We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


33. Angry Much

-a week later-

i roamed around the house, all alone. i blasted music while dancing around. i felt so glad i was finally out of the hospital. Harry was out with Niall so i was alone for the day. i suddenly grew tired of dancing so i turned down the music and decided to take a bath. i went into the bathroom and turned it on. i grabbed the clothes i was going to wear and laid it on the bed. soon, i undressed and sat in the warm tub full of water and bubbles. i closed my eyes to relax and savor the sound of weak music coming from downstairs. 

Leave me out with the waste
This is not what I do
It's the wrong kind of place
To be thinking of you

It's the wrong time
For somebody new
It's a small crime
And I got no excuse ...

(by the way, this song is called 9 Crimes by Damien Rice. I usually listen to this when i write, also when i read. just a suggestion i head in mind for you guys.)

Singing those lyrics made me grow deep into thought about my parents. Remembering i would always sing this while just casually waling around the house. a smile grew on my face as the happy thoughts ran through my mind. i laid my head back and as tears of joy ran down my cheek. i missed them so much. i missed Zayn too. soon, the water began to move as a body stepped inside the tub. i gasped and covered my chest with my arms. i look at Harry with a shocked look that later dropped into relief. 

he chuckled as i punched his arm. 'you scared me.' i told, frustrated. 'oh sorry babe. i couldnt help but listen to your beautiful voice.' he grinned. i blushed by the fact that Harry has never heard me sing until, now actually. i didnt speak as i looked down at the bubbles in front of us. Harry sat in front of me. he lifted my head to look at his eyes. 'you sound amazing, babe.' he told. he kissed my forehead then wiped my cheeks.

soon, i looked carefully at his face, eyeing his cheek. it seemed to be a bruise being hidden. it looked liked he tried to hide it with foundation or something. 'what is that?' i asked, pointing at his cheek. his eyes grew big but dropped right away to try to act normal. 'wh-what are you talking about babe?' he asked, trying to asked hysterical. i grabbed his face and turned his cheek. i soaked my hand into the water then wiped his cheek. foundation ran down his cheek, making it look like running tears. i slowly stroked my hand on his cheek as worry grew inside. 'what happened?' i asked. Harry didnt answer. instead, he jerked his head off my hand. 'nothing.' he spat. 'obviously this isnt nothing, Harry.' i stated.  he didnt answer so he just got out and walked away. i watched him walk out as i still sat in the tub, trying to take the worry out of me. i couldnt relax anymore. i jumped out of the tub then walked into the bedroom. Harry was laying on the bed, staring at his iphone. 

i grabbed one his tshirts and sat next to him on the bed. 'Harry please. i need to know what happened.' i pleaded. he sighed then sat up and put his phone down then looked at me. 'there was this guy who said something so i defended myself.' he told. 'thats it? what did this guy say?' i asked. he gritted his teeth and looked away. 'can we please not talk about this, Roneth?' he scolded. i breathed 'fine.' i stood up and walked downstairs, angry and disappointed. i expected Harry to tell me what happened but i just didnt want to argue with him again. 

we've nearly avoided each other this whole day. Harry went out again while i stayed home, alone. i stared at the tv screen, not even knowing what im watching. i glanced once in awhile at the clock, waiting for Harry to come home. i began feeling worried. ive called him several times and texted him numerous times.  he never replied or answered. i began feeling nervous and scared. what if he was seeing another girl? or is he going to strip clubs to watch other girls? i was so worried. all these thoughts ran through my head as i was beginning to feel hurt. i only had one person to call who knew Harry the best.



i distanced my ear away from my phone because thats how loud he always was on the phone.

'are you busy at this moment?'

'hmm, does eating ice cream and watching tv count as busy?'

'oh shutup and come over please?'

'fine, fine. on my way!'

'thanks and bring the ice cream too please!'

'alrighty love!'

i hung up with a chuckle at the end. i looked up to see Harry leaning against the wall. 'what was that about?' he spat. i shot up and walked by him. 'nothing. where have you been? ive been calling and texting you.' i replied. he looked away with gritted teeth while letting out a frustrated sigh. 'out. with a couple of lads. no one you know. now answer me. what was that about?' i looked away but then followed my eyes back to him. 'i-i thought you were gonna be gone still so i didnt want to be alone here..' i told. Harry punched the wall then breathed heavily. i jumped in fright then backed away. i was becoming nervous and scared with Harry. something wrong was happening to him and i needed to know. anger was filling up inside of him as his breaths were growing deep and heavy. 'why Louis again, huh?' he asked, furiously. i didnt answer. i was to scared to answer. 'ANSWER ME RONETH.' Harry yelled while he punched the wall again. i shook where i stood as tears finally fell. there was another body standing; it was behind Harry. i tilted my head to see past Harry's body to Louis was holding a piece of paper with writing on it. Ill be waiting outside. Sleepover tonight.

oh no.. whats going on with Harry? why is he suddenly acting like this? will Roneth change his attitude again? is Jade behind any of this? does Louis want Roneth still? Rouis? Loneth? sorry if this is kinda a short chapter. ive been so hung up with school, i never really had time! comment, like, favorite!! :) .x

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