We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


46. Caught

-Roneth's POV-

*a week later*

I took the last few punches and kicks to try to get Zayn down. Luckily, i got my way around out of the lock in was stuck in with Zayn. I got on top of him and kept his body locked from leaving or getting out of position. He tapped out, signaling me to let him go. I stood up taking a hand out. Zayn ignores it and stands up on his own. "Im impressed." Zayn told. "How so?" I asked. We both walk by the cage door. "Youre better than a week ago just from my training." Zayn told while unlocking the door.

We walk out and head by our stuff. "I try my best to please you." I sternly replied. Zayn looks at me with confusion. "Try? You dont need to try. Youre perfect just the way you are." He replied. I smiled at the ground then back into his eyes. "Thats why i love you Zayn." I told happily. He takes me in for a sweaty hug. "I love you too, gorgeous." He whispered in my ear. He kissed my head then let me go. "Im going to change. You should do the same so we could leave already." Zayn commanded. I nodded and walked into the locker room.

I walk in and set my duffel bag on the bench. I grab my clothes out of the bag and walk by one of the stalls. I accidently bump into a girl. "Sorry." I muttered. I looked up to see who it was. "Matilda..?" I breathed with my eyes widening. "Hiya." She grinned weakly. "Wh-what are you doing here?.." I stuttered, still full of shock. "Im a MMA fighter. What are you doing here?" She asked. "I do the same. I didnt know you fight.." I told. She bites her lip. "Yeah, no one knows.. I hide it so no one ever finds out who i really am." She told. All these times i always thought of Mati to be such an innocent, nice girl. I mean, she is nice and all but i just cant imagine her in a cage, fighting.

"How long have you been fighting?" I asked her. "2 years. Im one of the trainers here." She explained. She zips her bag and throws it over her shoulder. "Who do you train?" I asked. "Only the best." She smirked. "Hey i also found out youre first fight next week, huh?" She nudged my shoulder. I weakly grin. "Yeah. I've been training with my brother, Zayn." I replied. "I cant wait to watch you beat ass." She winked. "Well ill see you around. By the way, Jesy said youre fired. Sorry to drop it so terribly bad. She just wanted someone to find you and tell you." Mati said. I nodded. "Tell her sorry and it was great working with her." I told. She nodded and waved then walked out. I stood frozen in place trying to take in everything that had just happened. Mati is an MMA fighter/trainer, and im fired. Thats perfect.

I finall get changed and walk out of the locker room. "What took you so long?" Zayn asked while leaning against the wall. "Sorry i saw an old friend." I replied. "Let's go." He commanded, stomping away. Whats his problem? We quickly walk out of the place and jump right into the car. Zayn drives harshly out of the parking lot and tries to speed through all the traffic. "Whats wrong with you?!" I yelled. "NOTHING!" He screamed. "YOURE IN A RUSH FOR SOMETHING AND I NEED TO KNOW WHY." I screamed back. For some odd reason, i wasnt scared of Zayn's yelling and anger. I guess you could say i got used to it because of training.

"I HAVE SOMEONE IMPORTANT TO SEE, OKAY. NOW LEAVE ME ALONE WHILE I DRIVE." He screamed while gripping the wheel tightly. We finally make it home. Zayn nearly runs out of the car and inside the house. I followed him from behind and stopped him right before he ran upstairs. "Where the hell are you going?" I spat. "To get ready. You and your stupid friend now made me late for my date." Zayn spat. I narrow my eyes in confusion. "Date?" I asked. He shrugs off my arm. "Yes." He breathed and ran up the stairs. I watched him until he was out of sight. I walk into the living room to see it empty for once. I dropped in a seat and sighed in exhaustion. I shut my eyes as i tried to strain myself from getting anymore tempered. I felt the seat next to me sink. "Hey babe." I knew that voice from anywhere.

"Hey Louis." I replied. "I heard you and Zayn-.." "I know. Just please, dont talk about it." I interrupted. I heard Zayn running down the stairs. "Im leaving." He announced. "Good! Dont come back!" I called. I heard foot steps coming towards me. "What?" He breathed. "Go to your damn date and dont come back." I spat. Zayn shook his head in disapproval. "Stop it, Roneth. Look, im sorry. I love this girl a lot okay. Im just scared to lose her again." Zayn admitted. I stood up. "Youre afraid to lose her?.. Wait, so youre going on a date with Perrie again?" I asked. He nodded. "Please gorgeous. I need to go." He kisses my head and storms away. I heard the front door slam shut from the distance. I drop to the couch and sigh again.

"C'mon Roneth, you know why he's acting like that." Louis told. "Its not fair! He can fight for who he loves but i cant do the same!" I cried. Louis takes me in for a hug. "What if i told you that ten minutes ago, Niall farted in the seat youre in?" Louis admitted. I shot up right away. "LOUIS!" I yelled while laughing. Louis laughs along. "Now get your ass in the shower! I'm not cuddling a sweaty princess!" Louis tells. I playfully punch his arm. "Whatever. At least i can fight." I smirked then walked away. I grabbed one of Louis's shirts from his room and yoga shorts then headed to the bathroom.

After i was done in the shower, i slipped on the clothes i picked and headed downstairs into the living room where didnt move at all. He stares at me until i had sat next to him. "You look quite sexy in my shirt." Louis coos. "Oh shut up." I nudged him. We sat together for the whole night until i began to fall asleep. I later felt myself lightly wake up and being carried bridal style. I felt my body gently be put down on my bed with Louis. "Go back to sleep, babe." Louis whispered. I grinned and grabbed him for a hug. "I love you Louis.." I whispered. "I love you too, Roneth.." Soon, i felt myself fall into deep sleep.

-Harry's POV-

I began to walk after i stopped jogging. I was outside with my earphones and phone in my pocket. I check my phone to see Perrie texted.

Im on my way home. Just wanted to check in. xx

I lock my phone and slide it back into my pocket. I froze as i saw where i ended up. The front of my house. I walked closer to it as i saw the lights were on in the living room. Soon a car pulled in the lot. I turned around to see Liam getting out of the car. Liam walks towards the house until he slowly stopped, staring at me. "H-Harry?.." Liam stuttered. "Uh, hey Payne." I replied. "Where have you been?" He asked. "Away where Roneth wouldnt getting hurt anymore." I told. "Are you stupid, Styles? She was hurt because you left! Every night she cried herself to sleep and almost everyday she wouldn't want to do anything be stay in bed and not even eat!" Liam yelled.

I looked down as i tried to push back the tears. "I love her, Liam.. I still do and i will always love her. How do you think i felt when i left?!" I cried. I felt myself weaken inside all over again. After such a long period of time of not seeing or talking about Roneth, i felt better. Now that i was at the moment her being the subject of the conversation, i cant take it. "She took her life out just for you Harry.. Why did you have to do this to her.." Liam asked on such confusion. "I knew one day, i was going to hurt her.. I kept doing it. Now that i left her, im sure shes in safer hands with you and the boys." I replied in sadness.

Liam walks closer to me. "Honestly, i wouldnt be saying this because i love Roneth but you need to go back into that house and save her. Youre the only one who can put her back to normal." I narrow my eyes in confusion. "What do you mean?" He looks at me with worry. "Lately, Roneth has grown more aggressive and rough. She became an MMA fighter to put all her anger out." He admitted. My heart sinks as i try to take in what i just heard. "Sh-she cant fight.. I know she cant.. She-.." "She does now. Ever since you left, things have changed. You need to come back, Harry. And not just for a Roneth but for all of us." Liam interrupted. I shook my head. "I-i cant just yet.." I stuttered.

"She has her first fight in a week! Zayn has been training her the past week to try to get her ready! Please Harry. My dont like seeing Roneth becoming the monster you were." Liam begged. My phone vibrated. I took it out to see Perrie texted me again. I didnt bother to look at the message. "I gotta go. Dont tell Roneth you saw me, please." I told. "Whatever. I had hope you were going to come back and save her. To bring everyone back to normal. I guess i thought wrong." Liam spat then walked towards the door. I ran off as i tried to forget about what happened. I cant go back. Not now. Roneth isnt the type to fight.. She cant be a fighter..

I finally make it back to Perrie's as i walk in and see her with Zayn. "Harry!" She breathed in shock. Weights suddenly pressed on my chest. "Harry?.." Zayn repeated also shocked. "Wh-what are you doing here?" I asked him. "I was on a date with Perrie. What are you doing here, Styles?" Zayn asked back. I look at Perrie then back at Zayn. "I, uh-.." "He was here to pick up something!" Perrie called. "Yeah!" I agreed. "Where have you been? Where did you go?" Zayn asked. "Time off. Just to be on my own and-.." "Yeh? Thats nice to hear." He interrupted.

He looks at Perrie as she walks back in with a piece of paper in her hands. "Get this to.. James!" She winks then signals me to leave. I leave without saying a word. I open the paper that read 'just stay in the back for now. Ill text you when he's gone' i walked to the back of the house and laid in the lawn. I stared at the clear sky as memories suddenly flooded in my mind. The way she smiled. The way how she fought for our love. The way she kissed my lips, so soft and gentle. The way she laid next to me at night, completing the other half of me. Even the way she said i love you, i terribly missed it. God, i need Roneth back.

Tears slid down the side of my face as i take in every moment i had with her ever since i left. My phone buzzes as i check to see Perrie said hes gone. I walk back inside, trying to avoid any conversation with Perrie. "Harry, wait!" She calls right before i ran upstairs. "Im sorry i didnt tell you about our date. Its just that i knew you dont like-.." "I know and i dont care. I know you love Zayn. I can tell from the past four months. You didnt need i try and hide it." I interrupted. I was having tears coming down my face as i tried to hurry to conversation up without facing Perrie.

"Harry look at me." She angrily told while turning my whole body to see my face. Her face drops from anger to sorrow as she sees im hurt. "Im sorry, Harry. I didnt know you were like this right now.." She breathed as she took me in for a hug. More tears fell on her shoulder as i cried harder. "I need her back, Perrie. Im just afraid if what she's going to say." I cried. She runs my back. "Its okay. Im sure she will understand once she sees you again. She must miss you terribly." Perrie tells. "She doesnt love me anymore.. She loves Louis." I sobbed. I didnt want to be around anymore. I just wanted to be left alone, but with Roneth.

I kinda give a push to Perrie to signal her to let go. She unwraps her arms around my body and i head upstairs straight into my room. I lay in the darkness with a pillow wrapped around my arms as i wish it was Roneth. I continue to let tears fall and grip the pillow closer to me. I hope Zayn and Liam dont say anything. I cant let them know im still around.


I kinda teared up while writing this chapter. (': but, poor Harry.. Will he ever get to see Roneth again? Will Roneth see Harry?.. Will Zayn ever admit that he loves Perrie? Will Roneth win at her first tournament? Comment, like, favorite <3

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