We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


32. Fixed

-Harry's POV-

I stormed out of the hospital. i was furious with her. she treated me like shit back there. i was only speaking for her so it wouldn't be any harder. i drove off in full speed, driving no where. Suddenly, i remembered, i had to deal with someone. i sped off to Liam's house. my hands were clenched on the wheel and my teeth were gritted. i couldn't hold back the anger. i finally drove up his house. i nearly jumped out of my car and quickly paced to his front door. i banged on his door until he finally answered. 'Well Harry its good-...' i cut him off with a punch in the face. Liam fell to the ground and covered his face. 'WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?!' Liam yelled. 

'FOR MESSING EVERYTHING UP. RONETH IS IN THE HOSPITAL BECAUSE OF YOU.' i yelled  back. 'wait what? whats going on?' Liam asked, confused. 'she cut herself because you made her shag you.' i growled. he looked down and chuckled. 'oh come on, Roneth wouldnt do such a thing.' i grabbed his shirt and pulled him close to my face. 'well you're wrong because she already did.' i hissed. Liam pushed me off and fixed his shirt. 'Harry im sorry i didnt mean for her to hurt herself. i was forced to-...' 'forced by who?' i interrupted him. he looked down then back into my eyes, but with pain. 'Jade.. she said if i didnt obey her, she would kill Roneth and you. Harry, i did that for a reason. i didnt mean to, im sorry. i didnt want to lose you or Roneth.' Liam told. 

i looked down and didnt speak. Jade set me up so Roneth and I would split up already. i patted Liam's back. 'im sorry i punched you Payne. i was just so furious Roneth wanted to leave me..' i said, quietly. 'its okay, i understand whats going on. just tell her what Jade did and she should understand.' i shook my head no and looked at him. 'she wont believe me. come with me back to the hospital and tell her, please?' i asked, in desperation. 'alright mate, lets do it.' i bro hugged Liam and we walked out the door.

-Roneth's POV- 

Zayn sat by my bedside and stroked his hand on my cheek. Niall left earlier after i explained what happened earlier. i grinned weakly, noting to him i felt hurt. 'i know it hurts gorgeous but you have to let him go. hes not worth all this pain you went through.'  Zayn said. ' i dont know if i can be on my own like this without him. i love Harry and i would do anything just to be with him no matter what.' i told. a tear slid down my face after i spoke. i didnt want to talk anymore because thats how i truly felt. i felt incomplete without Harry. i needed him. soon, there was a knock at the door. Zayn stood up as the door opened. Liam walked in. Zayn nearly punched Liam but Harry came from behind and took in the punch. 'Harry!' i yelled. 'Dont, Malik!' Harry yelled. Zayn already had a fist in the air go for Liam again. 'Zayn, please.' i cried. he slowly put his fist down but still kept his hand in one.

'let Payne talk to her please. you can be right there, by her side if you want. just let him to talk to Roneth.' Harry pleaded. Zayn thought for a moment then spoke. 'fine, but you need to leave or else.' Harry nodded and glanced at me. i looked back at him. i felt on that moment, we both needed each other badly. Harry walked out with his head down then Zayn shut the door. Liam walked to my bedside and held my hand. 'Roneth, im so sorry if i made you feel like you needed to hurt yourself. i didnt mean to do this, at all.  i was forced by Jade.' Liam told. my eyes grew big and mouth dropped, along with my heart. 'J..-Jade?' i stuttered. Liam nodded. 'she told me that if i didnt obey her, she would kill you and Harry. i couldnt lose you both. Harry is my best friend and so are you. i wouldnt want to lose you both.' i looked away as i tried to take this all in. 

i couldnt believe Jade did this to me again. she nearly made me give my life away for some stupid trap that i fell for. i gripped Liam's hand alittle tighter and looked into his eyes again. 'its okay, Liam. i understand now. im sorry you had to get involved with Jade.' i said. Liam looked down and chuckled. 'why are you apologizing? none of this was your fault. you had to do what was needed to keep Harry safe while he had to do what was needed to keep you safe.' Liam explained. i finally realized, i need Harry and i need him now. 'wheres Harry?' i asked. 'well i know he was suppose to leave but hes actually in the hall, waiting.' Liam told. i smiled. 'please let him in.' i told. 'no.' Zayn spat, standing up. 'im not letting him near you again.' 'please Zayn, i need him. give him another chance, this wasnt his fault.' i begged. Zayn shook his head. 'i told you he was trouble but you didnt listen. i dont want to see you hurt again, gorgeous.' Zayn told. i sighed and laid my head back. Liam stood up and walked by Zayn. he whispered something in his ear. whatever he told him convinced him pretty well. Zayn rolled his eyes then looked at me. 'okay. ill let you have another chance but he blows this one hes dead, got it?' i nodded with a smile, making him grin. 'ill let him in!' Liam told. he walked out and without a second passing, Liam came back in with Harry. 

Harry rushed to my bedside and hugged me tightly. i hugged him back as tears welled in my eyes. i had never missed someone so much as i missed my parents. Harry then let go and kissed me sweetly. fireworks lit up and i felt better already. he lifted his head up with only leaving his lips a centimeter away from mine. 'i love you.' he whispered, with his lips dragging against mine. ' i love you too.' i replied. soon, we locked lips again, forgetting about the world. 

Awh! Harreth is back on stronger! what does Jade have in plan now? who will she use next? what holds for the future for all of them? comment, like, favorite please!! :) .xx

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