We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


48. Everything Changed

-Harry's POV-

Louis lets go of me and looks into my eyes. "Lad! Where have you gone all this time?!" He asked. I tried thinking of words to say, but before i can speak Perrie beat me to it. "Hes been with me." Everyone looks at her. Roneth clenches a fist. "Why were there?" She spat through gritted teeth. I grab her hand. "I had no one else that could help me.." I spoke quietly.

Zayn unlocks his hand from Perrie and walks closer to me. "What were doing with her for these past 4 months?" Zayn spat. "Absolutely nothing. Managed myself." I spoke. "Whats that suppose to mean?" He spat. "Zayn stop it. I helped him try to move on but obviously he's been miserable without Roneth." Perrie grabbed Zayn's arm from stopping him from doing anymore. I sigh angrily then look at Roneth. She had a cut muscle shirt on with sweat pants. She steps in the conversation.

"Let's go." She spoke. "Ill ride with Perrie. You could drive." Zayn said while handing the car keys to Louis. "Alrighty then! Let's go babe!" Louis cheered. Anger ran through me. "What did you just call her?" I spat while stepping in front of Roneth. "Harry please. Dont start anything. You just came back." She told while my back faced her. I turned around. "Are you serious?" I asked in doubt. "Well ever since you left i had the comfort of all the boys trying to help me through all these times you were gone! You expect me to just drop all the pain you put me through just trying to forget about you?!" She was nearly screaming but only yelling.

I gritted my teeth as i felt my anger purge though my blood. "I tried surviving on my own with only Perrie to tell me everything was going to be okay. But it never made me feel better because when i laid in bed with tears rolling down my cheeks, its because i had to constantly remind myself you dont love me anymore. You love Louis.." I told sternly at first but then let the last few words become faded. Her face becomes confused. "You think i love Louis? Is this why youre so protective over me against him?" She asked.

"I saw you both in the mall four months ago holding hands .." I breathed. She chuckles. "Wow. After seeing us you decide to think i moved on that fast and was with Louis? Honestly thats just stupid, Harry." She spat. I looked down with my knuckles turning white. Luckily Zayn and Perrie left earlier right after they gave the keys to Louis, but thats who was still in the room. "Let's go. Let's just settle this at home." Louis interrupted. I look at him with fury and grab his shirt. "We're not finished so i suggest you wait outside." I spat. I push him away but causing him to only fix his shirt. "I'm not leaving her." He told. "Please, Louis. Let me settle this on my own." Roneth told. Louis shoots me a look then walks by Roneth. "I'll just be outside." He says. He inches his face closer to hers and pecks her cheek.

I strain myself from nearly tackling him. I succeed. He walks out safe and sound, for now. "You say you arent together but you let him do that you." I spat. My teeth were gritted, fists turning my knuckles white and fury filled in my eyes. "Because hes what was left to keep me going after four months of you gone." She spat. I couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed and slammed her against the wall. My hips grinding against hers while her arms pinning against the wall.

I set my lips right next to her ear, letting my warm breaths press against her neck. "I've been trying to keep myself alive for four months. I had too many attempts already to kill myself so you better watch you say because im not ever going to lose you again." I felt a warm tear rolled down the other side of my cheek. My anger suddenly turned into tears. I looked into Roneth's eyes. Full of pain, fear, sorrow. "Wh-why didnt you just come back.. Why was it so hard for you when youre the one who left.." She trembled as she began to let tears roll down her cheeks.

I cup my hand on her cheek and stroke my thumb. "Because all i knew was that i was hurting you and if i stayed, i-i was afraid i was going to lose control again.. Im sorry.." I breathed. I pressed my forehead on hers, keeping our lips centimeters away. "I couldn't take it when i saw you with Louis.. At that moment, i felt like i lost everything.." I look into her puffy, red eyes from all the tears. She looks away and tries to stop herself from more tears falling but they just keep going.

I unraveled myself from her and took a step back to take a more clear look at her. Her body look like it had weakened even though she had muscle. I sigh then wipe my face. "Why are you so soft?.. I've never seen you so, gentle.. So careful.." Roneth told, sounding a bit confused. "I stopped boxing. For you. I had to find a way to deal with my emotions." I admitted.

Her face drops. "Why did you stop?" I look away. "Because i felt like if i didnt use my fist anymore, it will soften me. I guess leaving you and not boxing anymore really made me-.." "Weak." She breathed as an interruption. I look at her and nod as she had taken the word right out of my mouth. We were frozen after such intense, broken things were shared among each other.

We decided it was time to go. Before Roneth walked out the door, i grab her arm to stop. "Can i tell you something?" I asked. "Yeah." She nodded. "I love you.." I breathed. She looks down at my hand and intertwines it with mine then looks into my eyes. "I love you too.." She weakly grins. I smirk then open the door for her. We walk out together hand in hand. Louis leads the way out of the place and into the car. I sit in the back seat next to her, still locked hands.

We got home with the sun already setting. Louis strides straight out of the car and into the house. Roneth and i take our time to get inside. When we finally get through the front door, voices from my living room rang loudly as i heard ruffles of laughter, jokes and conversations going on. I took a deep breath before i began pacing towards the room. I look at the couch to see Niall next to Louis, Zayn next to Perrie and Liam sitting alone all the way at the corner. All eyes shot at the both of us as we walked in.

Niall shoots out of his seat right away and runs up to me with open arms. "Harry! I missed ya!" He cheered. I hug him back as i almost forgot about this crazy Irish boy. "Uh, just out for awhile to take some time alone." I told. He sarcastically narrows his eyes then laughs. "So you guys worked everything out? No more fightin?" Niall asked looking at Roneth and i. I look back to her and grab her hand. I smile then looked at Niall. "Im sure we'll be together, forever." I told. I saw Louis on the couch stiffen from my words as if he had grown uncomfortable with the subject. Roneth pecks my cheek then runs up stairs to clean up and shower.

-Roneth's POV-

I run up the stairs and straight into my room to shower up. I grab clothes from my drawer my but before i went to the bathroom, someone was knocking on my door. I open to see Louis standing stiff. I move out of the way and shut the door behind him. "Hey, whats up?" I asked him. He sat on the bed as i followed him, sitting next to him. He sighs then speaks. "So whats going to happen between us now?" He asks looking down. I grab his hand. "Youre still my friend, Louis. Its just that now Harry is back i can finally be happy with him." I told.

He shakes his head. "But look how many times hes hurt you. Haven't i helped you get over him and forget about him?" He told sternly. I stiffened. "Sure you may have helped me forget about him once in awhile, Louis, but i never moved on. I will Harry for as long as i will live." I admitted. He stands up and looks at me. "Well then i guess all my work was just a shame. I'll let you clean up now." Louis walks out with his head down. I stand up and grab my clothes. I head into the shower with my head down and the water running.

I begin to think about how the past 4 months Louis has helped me greatly. The thing is, he never helped me move on from Harry. Whenever i was alone or not doing anything, i had thoughts of him. I missed him so much so seeing him come back was so relieving. I finished up then jumped out and got dressed. I left my hair i dry on its own. I was wearing the last tshirt that was left of Harry's clothes before he left. I walk down the stairs slowly as i heard the boys and Perrie having a deep, tense conversation.

"So why'd you stop boxing?" Zayn's voice rang. "To soften up a bit. I was tired of hurting Roneth so i had no other choice but to do that and make sure a Roneth didnt get hurt anymore from me". Harry explained. I breath heavily as a sinking feeling flew inside of me. "Well it truly did help him. Through his time alone, he began to be someone i never would have seen him become." Perrie admitted. "Yeah right. I bet by the end of this week youll be back in that stupid gym again." Louis spat. I heard ruffles of steps move then a piece of fabric ripping. "I did everything i could to help myself from hurting Roneth anymore once i finally seen her again. I suggest you make your bets wisely on me if you want to win". Harry spat. I heard a heavy thug.

I run back upstairs in my room and lock the door. I fell to the ground with tears streaming down my cheeks. Everything was changing.. Louis was becoming this guy i never knew, Harry is more gentle and i became... Harry. The monster who used violence to let out emotions.. I knew that the distance that was created between Harry and i had changed us all..


First day back home for Harry and drama has already deepened! What will happen with Louis and Harry? Will Roneth change again back to her old self? Where has Jade gone? What will happen in the house now? Comment, like, favorite <3

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