We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


61. Gut Feelings

*Harry's POV*

Seven had finally hit and the crowds were loud. The smell of cigarettes and beer filled the room. I waited for my name to be called to enter to ring. "You got this, just focus" Zayn told. "If anything happens, just remember i loved your sister with all my heart" i say. He pats me, "nothing will happen" suddenly the ref announces me and i head out to the ring. On the other corner stood Andy. I looked to the crowd to see my father sat close.

I feel myself begin to grow cold and look intensely at Andy. I was ready to kill him. I needed to express all my anger that has built up this whole time. Once that bell rung i squared up with him. "Where's your girl, Styles? Did she leave you?" Andy taunted. I throw my first punch landing it perfectly where I wanted it. "She's away from you and your stupid crew" i through another but missed. He throws some, hitting me only a few times.

I felt fired up. The rounds went by fast. But once we got to the last one, i felt myself weaken. Somehow i just didn't know if i had anymore strength to knock him out like i wanted. The bell rung and we squared up again. Our faces filled with blood and our bodies ached of bruises but neither one of us didn't want to lose. Soon Andy started punching and gladly missed them. I began to throw my fists and soon i felt a hard one on my stomach. Suddenly another at my cheek and i felt myself grow heavy. I tried to throw as much punches as i possibly could but the last one i threw only caused me to fall back.

I felt my body hit the floor. My eyes glazed around and all i heard were loud mumbles of the crowd. I heard someone call my name in the crowd a couple times but suddenly, i heard and saw nothing.

*Roneth's POV*

We got off the plane and hailed a taxi to the hotel. We were both exhausted and the time here was only midday. The difference was pretty wide and i wasn't sure if Harry was still up. I mean it was only 9 there but i needed to know if he was okay. I headed outside while Niall was asleep and called him. Three missed calls showed in my log and i began to pace. I decided to call Louis. No answer. What's going on..

I left myself with no choice but to call Perrie.

"Roneth?! H-how was your flight?" She told. Something in her tone gave me a weird feeling. "It was okay. Where's Harry? I've been trying to call him" i say. She paused for moment as if she was thinking, "he's, out with the boys." She said. I felt weak at the thought and possibly thought he was trying to find someone else. "Oh, okay.. We'll tell him to call me back asap, okay? Thanks Perrie" i say. "Anytime, I'll let him know" i hang up and walk back inside to see a sleeping Niall still. I stayed standing do to my un stillness i had. What could they all be possibly be doing..

*Louis's POV*

"Shit, shit, shit, shit.." I mumbled in the car as Liam was driving. I was in the back seat, holding Harry. He hasn't woken up since he knocked out in the ring and i didn't know what to do. We parked in the e.r. side and we both carry him in. Luckily they take him in right away. Liam and i try to catch out breaths while waiting for us to be called. I check my phone to see Roneth called several times. "Liam, did you say anything" i asked.

He shakes his head, "why would i do that?" . I show him my phone log. "Who told?" He asked. "I dunno, I'll call Zayn" i say. I call Zayn and get an automatic answer, "hello?!" He yells. "Hey, Harry is okay. He just got in. Did you tell Roneth anything?" I ask. "No why?" He says. "She kept calling me a few minutes ago after the match just happened" i explain. He paused for a moment to think. "I'll ask Perrie". Soon there were muffles in the back ground. "Hello, Louis?" Perrie answered back. "Please tell me you didn't say anything" i beg. "I didn't, she called me asking for all of you. She said you weren't picking up so i told her you were all busy together, hanging out as lads" she told. I sigh, "we only have so much time to keep her waiting" i reply. "I know, which is why it can only be so temporary" she says. I look back at Liam then reply, "alright, just dont answer her for the rest of the night. We need to focus on Harry getting better asap in order for this to stay low" i explain.

"But she will worry and-" "i know, but she wouldn't be able to do much since she's out there. We dont have a choice. Just follow this and keep your phone on you. I need to sort this deal out" i announce. I paced in the hallway back and forth. Liam kept trying to comfort me with the whole situation but I couldn't if i knew Roneth would be endangered. "We need to make sure word does not get out about Roneth leaving. We can say Niall went off and Roneth is at her parents' house, got it?" I told Liam. He nods. Soon came rushing in Zayn and Perrie. "Where is he?! Is he okay?" Zayn spoke. "They took him in right when we got here. Look, we have to make sure Jade does not find out about where Niall and Roneth are. We need to make it seem like she's close but not with Niall, or else they will crack down ten times harder" i explained. Both nod in agreement but i felt like there was so much work to be done..

-next day-

*Roneth's POV*

"Yeah! I mean its okay and stuff but the baby is all that matters to me" i told Niall. We went for a stroll down the street to check out how Cali looked. It was amazing. It was beautiful. I wish i was here with Harry. I wish that my life wasn't a mess. "You hungry?" Niall asked. I nodded. We headed into a restaurant and get seated. Right when Niall grabs the menu, he gets a call. "Uh sorry i gotta take this" he says and leaves.

-Louis's POV-

"Niall, the deal-" i breathed. "What about it? What happened?" He asked. "She won. Styles got knocked out by last round. Look, keep her safe and watch out if anyone is following you guys" i warn. "Of course.. But i cant believe he couldn't do it. I believed in him. Well, at least we have a reason to live here then" Niall says. "W-wha?.. Mate, you're only there temporary. You're coming back" i reply. "Lou, i love her. I can protect her. Obviously Harry cant since he cant even win in a match. If I would've fought, i know-" i interrupt with anger, "Niall you fool! Why.. Why her? Why couldn't you like someone else?! Why.. Why did you need to make this more complicated than it is?! I mean Liam first and now you?! I cant trust any of you anymore!" Niall sighs, "guess so. I gotta go though, my lady is waiting". He hangs up and leaves me deep in thought.

I cant trust him with her. He's just as mad as Liam. I cant believe Niall fell for Roneth.. I decide to call Zayn since I couldn't tell anyone else. I knew it would outrage him but i needed to talk to someone. "Whats up mate?" Zayn saids cheerfully. "Niall loves Roneth. We need to-" "Niall? You joking right?" I sigh in response and Zayn just knew it was true. "Thats basically why he took Roneth away. I think she doesn't know but thought this was all for her" i respond. I felt Zayn breathe heavily in anger. "Let's go get her" Zayn saids. "W-what? Zayn are you mad? Niall will go crazy if he finds out-" "we wont tell him. We need to get her now. She doesn't know any of this. And I will not risk her being hurt from him either" Zayn spat.

"Hold on, what if we can try to compromise without barging on him. I dont want to hurt any of them" i say. "Louis, it's either i get her or you make her come back." Zayn told sternly. "Zayn she cant come back here. Jade is looking for her. She.. Needs to stay with Niall. It's our only option for her to stay safe.." I sigh. Zayn pauses for a moment to think then finally realizes its true. "Why does everyone fall for my sister? If you did too please tell me" he begs. I sigh, "she's a great woman, Zayn, i gotta admit but she's not my type" i say. He sighs in relief, "alright, I'll see you in the hospital soon". I smile and hang up. I did have a little crush. Wasn't big at all. I knew how to control myself.

*Roneth's POV*

"So who did you talk to?" I asked. He shakes his head. "Some old friend, no one you know" he says. I shrug, "okay. Thats good to hear. What did you guys talk about?" I ask. Niall looks up, "uh, nothing aha. Just old stuff like when we were in high school" he said. I guess he really did talk to someone i didn't know. I continued to eat and feel kinda left out on something. I guess it was because I was away from everyone else.. I wish i can see Harry right now..


So i know that this story is taking forever to finish but i really need feedback about a sequel or anything like that because I want to start a brand new story but i cant until i finish this one. School has really consumed me over the years and yeah it sucks lol but if you guys can just help me out please, I would be so thankful. So just comment on what you think, any suggestions. Thanks

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