We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


28. Can't Believe It

'Here, lets clean you up.' i took a hand out for Louis to grab. He took it and stood up. he limped toward Harry, getting me nervous. i grab Lou's arm, making him look back at me then back to Harry. ' you know i would never mean to do anything like that. why cant you understand that it was a mistake?' Lou took deep breaths as he was throbbing in pain. i felt terrible for what Harry has done to Louis. 

i just wanted to fix him up already. Harry just stared down at the ground, letting guilt fill him up inside. i was frustrated already so i grabbed Louis's arm and tugged him to the kitchen. 'sit here.' i told while patting the counter, then he hopped on. i grabbed the first aid kit and began gently cleaning him up. i knew Harry was still there because i felt tension when i  was cleaning Lou. 'Look here.' i pointed to my nose. i dabbed the cotton ball on his eyebrow, noticing how many more cuts were on his face. i didnt notice he was actually staring into my eyes until i looked into his. i looked away, reminding him Harry was there.

i finally finished cleaning him up. Lou hopped off the counter then up to Harry. 'are we cool, lad?' Harry rolled his eyes then grinned. 'fine, but next time you dont lay a finger on her.' Harry replied, trying to say sarcastically. we all chuckled then letting Harry and I leave. 

We finally arrived home, safe and sound until i heard a loud bang in the kitchen. we ran and saw Jade with a gun into her hand. we both backed away, motioning Harry to put an arm in front of me. 'ahahahaha! look who we have here! the crack heads that ruined my life!!' Jade yelled across the kitchen. 'Jade please, you're acting like a total bitch! get out of our house, NOW.' i spat. Jade pointed the gun at us, making Harry step in front of me this time. 'what did you say, whore?' Jade spat with gritted teeth. i gulped hard and tried not to become scared, but i already was. 'Jade please, things dont need to be like this.' Harry said, sounding a bit shaky. 'oh Harry boy. you just dont get it do you? first you screwed around with my feelings in highschool, then became fuck buddies and now that you have your little babe here, THIS IS WHAT IT REALLY NEEDS TO BE?!' her anger made me nervous, thinking she would pull the trigger any minute. 'Jade, you liar. thats why no one liked you anymore. you cheated on me, remember? and who fucked up whos feelings? MINE. SO GO. PULL THE TRIGGER BECAUSE I DONT CARE.' Harry yelled. 

Tears started running down Jade's face, making her weak. she drops the gun on the ground and cries hard. she covers her mouth and turns around to not face us anymore. i stood there, stunned by how weak Jade truly had became. was she always like this when she was alone? i wanted to talk to her but i was still scared because the gun was still on the floor and who knows what she can grab. then Harry slowly too steps toward Jade. ' I ... Im sorry Harry. i didnt mean for things to become this far. I - I dont know wh - what got into me.' Jade told, sniffling. i felt terrible by now.

i finally walked behind Jade, slowly placing a hand on her shoulder. she didnt even object one bit. instead, she turned around and hugged me tightly. she cried on my shoulder. 'Roneth, im sorry for ruining you and Harry.. i guess you can say i was jealous, but i didnt mean to hurt you. please forgive me.' Jade whispered into my shoulder. i petted her head. 'its fine Jade. just do us all a favor. give us time and space for now and im sure we will work things out by then. i accept your apology.' she lifted her head and looked into my eyes. 'thank you and i promise to go away for awhile.' Jade then let go and walked up to Harry. ' I'll ... see you soon.' she walks passed Harry and out the door. 

Harry and I hugged each other tightly, knowing everything was okay now. we went upstairs and laid together in bed. i drew circles  on Harry's chest while he spoke. 'well, at least shes finally out of the way.' i chuckled. 'i guess. but i still feel terrible that we let her off just like that.' Harry kissed my head. 'its better for her to leave for now. dont worry anymore babe, she finally has given up.' i smiled. 'im napping.' i told. Harry chuckled. 'awh, but i wanted some fun.' Harry groaned. i laughed. 'not tonight. im tired.' he kissed me then let me flutter my eyes close.

-Next Day-

i woke up to an empty bed. i looked at my phone to see a text from Harry. he was at a friend's house right now. i got up to look at myself at the full body mirror. i only had Harry's tshirt on with panties. i walked down stairs to hear a knock at the door already. i opened it to see Liam standing there. without a word, he grabs me harshly and kisses me hard. i grew more and more into all of this that suddenly everything was happening. Liam pushed me inside, shutting the door behind me. i jumped to wrap my legs around Liam's waist. he grabbed my thighs then carried me upstairs. he threw me onto the bed, making him nearly rip off his clothes. he slipped the tshirt off me and crawled right on top of me. we nearly wanted each other badly. our tonuges battling within each other's mouth. Liam finally went inside of me, making me moan loudly. 'Oh.. Liam..' i breathed. he thrusted hard, making me want more. 'Liam.. faster..' he sped up, quickly. i felt each other reaching our climax. finally, he finally climaxed and dropped on top of me. oh no.. what have i done..

Hii my loves!! omg, i am terribly sorry for such a terrible chapter. :[ i promise more drama and action will be happening!! i just needed to update because i havent for awhile! school is such a drag and i have a boyfriend i have to manage thats why, haha! ;) please comment, like and tell me what you guys think!! :) .xx

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