We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


42. Gone

-Roneth's POV-

Zayn sat back to the seat he was in earlier. "Uh, Roneth, does Harry ever hurt you? Because i dont want to hear that douche had laid-.." "No Wes, he hasn't at all." I interrupted him. He scratches the back of his head. "Just making sure cuz i dont want to see you back in this place ever again." Wes admits. I weakly grin. "You wont, i promise." I told. "Has anyone seen where Niall and Harry went?" I announced. "They walked out. Not sure where exactly." Louis responds. Just on time, Niall comes back inside catching his breath.


-Niall's POV-

I watch Harry stand up from the ground and wipe his cheeks. "I'll be gone for a couple of days. Please take care of her, Horan. I trust you." Harry tells with his back facing me. "Where are you going?" I asked. "Away. I'm going to take your words into action. I have to leave her. Maybe not just for a few days, forever." He told. "Harry wait, slow down. You cant just leave her-.." "Yes i can. She has you guys. She doesnt need me anymore. She doesnt even trust me." He interrupted. I look down. "Harry, please dont leave her forever. All she asked for was simple changes, nothing this big." I explained. "Bye Niall. See you if ever." Harry walks away but later begins to jog.

I didnt know what to do at this point. I didnt know if i should tell Roneth that Harry left or just let her find out later from someone else. No, I'm telling her when none of the boys are around. I decide to run back inside to see what the boys and Roneth was up to. I totally forgot about them after Harry broke. I storm through the hospital until i reached Roneth's room. I get inside without breath with everyone's eyes burning through me.

-Roneth's POV-

"Niall where were you? And where's Harry?" I asked. It looked like he grew stiff. He clears his throat. "Oh uh, he went back home." He replied. I felt something wasn't right. I decided to deal with him later since the boys were here. "Hey i gotta go alright? I'll see you soon Ron. Feel better soon." Wes walked to my side and hugged me lightly. "See you. Thanks for coming." I reply. He nods his head then walks out. I sigh as i begin to grow worried with Harry. I needed to know where he went and somehow, i felt only one person knew where he went.

Zayn was sat next to me while Liam and Louis were in the cafeteria. Niall was also in the room. Suddenly he stands up. "Hey Zayn why dont you join the boys to eat? I'll go after you guys eat first." Niall says. "Well thats a first i heard that from you, Horan." Zayn chuckles. Niall weakly grins. "Alright i wont be long. See you guys in a bit." Zayn kisses my forehead then walks out. It was just Niall and i in the room currently.

"Niall-.." "Roneth im sorry. Harry ran off somewhere. I dont know where. All i know is im not sure if he's coming back." Niall spits out everything at once without a single breath until he finished his sentences. My heart sank to my stomach. "Wh-why would he leave me?.." I trembled. "He thought you didnt love him anymore and that all he did was hurt you. So he decided to take time away from you but i didnt expect him to say he probably wont come back." Niall admitted. Tears prickled down my cheeks as i just realized what i has done to him. I hurt him so much.. What have i done.. "Niall.. I dont know who i am anymore.." I breathed.

"I know youre lost, and thats okay.. Maybe this distance thing can actually help you both find each other." Niall tells. I wipe my cheek. "Yeah, i guess your right. Thank you for this." I reply. He smiles. "Always here." I weakly grin. Soon the boys came back after eating. Niall then leaves the room to eat and leaves me with the boys. Louis just made me feel better and forget why i was even in the hospital. Liam told me about the shop and how Mati was slowly making her way towards him. Zayn had nothing much to say other than how lonely he has been at home. But now he and the rest of the boys didnt have to feel like that since they're moving in with me.

-3 days later-

It was good to be back home. It was nice having all the boys here so i didnt feel alone anymore. I did feel empty without Harry. Every night I've been crying myself to sleep trying to even forgive myself for what I've done to him. I wear one his tshirts every night to sleep. I needed him.. I love him so much..

It was late and all the boys were sleeping already. I laid in bed flat on back, crying at the memories Harry and i together. I just couldn't believe he would leave me, just like that. I go on his side of the bed and tears slid off my cheeks. I cried hard as i missed him too much and was hurting.. I need him.. Where are you, Harry ..

There was a knock on the door. I wipe my face right away and sit up. "Come in!" The door slowly opens and reveals Niall. "Hey.. I heard your sobbing." Niall came inside and shut the door behind him. He sits next to me on then bed. "I cant is this Niall.. I cant last without him.. I need him back.." I whimpered. I bury my face in his chest. "I know Ron but theres nothing we can do. I've been trying to call him but his phone is off and i have no clue where he would even go." Niall told.

I cried harder at the thought of losing Harry, forever. "I need him back.." I whispered. "He'll come back eventually. Im sure he wouldnt last forever without out either" Niall told, trying to comfort me. It lifted the weights off chest. "Hey Niall?" "Whats up?" "Do you mind if could sleep with me tonight? Just so i dont have to sleep alone for once." I asked. "Of course." He replied nodding. I lay down as Niall does the same with his arms wrapped around me. My head laid on top of his chest. I heard his heart beat. "Goodnight Niall." "G'night Roneth." He kisses my head and then i shut my eyes. And for once, i felt better.

I wake up to the bed half empty again. I get up to fix my hair and put on shorts. I head downstairs to the scents of eggs and bacon spreading throughout the house. I go to the kitchen to see Liam and Niall cooking. "Morning Roneth!" The two said in unison. "Morning guys." I giggled. I make myself a cup of tea then walk to the living room to sit and wait until the boys finished the food. I had thoughts run through my head again about Harry. I hope he was okay and thinking about coming back..

-Harry's POV-

I wake up with the curtains closed. I remembered last night never closing them. I get up to open them. I look out the window. This reminded me of when Roneth first moved in with me and noticed the view in our room. I shake my head as i try to forget the memory.

I get a shirt then head to the bathroom. I look at myself in the mirror. I am a monster.. But now its okay because im away from Roneth. She wont get hurt anymore. "Harry?" There were knocks on the door. "Yeah?" I replied. "Break fast is ready. Come down once youre done in there." She told. "Alright. I'll be down in a few." I replied. I jumped into the shower and got dressed. I headed downstairs.

I saw her already eating while she had her phone in her hand. I sat down at the table. "Mornin' Haz. Its good to see you." She told. "Yeah back at cha." I replied. I grabbed some food and placed it on my plate. "So whats going to happen between you and Roneth now?" She asked. I grew stiff after taking a bite. I didnt know what was really going to happen now that i left Roneth.. "I'm not sure yet. Im still deciding if i should even go back or not." I grimly told. She looks down. "Im sure things will get better for you two. Hows Zayn by the way? Anything new with the bad brad boy?" She asked.

"well him and i haven't been really getting along. Other than that, i think life's great for him since he has Roneth's trust." I told. I hated talking about him. I knew he had way more than i did. I wanted Roneth but i could never please them both. I began to lose my appetite. I stood up. "I'll go to the gym. See you later." I told turning away.


Awwh poor Harry. What will happen now? Who is he staying with? Will he ever go back to Roneth? What does Jade have in plan now? Comment, like, favorite <3

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