We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


7. Back To Me And Him

'whats that suppose to mean, Malik?' Harry asked, shooting back a look. 'oh nothing. im just saying how Liam is the gentleman he is and not a stupid idiot trying to only get girls through sex.' Zayn said, sarcastically. Zayn's knuckles were white and Harry was clenching his jaw. i gently walked over to hold Zayn's hand and looked in his eyes to calm him down. he looked back in my eyes, and let go of his fists. 'well then so what are we gonna do now, lads?' Liam asking.

he was just looking at the boys sorrowfully, maybe hoping they would stop fighting. 'well, lets catch up shall we?' Harry asked. 'fine.' Zayn said pointing at our dining table. all three of them walked over to the table and sat down.

'would you like to stay and chat with us as well, Runeth?' Liam asked. he said my name like that because of his accent. 'uhm, if you all dont mind then of course i would love too.' i told. i looked at all three of them. Liam nodding, Zayn looking at me, and Harry just winking. i just didnt want to be around Harry but i had no choice. i sat next to Zayn, feeling safer. he held my hand and squeezed it. i squeezed his hand back while chuckling. 'well then, so vas happenin' with you, Payne?' Zayn asked Liam. 'well, ive been working with your sister in that CD shop in the mall. how about you Styles? anything new?' Liam asked Harry.

'the same. getting the chase of girls behind me all the time, but this time i got my eye on one special one.' Harry soon looked at me, and winked. Zayn gave a death look to Harry, noting him he was here. 'nothing big,huh Payne? well, as for me ive been here protecting, caring and loving my sister!' Zayn said as he kissed my forehead and hugged me tightly. i chuckled after then looking at Harry.  he was looking at me as if i was his and no one else can do that .'what about you Runeth? care to explain about our "movie night"?'

Liam asked me as he said movie night with quotations in the air. 'well i thought maybe all of you wanted to see each other again, besides i wanted to see what youre reactions were!' i told cheerfully. 'im gonna go now since im wasting time here.' Harry said getting up. 'ill walk you out.' i told. Zayn tugged on my arm and nodded no. i made him let go and walked away.

as i opened the door for Harry, he first walked out then i did shutting it behind me. 'so, what did ya think of that?' i asked him. 'well, i felt unwelcomed.' he told. 'im sorry i thought maybe you would want to see your old buddies again..' i told looking down. 'oh silly you babe.' Harry then wrapped his arms around my waist, and looked me deeply in the eyes. 'youre mine. no one else can have you.' he told. i tried to push him off, but he had a good grip around me.

'ugh, im not yours you cunt.' i told. 'now, now. dont you cuss babe.' he said as he leaned in for a kiss. he grabbed the back of my head to make sure i dont back out. soon, i was kissing back until he was the one that backed off. 'see you tomorrow babe. ill text you.' he walked away to his car. ugh, i felt disgusted by him.

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