We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


55. Coming Together Again

-2 months later-

"Im home!" I yelled as i closed the front door behind me. I walked to the kitchen to find something to eat. I felt arms slither right below my bump. "Hi," i whispered. "Hi babe." Harry replied. I turned around to plant my lips on his. "How was your day?" He asked. "Okay. I didn't find anything." I told. "Its okay. You're beautiful just the way you are," Harry then looks down, "and so are you little one." He kisses my bump then places a hand on top of it. I look at him to admire his gentleness towards me. He had gain much more control ever since he heard i was pregnant. I loved his softness. It just showed me how much he does truly care and tried his best to give his all, just for me.

After Zayn left two months ago, I was already a month and a half pregnant. Im now 3 in a half months pregnant and so far I've gotten the hang of myself and how to take care of myself. Zayn had never came back ever since then. Liam also left abruptly one day, leaving no evidence of where he went. I hate where we went with our friendship, it just fell apart. Niall still lived with us which wasn't so shocking since he didn't go out too much. He never saw Maze again and kinda saddens him day by day, wanting to visit her at Cali. Louis left the house too and moved in with Eleanor. They both support me greatly and make sure I'm in good care. Niall and Louis were who was left out of this whole mess besides Harry.

"Babe come here" Harry called. I got up from the table while eating some fruits. "What's up" I asked. He points to a letter he opened from the mail, "it's an invitation to Zayn and Perrie's wedding" i stood silent for a moment. "Let me see this" i muttered while taking the invitation. "It's next week" I replied. "I know. And I would like to know if you want to go" Harry stated. I thought for a moment. I wasn't sure if seeing Zayn was okay yet. I felt like he's rushing his relationship and I can't help but to feel like I should be there. Harry looks into the envelope, "there's three seating cards in here". I think why would there be an extra. But then remembered Niall. "Do you think we should go?" I asked Harry. He shrugged his shoulders, "your choice, babe. I just don't want you to get hurt again." Niall came into the kitchen, holding an empty bowl, "what are y'all talking about?" he asked. "Niall, Zayn is getting married next week." I told.

"Holy crap.." Was all that came out of Niall. He stood frozen just looking at me and Harry. "Do you think we should go?" I asked him. He thought for a moment then spoke, "last time I checked, he left because he was pissed." "I know, but I can't help not being there for him just to support the wedding." I replied. "Why would he send an invitation if he left all pissed" Niall pointed out. I thought for a moment. He is right. Why did he send me an invitation. "It has to mean something though so we have to go" i told. I look at Harry for a reply. He responds "anything you want babe." I peck his cheek, "thank you Harry. I love you so much." "I love you too" . "Sorry to break up the love fest but do you think everyone else got an invitation too?" Niall asked. I decided to call Louis.

"Hey Lou, are you busy right now?"

"Hello love and not at all. Why?"

"Could you come over?"

"Of course, could i bring El?"

"Of course!"

"Alright see you there"

I hung up and looked at the two. "He's coming with El." Few minutes they arrived. El hugged me lightly and Lou greeted me with his loud calling of my name. We all sat in the living room. "So why did you need me?" Louis asked. "Well. I got an invitation." I told. "Oh you guys got one?" He questioned. "Yeah, Zayn's wedding." I replied. "That's odd. Last time you and Zayn chatted, he wasn't so happy" Louis added. "Yeah I know. Im not sure if he's ready to be getting married already" I say. "Well there's nothing we can do" Niall says. "Oh and why do you think I got an invitation" I ask. "Maybe Perrie sent it. Or he actually does want to see his sister support him" El says. Suddenly Harry's phone begins to ring. "I'll be right back" he says while walking away.

-Harry's POV-

"Hey there"

"Who is this"

"Oh don't you remember? It was lovely seeing you again after all that time"

"Who is this."

"Oh don't worry. You will see me at Zayn's wedding"

"I swear if you-"

The called ended after the person hung up. I wanted to track the call but it was unknown. I tried to think of who could possibly known i came back. Who else knew Zayn? I tried to push the thought out of my head as I walked back into the living room. They were still discussing why we got an invitation. I sat next to Roneth, holding her hand. "Is everything alright?" She asked. "Yeah. Why?" I said. "Who called?" She added. "No one important" i lie. I had to hide this just for now to keep her calm. She can't be under anymore stress because of me. I need her to be happy and healthy. I gripped her hand alittle more as I thought of her in about 6 months, she will be giving birth to my child. She looks at me and smiles. I smile back and peck her lips.

"So is there anything else we should discuss?" Louis asks. "Nothing that I know of" Roneth replies. Eleanor and Louis greet us goodbye and leave the house. Niall moves out of the couch and goes upstairs. Roneth and I just sit on the couch. "So what would you like to do today, my love" I ask her. She grins, "be with you." Suddenly my phone rings again. Another unknown. "Who is it?" She asks. "Hold on" I got up right away to walk away from her.

"Who is this"

"Meet me at the address i will send you in twenty minutes or your girlfriend will never be seen again."


The called ended with an automatic message sent to me right after with an address. I was afraid of who it is was if it means Roneth was going to be put on danger. Another text was sent. Your time begins now. I look behind me to see Roneth standing there. "What's going on?" She asks. "I'll be right back. Please stay with Niall upstairs. I trust you with him." I say quickly, while rushing to get my keys. "Where are you going?" I look at her and kiss her. "I'll be back. Just listen to me and don't leave Niall please. Just relax and don't worry about me babe." I let go and run out of the door.

-Roneth's POV-

I go upstairs into Niall's room. "Harry left." I tell him. "Why and where" he asks. "I don't know. He was in a rush after he got a call" i explain. "Hmm, who called" he replies. "Im not sure. All he told me was to not leave you and not to worry. Do you know what's going on?" I say calmly. I was getting nervous at the thought of whatever Harry is doing. All I was hoping right now was that he was okay and nothing was going to hurt him.. I can't manage to live without him again, especially since with our child on the way. "Well maybe he's planning a surprise for you" Niall referred. I shook my head, "he wouldn't have been in such a terrible rush for a surprise. I mean, to leave that obvious isn't how a surprise goes"

Niall agrees, "yeah o guess. What could he possibly be doing now that's more important than taking care of you?" I think for a moment, "I mean he's always concerned about my safety so.. Wait you don't think-" suddenly a loud bang came from downstairs. "Niall" I breath. He holds my hand. "Sh, everything will be okay." I was afraid of what was going on especially since Harry left. "Go into my closest and don't come back out until I come back" Niall commands. I agree and hug him tightly, "be careful, Niall". Before I go in, he grabs a small, black case and unlocks it to display a gun. I grab his arm but he holds my hand.

"Don't worry I'll be fine. Just go inside already. I don't want them to find you" he says. I sigh and go in and sit on the floor. He slowly walks out the room with the gun in one hand. I sit in silence waiting for him. Suddenly I started hearing shots going off. I shake in fear to each shot heard until it has completely stopped. I try to steady my breaths but too much fear filled my lungs. I heard footsteps in the hall, walking slowly down. Someone slowly opens the door, and walks in. "Where is she?!" I hear a voice yell. I knew they were trying to look for me but I couldn't bear to understand why. Harry.. Where are you..

*Harry's POV*

I walk into a tall, old barn. It had one center light with a person standing there. "Harry. So lovely to see you." I knew that voice from anywhere. "Jade" i sternly spoke. She chuckles, "Where's your mistress?" Suddenly i hear a loud thud from behind Jade and see men dragging in two people. "Oh they're here" she says. I walk closer to see Niall beaten up severely with Roneth next to her. "Roneth.." I breath. My heart beat raced as I was trying to think of something. "Let them go!" I shouted. Jade only laughs, "as if it was that easy. But i will only if she completes my deal" she smirked. "No, give it to me" i commanded. "Oh no, it's not made for you. John, bring her a chair. I'm sure Niall wont run off." She tells the man holding Niall down but throws him to the ground roughly and gets the chair to set Roneth in. Suddenly two other men showed up.

"Alright, Miss Trouble Maker" Jade begins "you give me your baby, I'll leave forever" she says. "No!" I yelled. One of the men walked next to me with a loaded gun aimed at me. "Its decision not yours!" Jade yells. I bit down on my jaw. Please Roneth.. Dont do this.

*Roneth's POV*

"Why cant you just leave us alone.." I muttered. She shows her evil grin, "because all those times you tormented me and thought you can just think you can get me away. And our match had no reason for me to just run away" i remembered how long ago it was.. Still couldn't forget it. "Why do you want my child?" I asked. "It doesn't deserve such a cruel person like you" she spat. "You're not any better since youre a weak bitch" i snapped. Suddenly a loud slap hit me in the cheek, stinging. I sighed heavily, "if i give you my child, will you keep your deal?" I asked. She smirks, "of course, Im a woman of my word" i think for a moment. Maybe this was the only way out of this.. To finally have peace. But I couldn't let go of my first child.. I saw Harry from the distance giving me a desperate look. I know he didn't want me to agree with the deal either.

"Its a deal" i say aloud. I look once more a Harry, only seeing him broken.. What have i done.. Jade smirks. "It was nice doing business with you" she says. "Untie Niall let them loose. Let's go" Jade spoke then left with the rest of the boys. I stayed where i was. I sat in my own guilt, ashamed to agree to such a monster like her.. Harry ran up to me and hugs me only so tightly to not hurt the baby. "Are you okay? Did they hurt you?" He rushed. "Dont ask me, ask Niall" i reply. There laid next to me was my washed up Irish boy. "I'm sorry Niall" i tell him. "Its alright, I was meant to get hurt. Only to protect you" he says. I smile weakly to reassure forgiveness.

"Why did you agree?" Harry asked in such concern. His eyes showed sadness and anger. "It's to keep us safe" i say. "You know she still wont stop after this.." He muttered. I sighed, "i had no other choice at the moment to save you and Niall." I admitted. "Can we go home please?" He nods and takes me and Niall to his car. The whole drive there was pure silence from all of us being exhausted. When we reached the house, Niall went straight to his room to rest and i sat in our room to lay down. Harry came along and takes his shirt off to get more comfortable.

"How are we gonna fix this now?" I asked. "Well, there is a way"he says. Suddenly my eyes lit up, "what is it?" "Promise me you wont get mad" he says. "Sure" i agree quickly. "Jade's older sister, Haley, well she hates Jade and she practically loves me so i can try to get her to-.." I cut him off, "wait, did you date her before?" I asked. "That's not the point" he spat. "She basically could help us rid Jade and stop the deal." He said. "What about her little group of men she gathered?" I add. "Well, if i can get everyone back together, They wouldn't be a problem" he says weakly. All five of them haven't been complete for awhile. I wouldnt actually know what would happen if they got together at this point due to all the of this mess.

"Let's try it. I'll get Zayn and let Louis and Niall go for Liam, ok?" I reassure. "I dont want you to leave you again.." He sighs. "Dont worry" i take his hand, "I'm only going to Zayn's. I'll need to call Perrie first and let her know" i kiss him lightly then walk out of the room. I ring Perrie.

"Hello Roneth! How are you?! Did you get the invitation?"

"Hi Perrie, I'm okay and I did get it. Is Zayn home?"

"He sure is. Would you like to see him?"

"Actually yes. Could you send me your address please."

"Sure thing, see you then Love!"

"Thanks Perrie, see you"

Soon after the call ended, I got the text of their address. I go back into my room to see Harry standing on his feet on the phone as well. "I cant do it, I'm sorry" he then hangs up and turns around to see me. "Oh babe-" "who was that?" I cut him off. "Oh uh, no one important" he tries to say. "And what did they want you to do?" I suddenly ask in panic. "Just some illegal stuff you wouldn't like" he replies. "Why?" I ask. "To keep you safe" he says. I sigh, "I'll try not to worry about that. Right now i have to take care of this. Talk to Niall about Liam ok?" I tell him. He nods, "be safe please" i kiss him once more, "i will." I leave the room and grab the keys and head out to Zayn. I knew it wasn't gonna be easy to convince but I had to find a way even if it meant me forcing him.

I drive up to the house. I walk up the door step, unprepared with what to say. Perrie opens it and welcomes me inside. She offers me a drink and a seat. I take both. She calls Zayn down.

As i hear his footsteps coming down heavily, my heart beats faster. Then, i turn my head to see him frozen. Stood there, just staring. "Zayn.." I whispered. "Why are you here" he snapped. "I need to talk to you, its important" i begin. "About what" he spat. "Jade wants my child and if i dont give it to her.. She kill me and Harry." I announce. The room goes silence for a moment. Everything felt so tense. Gosh i hoped he would just come back home with me and say he'll help. "Why do you need my help" he asked, now taking a seat.

"She has a group of men.. That kept me and Niall as a hostage as to get the deal" i told. "And where was Harry when this was happening?" He asked. "Being held hostage too.." I add. "I dont know. I told you from the beginning this baby isn't meant to-.." I cut him off, "i know Zayn. I understand but its too late to back out now. Please. I'm asking for you back as a sister." I begged. He sighs, "come here" he opens his arms for me to fill. I hug him tightly and he tries to do the same but stays delicate with me as he's aware of the baby. "I missed you so much Zayn.." I cry. "I missed you too, Gorgeous.."


Sorry guys that I took forever to update. I lost my touch in writing thats why. And also had a couple of issues but I'm okay now! Comment if i should keeps going or not. Really would appreciate some feedback. Thanks!!ily all!

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