We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


53. And The Truth Came Out

Liam looks at Harry and I weirdly. "Why is that?" He asks. As i was about to speak, Harry beat me to it. "Because stupid plans like that just only make things harder." Liam clenched his jaw. "So why did you even think about doing that then?" Liam spat. "I didnt. I agreed with my girlfriend." Harry spat back. It was weird to hear Harry call me his girlfriend. He never called me that before even the times when he was protecting me. He would just say im his.

"Whatever then. I'm tired of all your bullshit, Styles. You can never handle anything! You always end up ruining everything!" Liam yelled. Harry vigorously grabs Liam's shirt and pulls him close to his face. "I try my best to be the best for Roneth. Can't you see that like people like you only get in the way and cause more difficulty?" Harry spat through clenched teeth. Liam pushed him off and fixed his shirt. "Trying to be the best?! How the hell are you being the best when you hurt her so many times?! Shes doesnt deserve someone like you!-..."

"STOP!.... Please.." I was nearing tearing apart inside. "Cant you both ever stop this nonsense.. Im hurt right now from the both of you. I cant believe what you two are saying to each other. You used to love each other like brothers. What happened to that?" I tried begging for them to just make up and stop all the fighting. they stood of each other in silence not knowing what i say anymore. "If you guys dont fix this now, i will walk out this door and make sure to not come back." I spat. "Oh come on babe you wouldnt do that-.." "Oh yes i would. You did it to me so i can defiantly do it too." I interrupted Harry.

I stormed out, tears falling off my cheeks. The two only called my name but didnt chase after me. I was just so tired of them fighting for me like that all the time. I couldn't be around them. I continued running down the street, not knowing where to go. I didnt know who to call at this point. Louis hates me for giving Harry so many chances, i dont even know where Niall went after everyone left and Zayn.. I dont know if he can even help me get through this. I guess im on my own. Light bulb goes off in my head as i finally think of somewhere to stay away from everyone.

I continued to run down a couple blocks. My phone rang relentlessly on the way until i finally decided to shut it off. As i slowed down my tracks, i look at the house i havent been inside for ages. I go to the tree next to my room and climb it until i reach my bedroom window. I climb inside and land on the floor with no breath but full of exhaustion. I go straight to my bed and shut my eyes to try to stop my head from spinning. I cant do it this anymore. Every time i become happy, something always has to destroy it. Tears rolled down the sides of my face as i think about everything Harry and I had went through. From the time we first met to the time i took a bullet for him.

That. i think to myself is the best thing I've ever done for someone i love even though so many people tried to tell me to give up or dont love him. But i do. I love Harry Styles with all my heart even if it means giving my life away. I just cant be around his friends thats all. As i had thoughts running all over the place, i heard footsteps outside my room. My heart beat suddenly sped up as i thought who could be in here.. I stayed silent until a voice maybe spoke. As the footsteps became louder and closer, i quickly jump to the side of my bed to hide. My door slowly creeks open as i hold my mouth shut with my own hand. Fear ran across my chest and stomach as i prayed whoever wouldnt find me.

Footsteps walked around my room until it stopped somewhere. Silence still rung as i tried to look under my bed for the shoes to give me hints. The footsteps lead toward my desk, fiddling through my stuff. A piece of folded paper was opened. My heart dropped as soon as i heard the voice read aloud what i thought no one would ever discover..

Dear Mommy,

I hope i can see you soon! Me and Zayn miss you. What is heaven like? Zayn told me its very nice and cozy. Will we ever get to see you and Daddy again? Zayn said that daddy with also come back. I hope that God is taking care of you! We wanna see you! I love you!



I couldn't take it anymore. I stood up after hearing that letter i wrote when i was 8. Tears rolled down my cheeks as i looked up to see Perrie in tears as well. After seeing her like this made me realize maybe she truly does care. "I-im sorry-.." "Its fine. I mean, that letter has no use anyway." I interrupted her. "I was suppose to get some stuff for Zayn but i wanted to see maybe who you really are behind all the, anger." Perrie admitted. I weakly smiled, "im sorry for all those times I've been so rude. I just thought that maybe you were using Zayn or something.." I admitted. Perrie walked by my side and tugged my arm toward her on the other side of my bed. I walked around and stood in front of her. "Well i cant lie to say that i dont love your brother but i can say that i truly do care for you, Roneth. I know i may have sassed back once in awhile but i just want to let you know that you should not ever feel alone anymore because i am always here for you if ever need anything."

Tears of joy slid down my cheeks as i finally took Perrie in for a tight hug. She hugs me back in great happiness. We unlock to look into each other's eyes. "Now tell me, why are you here?" She asked while wiping my cheeks. "Liam and Harry are fighting over me again." I say disappointingly. "Again? Why is that love?" She asks with concern in her tone. "Liam has always felt like Harry had taken his spot of being with me and i feel like ive had enough. Im so tired of all the fighting." A tear slid down my cheek again as i look down at the ground. Perrie cups one hand on my cheek and holds my head up to look in her eyes again."Things do end up badly sometimes. But thats just only a test of how much you can take. If you truly love Harry, you wouldn't mind him fighting for each other's love. As for Liam, he should understand that you had already given your love to someone else. Maybe he just needs someone to make him realize that you are not the only girl in the world for him."

I shrug to show that i do sorta agree. "Thank you Perrie. I just feel so guilty now." Perrie gives a concerned look, "why?" I sigh, " i cant believe that i actually hated you." I felt my cheeks become warm. Why am i still talking? All she does is chuckle, "well i can tell why. I hope i didnt make you feel replaced after i came back. Trust me, i never meant to steal anything from you." After she said that, my heart was fixed. Perrie was never as bad as i thought she really was. "Thank you again for all of this." I repeat myself. She giggles, "Youre very welcome, love. I will always be here if you ever need anything ok? Now where was i, oh yes! Would you like to help me grab some stuff for your brother?" I nod as we both stand up and hug everything out. We both walk out of my room and wander the whole house for anything Zayn might need.

-Harry's POV-

"This is all your damn fault!" I yelled at Liam. "Well i bet if you weren't with her in the first place, she wouldn't be always hurt!" He yelled back. I push him against the wall and grab his shirt as steam boiled through my whole body. "If i lose her again, i will kill you because of it." I spat through gritted teeth. "Hey! She said she was hurt from the both of us so you just cant point all the fingers at me!" Liam defended. I vigorously let go of his shirt and try to calm down. I threw my hands up in frustration, "what am i suppose to do now?" Liam shakes his head, "you really asking that question? I thought youre the one whos suppose to know Roneth best since youre her boyfriend." At perfect timing, Niall and Louis come inside and walk staging to the living room.

"Whats going on lads? Why does everyone look so depressed?" Niall asks. "Roneth's gone again." Liam announces. "What the hell?! One minute you guys are acting so weird then the next shes put the door again?! Whats next a bump on her belly without you knowing?!" Louis sarcastically says. I shoot a look at him, "you're not helping, at all." Louis throws his hands up "sorry." I panic as i continuously tried calling her until her phone was shut off. "Im going to find her." I announce as i was about to storm out but Niall grabs my arm. "Lad, maybe you should just let her go." I shrug him off, "i need her, Niall. I cant just let leave me again. Shes what i need." Niall looks away. "Whatever makes your dreams come true." I give a confused look, "what do you mean?" Niall shakes his head, "you changed Lad. I dont know if its just me or all this mess but ever since Roneth came into your life, you had never been the same."

I stop i think about what Niall said. Is she really worth it? To continue finding for? Roneth had caused tons of issues here and there but behind them all proved how strong she is. She nearly lost her life just for me. "Im going to find her. She may mean nothing to all you ignorant asses but shes more than just the love of my life." I nearly fly out of the door and jump into my car. I drive slowly down the streets and hope to just find her walking down the block but no hope had struck me. My heart began to face of fear as thoughts of negativity ran through my head. I tried shaking them out one in awhile but they would end crawl back. I try calling but only go straight to voicemail. Tears began to slide down my cheeks as i begin to lose hope. I finally drive by her house. I slow down as i eye the car parked in front.

I park from a distance to keep eye to see who was there. Perrie came out with a box in her hands as another was behind her. My heart floated as i saw her following Perrie from behind, also holding a box. She was happy. She laughed along with Perrie at something they were talking about. I guess that proved they are okay now. I nearly jump out of the car as i run to her, praying she wont tell me to leave again.

-Roneth's POV-

"Did he really wee in the sink before?!" Perrie laughed out loud. I laugh hard i reply, "Yes!" was all i could manage through our laughter. As i placed the box in her car, Perrie nudges my arm, "You might want to look at this." I look above the car to only feel weights being placed on my chest. I gulp hard on the air as i began to feel nervous. "i-i cant do this.." I whisper to Perrie. "You can. Just take those small steps. Remember, if he loves you you will feel it. Dont be scared. I'll wait in the car." Perrie pats my back then sits in the driver's seat. As Harry finally stands inches away from me; he begins to speak, "Liam still hates me." What a great start was all i can think about, "why are you here then? Remember i said you guys have to make up if-.." The touch of his lips interrupts me. I wanted to reject and push him off so badly but i couldn't do it. My heart was nearly melting by every second our lips were together. Instead of pushing away, i do the complete opposite and wrap my arms around him and just let the kiss become passionate.

Finally we both grow exhausted and look lazily into each other's eyes. "I need you Roneth. I cant let you slip away just like before. You dont know how much you mean to me," Harry grips my hand tightly then continues, "i dont know where i would be. You had brought so much more happiness and joy to my life. Without you, i feel like the world is dead. You bring life back into me Roneth. I dont know how i deserve you but i am thankful enough to have you in my life. All i ask is to be with you for the rest of my time. I dont know another way to put it out because this is all the truth." Tears well up in my eyes as i take in every word Harry spoke made me so soft inside.

"Do you love me, Harry?" I whispered. He weakly grins, "more than myself." I chuckle as i take him in for a hug. I cant believe i was going to leave this knuckle head again for something so small and stupid; I guess i really am a complainer. After we unlock, i ask, "how did you know i was here?" Harry grins, "i didnt. I just hoped for the best and strolled down streets." I smile. Now it was Harry's turn to ask, "why are you here?" "This was actually my only place to run off to after i left but Perrie was there too to pick up some stuff for Zayn. We had a deep conversation and now were okay." I added in the last part to update him but i think he figured it out just looking at us. "I'll go home after i stop by at Perrie's." I say. "Promise?" Harry takes his pinky out. I take it, "promise." We kiss one last time then depart. I walk around the car and sit next to Perrie in the passenger seat. "Soo how'd it go?!" She coos. I show her the biggest smile, "its like i fell in love all over again."


Sorry for not writing for such a long time! School has really got to me and basketball was really taking up all my time. Eventually we won first place in championships! Go cougars! :)

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