We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


20. Getting Ready

i finished up my Arizona then stood up. 'well, i want to wait until she makes her move first and then thats when i will strike back.' i told. 'why wait when you can stop her?' Lou asked. 'well, i want to see what she wants to do first then once i learn the move, ill know exactly what to do.' i responded. 'aaah, i like your kinda thinking! so, text me once the, hmm, we should think of a code name.' Lou said. 'the hookup.' i responded. 'i like that, the hookup. so text me once hookup makes her move. gimmie your phone.' Lou told then snatched my phone. he saved his number onto my phone then texted himself, receiving it from my number. i had to go back to work so i told Lou my goodbyes and he replied with a good luck.

i walked back to the store to see Wes and Liam working together. i went up to the two. 'hey Liam, you can go off now if you want.' i said. 'oh its fine but thanks anyway, here, isle 3.' Liam said, handing Wes some Cd's. Liam then handed me some Cd's and we shelfed together, in silence. the silence was then broken as we were placing Cd's on shelves, our hands accidentally touched to both grab a Cd. i moved my hand out of the way. 'oh, uh sorry.' i said. 'nothing to be sorry about.' Liam replied. i let out a small chuckle. 'hah, i guess youre right.' i replied. we were again talking then conversing just like before i left the store. 

it was passed 5 and i didnt realize until Jes told me. i didnt mind working alittle after because i was enjoying with Liam. i wanted to stay but then i checked my phone. 3 missed calls from Harry. i called him back right away to hear how impatient he sounded. 'where the hell are you? ive been waiting outside.' he spat. 'sorry i lost track of time and i-' 'just hurry up please.' Harry spat then hung up. wow. i wonder why hes acting like this, then i had a feeling. Jade's revenge. i quickly told Jes, Wes and Liam i was leaving then ran out the store. i ran out the mall to find a girl leaning on the car with her head inside the car from the window. i stopped and looked again. Jade. her clothes made it obvious. i speed walked toward the car to find Harry making out with her. her revenge plans took action pretty fast. it was my turn now. 'hey Har- HARRY.' i yelled. Harry then backed  his head off of Jade to look at me. i made sure to look like i was angry but i knew this was her plan, and i didnt care. 'oh heeeey! weird coincidence to find you here! me and Harry were just, well lets just saying reminiscing high school memories.' Jade spat, trying to sound preppy. 'Babe  dont listen to her. i told her to back off but she grabbed me.' Harry pleaded. 'oh i know i believe you Harry.' i responded. 'wait, what?' Jade said.  'go, shoo shoo now. go try to fool someone else.' i spat, cheerfully. Jade just gave me a questioning look. 'what the ... - arent you mad at him? he kissed me. i know youre gonna leave him.' Jade pleaded. 'AHA! i love him. and when we love we give chances, just. like. you.' i replied. Jade just growled then stormed away. i finally sat on the passenger seat. i kissed Harry's cheek because i didnt want to taste that hooker's mouth. 'what was that about?' Harry asked. 'oh nothing. lets just say shes trying to steal you away from me and im not letting her.' i told. Harry just chuckled then looked at me. 'wow babe. im glad this time you didnt try to throw a punch.' Harry told, while driving off. i just rolled my eyes and looked out the window. we werent talking and i felt comfortable just like this. Harry later grabbed my hand and kissed it. i looked at him, while our hands still locked together. 

we finally got home. i went straight upstairs to find a dress hung up on the wall with matching shoes that came with. i just stood there, amazed by the beauty of it. it was a navy blue with white polka dots. it had ruffles at the ends of the dress and it had no straps. it wasnt very long either. my shoes where a solid, closed white heels. i walked up to it and just was amazed by it. soon, i heard the door creek open. 'babe?' Harry said from behind. 'yeah?' i replied. soon i felt his arms wrap around my waist. 'tonight, were going out and so i went out to get you this.' Harry stated. 'thank you, so much. i love it.' i replied. i turned around to kiss him. 'now go get ready. we'll be leaving by 5:30.' he said, walking out. i took the dress off the wall and walked straight to the bathroom. i slipped it on, and it fit just perfectly. it was gorgeous. i then put on a small amount of make up because i felt pretty tonight. i fixed my hair and then i grabbed the heels. i took a glance at the full body mirror  once more and was still stunned on how it looks so beautiful. i finally walked out of the bedroom. 'Harry?' i called from the top of the stairs. 'yeah, babe?' i heard him at the bottom of the stairs. i slowly walked down the stairs, seeing his surprised look. 'wow.. you look gorgeous.' he said, out of breath. 'thank you. and thank you for this, i love it.' i said, walking up to him. i also looked at his outfit, a black long sleeved button up shirt with black skinny jeans. his shoes were just boots. he had a quiff in his hair that complimented the rest of him. i pecked his lips. 'aw, thats all i get?' he said in a sarcastic sad voice. 'well, i dont want you to be full of gloss.' i replied, chuckling. 'oh whatever. lets go.' Harry said, grabbing my hand. and once i felt the breeze of the door open, i felt a gut inside of me that something isnt right...

hello my loves!!! im terribly sorry for not updating the past couple of days! oh no! what will happen at the date?! will Jade be anywhere?! will any of the boys be there too!? comment! thanks! :) .x

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