal style to the living room. 'not tonight gorgeous. were having movie night and besides we didnt finish talking.' he said. 'sorry Zayn but i gotta hangout with Maze tonight. i promised her i'd go with her.' i said.

i felt alittle guilty telling Zayn that but i had to. if i didnt leave this house, Harry would come on time to try to get me. 'come on now. youre always on a rush getting out the door. please stay tonight?' Zayn said. 'im sorry Zayn i cant. tomorrow night?' i said. 'okay fine. but promise me, tomorrow night?' he told strictly. 'yes i promise. i gotta go bye Zayn.' i got up to kiss him on the cheek. before i opened the front door Maze was calling. 'hello, yeah i kno-' 'DON'T OPEN YOUR DOOR WHATEVER YO-' i hung up as i opened the door, seeing Harry in front of me.

'you ready babe?' he said. i quickly slammed the door shut. i ran upstairs to look out my window. i saw Maze parked across the street, trying to hide. i called her again. 'Maze! how do i get out of here?!??!?' i whispered in the phone. 'go through the back then into the alley. ill drive there. now hurry. Harry has been trying to call you. it looks like hes climbing the tree next to your room!!' i hung up right away checking my tree. it was rattling and shaking. it doesn't do that unless the wind is blowing really hard or someone's climbing it.

i knew Maze was right. so i ran downstairs to the back. Zayn was saying something while i ran towards the back but i didn't hear him since i was rushing again. i finally got out into the back, into the alley. there, i saw Maze was a little too late by Harry. 'trying to run away babe?' he said grabbing my hand. he put in his car again. before he got in i saw my phone had a new text from Maze.

im so sorry. he saw me and knew what i was doing. D:

i replied,

its okay. its not your fault anyway. ill try to run from where ever were going so follow us please.

right when Harry got in the car, he took my phone. 'well no phone for you tonight. its just me and you.' he said putting his hand on my thigh. he drove us to a restaurant . he opened the car door for me. i pretended to drop my ipod inbetween the seats. i told him i'd meet him at the front. he surely did listen once, then walked away. i quckly grabbed my phone and ipod from the floor and texted Maze.

I'll be out from the bathroom in about 20 to 15 mins. be ready.

i saw her park two cars away from Harry. she sat in the car and i saw her give me a thumbs up. i finally headed to where Harry was waiting impatiently by the door. we walked together inside while he had his hand on my waist. right when we were seated, i waited 10 minutes later til' i told Harry i had to use the bathroom. lucky for me the bathroom was right by the entrance. so i slipped outside to find Maze starting her car already. i quickly got in. 'shit Maze.. i owe you big time.'

i said out of breath. 'you dont actually. i owed you thats why i did all of this but hey, what are friends for.' she said driving off. later, Maze realized a car has been following her for about 10 minutes. 'hey Rons, look at your side mirror and tell me Harry isnt following.' she said sounding worried. i looked and saw it was him. 'Shit Maze.. take another route to make him lost. do something!' i told her sounding scared too.

i checked my phone with 5 missed calls and 5 text messages from him. i called him. 'BABE. GET OUT OF THE CAR NOW AND BACK INTO MINE.' he yelled furiously in the phone. 'Maze.. pull over. i cant keep running anymore..' i said weakly. 'No Roneth i can figure something out let me-'

'no.. pull over now' she then pulled over as so did the car behind her. 'im sorry i tri-' 'its not your fault. thanks for everything.' i hugged her before i got out of the car. i walked into Harry's car. 'You really do find ways dont you now, babe?' he said speeding off in front of Maze. his hand were clenched the steering wheel and i was scared. he put his hand on my thigh again. 'why are you doing this..?' i asked, scared.

'because now you're mine since the time i layed my eyes on you.' he said. i was scared.. i didnt know where we were going and what was going to happen to me.. we later ended up in Harry's house.

we headed inside and into his room. 'ill be right back babe' Harry said walking out of the room. i quickly texted Zayn.

help me please.. im in Harry's house right now.

he quickly responded saying he'll be there in five minutes. Harry then came back right away with only boxers on. he threw me one of his tshirts. 'here you can borrow this tonight babe.' he said. 'im not staying here.' i said. 'yes you are. you cant leave.' he said. later i heard a bang downstairs and i knew who exactly that was..

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