We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


6. First Reunion

'wait so do you know a guy named Zayn Malik too by any chance?' i asked. 'why yes i actually do. we were a group of five. Harry, Zayn, and i. but i haven't found the rest yet.' Liam responded. i couldn't believe it all. then i had an idea. 'hey instead of me going to your place, can you come to mine tonight?' i told. 'sure. same time?' he asked. 'yeah. come on, lets finish up in this isle.' i said. it was finally my break time and i took a stroll to the food court and took my phone out. 'Hey Zayn, tonight ill be there. but dont pick me up. Maze is gonna drop me off.'

i told on the phone. 'are you sure? i can just pick you up gorgeous.' he responded. 'no its fine. Maze had to do something tonight so she wants to make it up by picking me up.' i told. 'okay then. see then gorgeous.' he told. i hung up. shit i need him out of the house first when Liam and i get there. i quickly remembered Zayn works out every other night from 5 till 7:30. i would have to beg Jessy to close alittle early today. i hoped she would. then right when i was lost in thoughts, i saw Harry walking toward me from a distance.

i rolled my eyes and started walking away. i was later stopped by a grab on the arm. 'hey babe, not so fast.' Harry turned my body facing him then smashed his lips on mine. i didnt kiss back but i shut my eyes and hoped he'd stop right away. he pulls his head back finally. 'hey.. you didnt kiss back.' he said sounding sad. 'sorry, were in public thats why..' i said looking down. he wrapped is arms around my waist. i wanted to push him away from me so bad, but then i remembered something.. 'hey, are you free tonight?' i asked him. 'yeah, why babe?' he replied. 'come to my house tonight. 7:45. just you and me tonight.' i looked in his eyes in a seductive way.

he smirked then chuckled. 'sure babe. ill be there. gotta run. see you tonight then.' he kissed me again and of course i had to kiss him back to make him convinced. okay, so i had this all planned out. me and Liam would be home first, then Zayn and lastly Harry. great, now all i had to do was convince Jessy to close the shop early today. i walked back into the store and right to the back of the counter, where Jessy was cleaning the counter tops. 'hey Jes, can i ask for a huge favor today please?' i asked her. 'sure Rans.' she replied.

she purposely called me that because she wanted to be the only one calling me that. 'is it okay if you can close the shop early tonight? just for tonight please?' i begged. 'you crazy Rans! i cant do that! were in a fricking mall, not a stand.besides, why do you need to leave early tonight anyway?' she asked. 'i.. have plans tonight. big ones. but please Jes, just for tonight.' i kept begging. 'ugh. okay heres a deal, i cant close this place early, but i can let you off early. got it?' she said. 'oh its not just me im asking for too.. Liam too please?' i pleaded. 'why him? wait.. are you guys going on a date?' she said smiling widely.

'no! we were gonna hangout tonight and i just really wanted things to work out tonight.' i told. 'uh huh. well ill let you both off tonight early. but, next time you come in, gotta come earlier than usual. got it?' she said. 'fine fine. thanks so much Jes. i owe you big time.' i told hugging her. 'hey, i want my little Rans to have fun now go back and help your boy- i mean "friend" over there.' she said pointing at Liam. i shot her a look, then laughed. 

it was time to go. me and Liam waved off to Jessy on the way out of the store. we walked out of the mall, to Liam's car. 'so what are we gonna watch tonight?' he asked while driving. 'its a surprise.' i told. we finally got to my house, 7:15. its still going good so far. only 15 minutes til' Zayn came home. we headed inside. Liam headed straight to the living room to look at the movies on the shelf, and as for me, i ran upstairs to dress into something comfortable. i ran downstairs to where Liam was and then, the front door started unlocking.

i knew that was Zayn. i heard footsteps coming down as a voice was as well. 'hey gorgeous i know your-' he stopped to look up to see me and Liam. 'Zayn?' Liam spoke sounding shocked. Zayn just had wide eyes and just stared at Liam. ' L ... Liam?...' a silence grew in until it was broken by them running up to each other, bro hugging and chatting. 'mate! where have ya been?!' Liam asked Zayn. 'here, with my sister.' Zayn said while pointing at me. 'wait, you guys are related?' Liam asked me. 'yeah...' i told. 'Roneth, how did you find Liam?' Zayn asked. 'we work in the same place and then Liam told me he hung out with these old pals from high school, so i thought of you.' i responded. minutes later, there was a knock on the door. 'ill get it!' i said as i ran to the door.

'Hey ba-' i immediately kissed him so the boys didnt hear Harry at the door. Harry pulled away then walked in and closed the door. i took his hand and walked him to the living room. soon Liam and Zayn shot looks at Harry when he walked into the living room. 'what the hell.. Roneth whats going on?' Harry asked so surprise. 'Harry you already know Zayn, and thats Liam.' i said as i pointed at him.

'Liam? wow... you work with Roneth? you truly havent changed Payne.' Harry said. Zayn shot me a look. 'wait how long have you too been working together?' Zayn asked. 'quite awhile actually.. i never told you about him because i was afraid you would worry about me getting hurt or something.' i told. 'oh Roneth, youre so silly. if i knew it was Liam, i would be totally fine because hes better! better than Styles..' Zayn said shooting Harry a dirty look. then the tension grew in...



 Oooh cliff hanger!! Hope you loves are enjoying so far!! ill update tomorrows! w/ <3!!! :) .x 

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