We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


47. Finally, Together Again

-Roneth's POV-

I sit in the back of the car in between Louis and Liam as Zayn is driving and Niall in the passenger seat. "Are you nervous?" Zayn asked looking at the mirror. "A little." I breathed. I sigh as i try to calm myself and keep my leg in motion of anxiety. "Im sure youll beat that person's ass. Whoever youre versing." Louis tells. I smile at him. "Thanks." I replied. He locks our hands together, intertwining our fingertips. I bite my lip as i grew more anxious and nervous.

We finally make it to the place and all head in together, with Louis still holding my hand. We walk in to see the place still really empty. I walk by the cage to see it bigger than i expected and examine it. Louis wraps his arms around my waist. "You will do good. I know it, babe." He whispers. He pecks my cheek. "Roneth! Locker room, now!" Zayn commanded. Louis lets me go. I kiss his cheek then walk away. I follow Zayn to the locker room. "Get dressed. Get out. Come to me right away. I need to make sure you stay sharp." He explains. This was where Zayn's trainer side came out.

I nod in agreement and walk right inside. I change in one of the stalls then walk back to my bag. I hear footsteps from the distance echo throughout the whole bathroom. "Its nice to see you again." I turned around right away to see what i never expected to come back. "What the hell are you doing here?" I spat. "For my tournament, duh." Jade replied in a cocky tone. I give a confused look. "I have a tournament too." I replied. She smirks. "Hello opponent." She evilly grins. My heart stops for the moment she had said those words. "I-im not versing you." I stutter.

She huffs. "Think again. Were the only two getting in uniform for the tournament." I bite down on my jaw. "Fine. I guess youre right. See you in the cage then." I spat. She smirks then walks away but purposely bumping into my shoulder. Anger floods through me as i finally get the chance to knock her out. I walk out and look around for Zayn. He storms up to me and grabs my arm vigorously. "What did i tell you? Get dressed and get out right away. We lost precious time of training because of you." Zayn spat. I push him off. "Did you know who my opponent is?" I asked. "I just found out." He replied.

We head into a private room for fighters. I set my bag down and slip my gloves on. Zayn puts up his hands. I take punches and kicks to warm myself up. He continues give my advice during different parts of our practice. My heart began to race as i heard people beginning to come.

-Harry's POV-

"Who do you think will win?" Perrie asked while still keeping her eyes glued to the road. "Roneth. She has to win, even if i haven't seen her fight yet." I replied. My hands began to sweat as my heart raced as we were slowly getting closer to the place. I bite my lip as i think about Roneth being inside the cage with a stranger she had to fight. Then i though about myself how i finally had realized why she wanted me to stop boxing.

She finally park in the lot and head inside together. I watch Perrie look around as i stood awkwardly in place. I watch her walk away into Zayn's arms. I looked down as i thought of a Roneth. I look up to see them both talking. I see from the distance Roneth coming out of a room. I begin to walk slowly towards her but begin to walk faster ask try to catch up to her before it was too late. Before i knew it, i bumped into someone. "Sorry" i muttered. I was blocked from walking any further for Jade. "Where have you been for the past months?" She asked. "Away from you. Now move." I spat. She follows every move i make to try to go around her. I push her aside to see Roneth already gone.

Anger flooded inside of me as i looked back at Jade who had a smirk on her face. "Looking for Roneth? Its okay. You'll see her later in the cage, versing me." She walks away with an evil grin spread across her face. I gulp hard as i had just found out Roneth's opponent. I look around the place to find Roneth to find now one in sight. I sigh in disapproval as i walk up to Perrie who just finished a conversation with Zayn. "Did you see her?" She asks. I shake my head. "No but i saw her opponent." I replied. "Oh, who is it?" She asked. I pull her towards to door inside the arena and tried to find seats. "Harry," she calls while stopping me. "Who is she versing?" She asked in a stern tone.

I sighed hesitantly. "Jade." Her eyes suddenly widen and her jaw drops. "H-how can this be.." She breathed. "I dont know. I need to find her and stop her before this all starts." I replied in rush. "HARRY! STOP" Perrie called as i ran away from her and all over the building to find Roneth. I cant let her fight Jade. She can get killed. Adrenaline ran through me as i tried to calm myself and try to have hope i was going to find Roneth before the tournament. I run into a tall, strong body. "Sorry" i muttered then tried to walk away but felt a grip on my arm. "Harry?" The voice called. I looked up to brown eyes staring into mine. "Liam?.." I breathed. "Yeah. You hear for the tournament? Its about to start." He said. I grew frozen as i found out i was too late. I gulped hard. "Y-yeah. Lets g-go." I stuttered pacing quickly back to the arena.

I saw in the cage already Jade in the cage while Roneth was still being announced. Soon they touched fists and the bell rung. They faced each other with anger and confidence within the cage. Both determined to win. I scanned the place quickly for Perrie and ran to her. She had left an empty seat just for me. Everyone was seated with eyes focused on the two fighters in the ring. I bite my lip and constantly twitch my leg to try to keep calm from all the worry and nervousness. Roneth tries a few attempts to get Jade but she misses. First round was over. They both went to their corners for short break but quickly proceeded on with the second round.

In the middle of the round, Roneth's cheek was bruising and her lip was cut. Jade's eye was bruising with a cut on her eyebrow as well. Third round came in. Wheeling in that it was the last round. Both of them look exhausted but determined. Jade takes a kick Roneth's leg and trips her. She gets her into a lock position and the referee takes the count down. The crowd rises to their feet chanting and screaming. I keep quiet and still as i dreaded this moment to come. Right on time, Roneth manages to escape to lock she was stuck in and gets Jade into a lock position. The ref takes a new count along with it racing in my mind. 1..2..3..4..5. The ref stands up to show Jade has tapped out. Roneth stands up yelling in pride. Jade stands up crooked. The ref stands between the two and takes both their arm. He lifts the arm of the winner of tonight's fight, Roneth.

I scream out my heart as the crowd was also roaring. I never felt so relieved after seeing Roneth fight like that. It gave me confidence in her and pride in her fight. Soon, we were all dismissed to leave. Perrie pulls my arm and leads the way towards somewhere. I wasnt quite sure where we were going but i saw who she was following. Zayn. I began to feel my heart race as i tried to prepare myself for the approach.

-Roneth's POV-

I walk back into the room with sweat dripping down every inch of my body. Louis stands there with arms wide open. "Good job babe." He says. We stood together with our arms wrapped around each other until there was a knock on the door. "Come in!" I announced. The door flew open with Zayn, Perrie, Niall and Liam coming in. They all congratulate me and tell me i did great. I thank every single on of them.

"I knew you could do it." Zayn spoke. "Yeah." I breathed in determination. "Well we'll see you home Ron. Good fight again." Niall told, along with Liam following him from behind. I hug them both and watch them leave. It was only Perrie, Zayn and Louis left in the room. Zayn was whispering something to Louis but i didnt bother because i was still so glad i won. "Hey we'll be right back." Perrie said while taking Zayn's hand. I was left with Louis again. "Whats going on?" I asked. "Nothing. Look im gonna run to bathroom really quick." He quickly let out. He pecks my cheek then runs out the door.

I was left alone in the room. I open my bag and grab the paper airplane necklace i had found in Harry's drawer. I wrap it around my neck and try to clip it together. I grunt at the struggle i was having. Right when i let go of the necklace, i felt hands grab it and clip it. I turn around right away and let my heart sink at the sight of what was real. I blink my eyes a couple times to take in what i had just discovered. I stood frozen and quite, not knowing what to say. "Hey babe. Good job today." Harry's raspy voice spoke as a grin spread across his face.

A tear falls off my cheek as i weakly grin. I take Harry in for a hug as he lifts me off the ground with his strong, broad arms. I cry harder as i finally felt complete, happy, relieved again. He slowly sets me down and looks into my eyes with tears pickling on his eyes. "I missed you so much." He breathed in relief. We take in another tight hug. I set my head right on his chest, feeling and hearing his heart beat. Oh how i missed listening to it every night. "Why did you leave me?" I cried. "I had to leave so you would stop getting hurt." He weakly spoke.

I shook my head. "Even if you did hurt me, losing you so what hurt me the most." I admitted. He smiles with relief in his eyes. "You dont know how much that meant to me." He cried. I smile as tears rolled down my cheeks. He cups his hand on my cheek and wipes a tear. He slowly moves his head closer to mine while slowly shutting his eyes. I do the same until our lips met.Suddenly i felt like the whole world was only occupied with just him and I. Our kiss began to grow passionate. His soft, warm lips on mine was just already something i missed too much. Suddenly i felt our tongues coming together, battling through each other. I grew more urges to want Harry more, wanting him just to be inside of me.

Suddenly the door slammed opened, separating Harry and my lips. He both looked at the sight of Louis, Zayn and Perrie at the door. "Well now! There must be tons of explaining to do!" Louis sasses while walking inside. Zayn and Perrie's hands are locked together while walking in as well. "I missed ya bro!" Louis hugs Harry, but it looks to me Harry was approving his hug. I smile as i had loved the sight of everything. Zayn and Perrie together all happy, Louis finally seeing one of his best friends and as for me, i felt so happy again. So glad to see Harry and to be with him...


AWWWH! Harreth is back! And also, Zerrie is in! How does Harry feel about Louis? What does Jade have in plan now? What will Niall's and Liam's reaction to seeing Harry conning home? What will happen when Harry confesses where he has been? Like comment favorite <3

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