We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


5. Another One

I woke in the morning in Harry's arms. thats when i was reminded of what happened last night. my head was rested on Harry's chest and i really had no chance leaving without him waking up. i slowly tried to turn my body to make a seem like i was only turning, but once Harry let go of me, i got up. i changed back to what i was wearing last night and then walked into the bathroom. luckily, my phone was in the butt pocket. i had so many missed calls.

Some were from Maze, Zayn and Liam. Liam?! wait why'd he call!? i kinda panicked and then  i remembered tonight i was suppose to have movie night with him at his place. then i also remembered i was suppose too, with Zayn. i didn't know who to cancel out.

i texted Zayn to pick me up now. i later heard footsteps walking down the hallway. i stayed silent as i knew Harry was walking. he then tried to open the door but then began knocking. 'i know youre in there babe.. open up' he said in a raspy voice. his morning voice was kinda sexy. no, you cant fall for him Roneth, stay focus. 'oh sorry im just cleaning up. hold on.' i wet my face alittle then grabbed a towel to pretend i was drying my face then i unlocked the door. Harry slowly opened the door to see i was already dressed. i took the towel off my face to see him eyeing me. 'morning.' i said.

he looked alittle sad. 'hey.. are you okay?' i asked.  'why are you leaving so early babe?' he told. he kept walking closer to me until i was stopped by the wall. 'i.. im being picked up.' i responded. 'oh tsk babe.. why. i could of dropped you off.' he told as he was centimeters away from my face. my heart was uncontrollably beating fast for some apparent reason that i didnt know of. Harry then slithered his arms around my waist and our chest were pressed against each other.

'hah.. i can feel your heart babe. calm down.' he said smiling. i looked away as he placed a hand right above my boob, where my heart was beating really fast. my phone started to vibrate on the sink. i immediately moved away from Harry to answer.


'im coming in. stay where you are.'

and then the phone call was immediately ended. there was a knock at the door downstairs so ran out of the bathroom and opened the door to Zayn. my eyes began to fill with water as i hugged Zayn as tight as i can. 'im sorry...' i whispered in his ear. 'no, im sorry. come on, lets g-'

'bravo Malik, bravo. you know, she likes me so you cant do anything about this now.' we both turned to see Harry at the bottom of the stairs, clapping his hands slowly. 'shutup Styles. she would never fall for idiot like you.' Zayn said. 'hah. really? lets ask her shall we. babe, do you like me? Harry asked.

'i have a name and no i dont like you at all. i needed a friend, not a foolish child.' i responded. Zayn grabbed my arm and let me out the door while he slammed it shut behind us. 'good job. never come back here again please.' he said. 'i wont. i cant promise you that but i can surely say i wont.' i responded. we both got inside the car. 'Zayn..?' i said. 'yeah gorgeous?' he responded. 'i dont know if we can have movie night tonight.. im sorry.' i told. 'but you promi-'

'i know i did but i also promised Maze too..' Zayn also didnt know about Liam because i know he would freak a lot just like with Harry. but i give him credit for all of this because well Harry isnt the good type anyways. 'you spend a little too much time with Maze, Roneth. dont you think shes getting alittle tired of this all..?' he told.

'no. besides, she even invited me to and i dont want her to worry about me. i need to catch her up on things.' i said. he then grabbed my hand and kissed it. 'well alright then.. but pinky promise tomorrow night?' he said holding out his pinky. 'pinky swear.' i grabbed pinkies with him and i laughed alittle. 'thats the gorgeous i know.' he said winking. when we got home, i changed right away to different clothes then jumped in Zayn's car again. 'well where to now gorgeous?' 'work please!' he drove me to the mall and then i kissed him goodbye on the cheek, the usual.

when i got to the shop, i saw Liam already doing the usual again, stacking CD's. 'hey! youre alittle late.' he said but then chuckling. 'sorry i overslept! aha!' i said giggling. we were chatting up on tonight while stacking, then suddenly the devil walked in the store.

Harry walked up behind me and slithered his arms around my waist while i was stacking in an isle. 'hey babe..' he whispered in my ear. 'why are you here?' i asked walking off. Liam walked into the isle carrying some CD's and looking down at them. 'hey Ron, here are some oth- oh.. hi there.' Liam stopped awkwardly as he looked up to see Harry  wrapped around me. 'uhm.. here these go in this isle.'

Liam awkwardly walked toward me to give me the CD's. 'thanks. help me please?' i asked so he wont leave. Harry gave me a look as if he wanted this isle to me and him. 'ill be right back Liam.' i walked away, giving Liam the CD's then taking Harry out of the store. 'can you please leave me alone? cant i have a normal life like normal people?' i asked. 'what? i just wanted to check up on my babe. besides, whos that guy anyway?' Harry said.

'thats Liam, my friend and co-worker so can you please leave me alone?' i told. he gave a weird look at first then rolled his eyes. 'fine. ill be back soon babe.' he tried to kiss me but i turned my head so he caught my cheek again. he walked away and then  i got back into the store. i saw Liam stacking the CD's and  i grabbed some out of his hands.

'oh thank god you came back. who is that douche bag anyway? no offense.' he asked. ' oh thats just Harry. he thinks supposedly im his.' i told, annoyed. 'wait, as in Styles?' Liam shot me a look. 'yeah. how did you know?' i asked shooting him a look too. 'i was really close with him in high school..' Liam told. then i thought, Zayn to Harry, Liam to Harry, so wait.. i think i found another group member from Zayn's high school friends..

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