We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


41. Broken

-Harry's POV-

I sit next to her bedside the whole night. Liam and i didnt argue after Louis had stopped me from nearly tackling him. Louis also stayed all night with me in the hospital to wait until Roneth woke up. It was 9 am when i began to feel her hand twitch. I slowly opened my eyes and lifted my head. I saw Roneth move her head side by side until she fluttered her eyes open.

"Babe?.." I whispered. See looked at me then a tear slid down her cheek. I smile as she weakly grins. A tear also slid down my cheek. Her hand slowly cupped my cheek. She stroked her thumb on my cheek to wipe off the tear. "Why are you crying?" She asked in a dry, weak voice. "Im sorry Roneth.. This is all my fault. If i never left the house, you would of never gotten hurt again.." I told. She shakes her head. "No.. I came out to show that i love you. So the only way during that moment was to take a bullet for you." She replied. She coughed alittle. "I'll call the nurse." I told. I looked back at Louis who was still sound asleep on the chair.

"LOUIS!" I yelled. He shook in his seat as he slowly fixed himself to sit properly. "What you bastard?" He groaned. "Get the nurse." The commanded. "For what?" He mumbled. "Get the damn nurse." I spat. "Harry you said you were going to get the nurse." Roneth spoke. "What a minute, shes awake!" Louis cheered. He stood up to walk next to my side. "Glad to see you awake love." Louis said. Roneth smiles. "Thanks Lou. Could you do me a favor and get the nurse please? I dont want little angry man to go all mad." She winked. "Heeeeeyy! I just didnt want to leave your side okay!" I respond in defense. "Sure I'll be back in a minute." Louis told, walking away.

Roneth sighs after the door shuts when Louis walked out. "Roneth, what happened with you and Zayn last night?" I asked. She grew stiff then breathed. "We just got into a fight about who i would rather chose and i said i would still chose Zayn over anyone but when you walked out, i needed to get to you but he made it so hard for me to leave him." She explained. Tears welled up in her eyes but it looked like she was trying to hold them back. "Roneth, i love you so much. Please dont do this ever again." I whispered. I kiss her hand and then look at her but still stay keep my hand locked with hers. She smiles as she saids, "i cant promise you that. I told myself and Zayn i would put my life out for you." I shook my head then grinned. "You cant do this again. Okay?" I say. "I love you too much so i wont promise you something i wont be able to keep." She replied, with a serious face.

There was a knock at the door. "Come in!" I announced. The nurse walks in with a tray of food and medicine. Louis walks in right behind her until walks to the other side of the bed next to me. "You eat up then take this medication. After she eats, call me again to see how she feels. This should relieve the pain." I thank her and then she walks out. "Great hospital food." Roneth speaks. "Well you have to eat it if you want to take your medication." I replied. She gives me a dirty look. "Oh whatever. I bet you wouldnt want to eat this junk either." I roll my eyes then chuckle. "Sure i wouldnt but I'd force myself just for the benefit of my health." I replied confidently. Louis pats my shoulder. "Im afraid hes correct dear." He defends me. I laugh as Roneth had to take the defeat. "This isnt over." She spat. Louis took a fist out and we bro knuckled.

Louis's phone begins to ring. "Who is it?" I asked. "I'll be right back." He quickly responded then answered the phone on the way out the door. I shrug my shoulders then give my attention to Roneth again. She was taking slow progress into eating the food. "C'mon, i know you can eat a bit faster than this." I told. She rolls her eyes. "Well maybe if i was gagging at every bite, i would be half way done." She replied annoyed. I chuckled then smiled. Louis walks back in with his eyes still on his phone. "Who was it?" I asked. He doesnt reply until 15 seconds later. "Oh, uh it was Liam. Hes on his way with Wes and Zayn." He replied still on his phone, texting. I stood up right away. "Wes?! Why the hell is he coming!?" I spat. "Harry please. Dont start anything. He's been my friend since i began working at the shop. It would be nice to see him again without you fussing." Roneth told.

I look at her with disappointment. "You really think i wouldnt do anything after what he'd made me done to you before?" I spat. "Well maybe if you didnt even bother starting a fight in the middle of a mall, none of that would of happened!" She spat. Anger grew throughout me. I needed to punch something. I ran up to the wall and punched it several times until Louis had stopped me. I was breathing heavily. I turn my head but not my whole body to face Roneth. "I just dont want anyone taking you away from me again. Youre mine." I spat. I turn around to look at Roneth. Her eyes was full of fear. I realized i had scared her again. I walk closer to her bedside again. "Dont go near me." She whispered nervously. "Roneth, im sorry if i scared you. I didnt -.." "No.. Youre still monster.." She spat. My heart sank as she called me a monster again. I felt hurt after she said i was still that "monster" to her.

There was a knock on the door. Louis opens it to the boys. I stood by her bedside still but looked up to Liam, Zayn, and Wesley greeting Louis. "Oh my baby." Zayn cried as he rushed to Roneth's side. He hugged her lightly. "Im so sorry Zayn." She cried. I clenched my jaw and turned around to look out the window. I didnt want to look at something i deserved. Roneth's affection. A hand was placed on my shoulder. "Im sorry for letting them come. I know you wanted to fix things with her but they called and they wanted to check-.." "Its fine. It doesnt matter anyway." I spat. I turned around to see Liam and Zayn talking to Roneth. She looked so happy enough with them already.

Another knock came from the door. Louis opens the door again to Niall. He came unexpected. He greets all the boys and Roneth then walks by me. "Hey lad. I forgot my sweater here last night but i guess since shes awake i hope you dont mind i stay for awhile." Niall speaks quietly. "Yeah its fine." I reply. "You okay? You seemed pissed." Niall asks. This what i admired about this Irish boy. He always knew each of us personally. "Roneth still doesnt trust me and is still afraid of me." I told. My knuckles were throbbing with pain. I ignored it because i was already used to the pain physically and emotionally. My arms were folded across my chest.

I was watching Roneth talking to Liam, Zayn and Wes so happily. "It just kills me inside, Niall, to know i cant make her that happy. That comfortable." I told, bobbing my head towards the guys. Niall pats my back. "Its okay, i guess shes just not used to your aggressive side. Maybe you have to change that." Niall told. "How can i change? I've done everything i can just for her but still get her fear and anger." I admitted. "Try to stop boxing and get rid of Jade, for good. Harry i can read everything from just looking at her. She's scared because she doesn't know whats happening to you. You weren't really like this before either. This boxing thing has to stop until you learn to control yourself." Niall explained. I look at my knuckles. One of them was bleeding while the rest were bruising badly. "What happen there?" Niall asked pointing at my knuckles. "I punched the wall earlier." I told while pointing at the wall.

"See thats what I'm talking about. If you punch walls or break things in front of Roneth, she will only grow more frightened and want to distance herself from you. Learn to control yourself, Harry." Niall told. I looked at the ground disappointed in myself. I had to stop boxing, for Roneth. And i had to get rid of Jade for good, just for Roneth. "Thank you Niall. You really made me think better of myself." I told then bro hugged him. "Im always here. Now try again with her. She kinda looks bored now." Niall admits. I walk by Roneth's bedside. Zayn had taken the seat i was in for the whole night. He was holding Roneth's hand. I walk to the other side. "Hey babe." I spoke. I move the hair the covered Roneth's forehead and lean in to kiss her. She turns her head away from me. "Babe please. Im sorry for earlier. Can we just forget that happened and move on?" I asked her. "Well if you didnt have to go crazy to punch the wall, maybe i wouldnt be like to you." She spat.

"This your fault anyway shes here again, Styles." Zayn spat. I gritted my teeth, clenched my fists and breathed heavily. "Zayn!" Roneth yelled. "Its true," Zayn stood up. "I bet if she wasnt even in love with you in the first place, none of this bullshit would of never even started!" Zayn spat. I grabbed his shirt. "I know what I've been doing wrong if you cant tell, Malik, so dont you dare say it was an accident that Roneth loves me because i love her too much to make sure she never gets her." I spat. "Huh thats funny because if you were suppose to make sure she never got hurt, why are we in the hospital again?" Zayn told, with a cocky attitude. I held a fist up. "Go ahead Styles, see if Roneth would a appreciate you for hurting her own brother." Zayn spat. I slowly put down my fist and let him go.

I continued to breath heavily. I looked at Roneth again to see she was still scared. I cant control myself.. Boxing was the only thing where it was appropriate to express my anger. Every time i started something with someone, i seemed to put all my anger into it. I walked by Roneth's bedside again to hold her hand. She moves it away and looks at me with disbelief. "You just apologized for punching the wall earlier. How do you expect me to forgive you and forget what you did because obviously all you can do is speak but never do anything." She spat.

I ran out of the room. "Harry! Wait!" Niall called from behind to chase me. I ran out of the hospital. I realized i had no car. Tears slid down my cheeks again and i cover my face with my hands. "Harry. There you are." Niall spoke short of breath. "WHY NIALL. WHY CANT I CONTROL MYSELF?! WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR ME TO NOT START FIGHTS?!" I screamed. I cried hard and fell to the ground. Niall squatted next to me while rubbing my back. "I know you love her a lot but maybe you just cant be around her for a couple of days." Niall told. I looked up at him. "I-i cant do that.. I cant even last a night without her by my side. I need her Niall but she doesnt need me anymore." I whimpered the at the last words.. I was so hurt.. I love Roneth so much but i dont think she loves me anymore..


Ugh. School starts again and I'm not ready. Its 1 in the morning and im suppose to be sleeping. Oh well. Anyway, poor Harry. :( will he change for Roneth? Will quit boxing help him? Will Harreth ever fix things? Comment, like favorite <3

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