We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


11. He Caused Trouble

'how are ya Harry!?' the girl asked so preppy toned. she legit jumped on him for a hug, making him let go of my hand. i just looked down then  slowly walked away. i was pretty sure he was distracted by that girl anyway. she had her boobs popping out of her shirt and her shorts looked like they were being eaten up by her ... anyway, i was walking to the store until i was stopped by a person placing their hand on my shoulder. i gasped then turned immediately. Wesley!

'hey, i knew it was you, cutzie!' Wesley smiled widely then opened his huge bear arms and cuddled me in for a hug. 'haha hey! isnt today your day off?' i asked him. he laughed hysterically. 'pfft, since when do i get days off? i was just at the food court. i start late today and besides, Jes told me before i head to work i had to get her food and look for you. why arent you at work?' 'oh, i ah, i was having me break.' i told. man, i suck at lying. 'oh, really? you've been out for 30 minutes. how do i know? not only did Jessy tell me, but Liam actually called me.' he said, giving me a look. he knows something.. god Liam what did you tell this boy? 'okay, spit it out. what do you know?' i asked, putting one of my hands on my waist. 'Liam said you were with badboy Styles for sure. you couldnt concentrate at work today and negletted Liam, like, the whole time there.' he said. Liam, why did you get Wes in this? now he's concerned too.

'Wes, did he seriously tell you everything that has happened today?' i asked, trying to stay cool. 'well yeah. even how he felt about the way you guys kissed, hes like broken inside, dude. you gotta cheer him up. fyi, now since you did your little stunt in the store, im patrolled to be with you whenever youre on your breaks for now on.' Wes stated. wow. i cant believe it. is Jessy seriously doing this to me? 'what? who the- WHY?! no offense to you Wes but i dont want to be treated like a child! im old enough to take care of myself.' i told, angry.  i was so mad now. Liam told Wes, and Jessy about earlier. great. now everyone will hear how i sound like some hooker. 'hey, you know me Rons, i dont do that stuff. i wont patrol you around. ill simply walk out with you whenever its your breaks, then we split once were far from the shop. then, you just hit me up when we gotta head back.' and this is why i love Wesley. i remembered how i first met him, i already had a crush on him. i still kinda do, but its not really big anyway so it doesnt matter anymore.

'come on, lets head back to the shop now. ps, when we get there act guilty. i have to act pissed at you when we get there, got it?' he said. i nodded and then hugged him before we started walking. 'thank you so much for this, Wes. i dont know what i would do without you.' i told. he just chuckled and we began walking. i wrapped my arms around Wes's arm. he was like the hipster friend to have. he was trustworthy, and does whatever it takes to have satisfaction for his friends. he had a skater accent but it wasnt as slow or irritating. we were having great conversations, until i heard a voice from behind call my name. 'RONETH.' i turned quickly to find Harry giving such a dirty look with clenched fists and jaw. 'what do yo-' 'you, you left me earlier! you drove me mad over there! i looked like some maniac looking for you!' he yelled while grabbing me away from Wes. 'HEY!' Wes yanked me away from Harry. 'sorry to take away your "doll", but this woman has to head back to work. she doesnt mess around with pleading guys like you.' Wes told, angrily. 'you  sure you really wanna say that, surfer boy?' Harry said with gritted teeth. 'first of all, i skate, and second im really sure pal. i speak the truth.' Wes said back with gritted teeth too. Harry then threw a punch but as it was about to land on Wes, i quickly jumped in front of him as his protection and got the punch in my face. i yelped and dropped on the floor.

Wes quickly went down with me. 'Ron?! are you okay?!' i couldnt speak. the pain was throbbing on my cheek so badly, i didnt want to talk.  i nodded, as drops of tears slid down my cheek.' oh my god, babe. im sorry.. why did you do that?!' Harry spoke. ' leave you ass. cmon, lets get some ice.' Wes said. 'you have no right to touch whats mine.' Harry said angrily with gritted teeth. 'really? then  sorry to say but this isnt your doll. shes an actual woman.' Wes spat and carried me bridal style. he carried me to the food court, and onto a seat. 'ill be back.' he said walking away to one of the food court restaurants. i later felt a warm hand my shoulder. i quickly got up to see Harry. 'get awa-' he kisses my lips to shut me up. i push him off. 'babe, im sorry i didnt mean to hit you. you jumped in my way. please.. forgive me..' he said with his soft eyes. he was holding my hands. i looked away and made him let go of me. Wesley then came back with an ice pack. 'what did i say earlier, ass? get the hell away from her before i call the cops.' he said with gritted teeth. Harry just narrowed his eyes at him then looked me. i gave him a saddening look, then looked down. he then turned around walked away. 

Wes then gave me the ice pack. 'here. the hell does that jerk think he is?' he said while handing me the ice pack. 'i dunno..' i got up to walk away. 'where are you going now?' he asked, following me. 'work.' i spat. i didnt feel like talking anymore so i just walked run to the store. Wes then kept silent for alittle too. he later held my hand. 'hey.. im sorry about earlier. that was all my fault. if i didnt pick a fight with him, this would of never happened.' 'why are you sorry? none of this was you fault, besides you were just defending me. thank you.' i replied. he just chuckled then i held his whole arm. when we got there, i saw Liam talking to this guy ive never seen before but he seemed to know this guy very well..

hey guys!! tell whatcha think!! ship RIAM, RESLEY, or HARETH?!!? comment whatcha guys think!! w/ <3!!! :) .x

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