We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


63. All At Once

-4 years later-

*Roneth's POV*

"Happy Birthday to youuuuuuu!" Niall and I sung to Daisy. She had brown, long curls and big brown eyes. Her light skin complimented every inch of her and well, she looks like her father. I gotta admit, I'm glad she got Harry's looks. Niall and I had to stay in the states for awhile. The whole situation with Jade never disappeared until now. Everyone was freaked out about Niall and his behavior towards me but it was just a recent thing when we first came here. He got a hold of himself and became a great role model to Daisy.

"Mommy?" Daisy called. "Yes?" I replied. "When will I see daddy?" She asked. She knows that Niall is not her father from the start but it's been hard to make sure she didn't get that idea. Niall had been such great help for me that he stayed up a lot of nights to feed her and such. He truly did seem like her father but I will always know in my heart that Harry is the one. "Soon sweetheart. Daddy is still working very hard to get us back but were going back home soon." I explain. Daisy also knows that Cali isn't home. But i feel that she has a comfort here that she might not enjoy England as much. I just hope when we all go home, we're safe and I'm back into Harry's arms again. My phone began to ring as I saw it was Harry. I dismiss myself to go outside our apartment to answer with a husky voice.

"Hey beautiful". i smile proudly at the ground. "Hey" was all i can say back. "Is Daisy there? Can I talk to her?" He asked. "Of course, hold on" i call Daisy and put it on speaker, "hi daddy!! I really really miss you!! Mommy said that were going home soon!" She rang with enthusiasm. I tear up alittle with the thought of my own daughter waiting for the day to run into her father's arms for the first time. "Yeah she's right! I'll see you and mommy! Are you excited?!" He asked cheerfully. "Yeah! But mommy is crying right now" Daisy called out. I chuckled at her and took it off speaker.

"Why are you crying love?" Harry asked. "I just cant wait for the day for Daisy to finally see you." I smile. I knew he was grinning at the other end, "i cant wait to see my beautiful girlfriend". I wipe my tears and sniffle a bit, "Ill see you soon" i tell. "See you soon Roneth".

"I love you".

"I love you too".

Neither one of us ever say goodbye at the end of a phone call, a bit cliché aren't we? After the call i went back to Daisy to cut the cake and inform Niall about the call. We are boarding later tonight as a surprise for them back home. We didn't let anyone know to make sure no one found out. "Hey do you want me to get the stuff ready?" I ask Niall. He shakes his head, "I got it, dont worry about it." I grin, "it was fun" i tell him. "What was?" He asked. "Being out here with you. I know it was rough in the beginning but I'm glad you grew up. Thank you for everything." I teared up abit from admitting how i felt and hugged him tightly. "Roneth, i want to let you know I'm sorry about before. It was all an accident.."


I was at the apartment, waiting for Niall to get home. He said he wanted to go out to get a few drinks with co-workers and i allowed it. He was working hard for Daisy and I to manage so i let him be. Past 12:30, i heard the door open and a loud bang coming through. "Roneth! Roneth Get over here now!" He called. I was a bit scared to witness his drunk side, "yes?" He looked at me hungrily. "Mmm.. Youre so fucking hot" he eyes me down from head to toe. "Niall!" I slap him in hopes of knocking some conscious. He looked at me darkly. I felt a sudden rush of chills crawling from the back of my spine. A lost feeling suddenly dug back to life again. "If you ever do that again, I'll make you regret the day you ever met me" he spat. I shook in fear.

His drunk side was like Harry in the beginning. Controlling. Scary. Something i never liked. "Niall please, control yourself" i try to say. "Why couldn't i ever get the chance with you? Nearly had a chance with everyone but me! All i ever wanted was to feel your embrace!" He cried. He threw a glass to the ground, leaving a shard stuck to my leg. I bled through it as i stared at it then at Niall. "You monster.." I breath. He finally realizes the damage he's done. "Roneth.." He tries to inch closer to me but i try to move away but the shard made it difficult. I take it out of my leg, wincing in pain as i cry a bit in pain. Niall gets some paper towels and presses on my wound to stop the bleeding.

He kisses my leg, "Roneth, I'm so sorry" he begins to say before tearing up, "i just want to know what its like to be loved and wanted" tears fell off his cheeks as he continued, "you're full of all this happiness while i sit back and watch you be happy. Cant i ever be like that.." Even though he hurt me, i felt terrible for me. He didn't deserve to be alone. "It's okay. Dont do this again. You'll find that special someone, one day. But I'm not the one, Niall. I have someone and you know it. Just don't let the boys know about this." He nods as i wipe his tears away. I peck his cheek after i tell him to rest. I wrap my leg once he knocked out. He probably wouldn't remember what happened but sure it will come back to him one day.


"It's okay, Niall" i reassure him. He always felt bad after the incident and never really came back that drunk. He's a great guy. I dont see why he doesn't have a girlfriend yet.

*Niall's POV*

Everything was so joyful here. The boys were struggling over at the other end. I nearly felt like going back to help them. Ever since Liam ended the deal, Jade seemed to just disappear.


"Hello?" I answer my phone, "Niall, its Liam". He sounded shaky and it worried me, "whats up? You sound scared" i managed to say. "I ended the deal with Jade" he admit. "How?" I ask. He sighed, "i shagged her to get her pregnant". I paused for a moment in disbelief. It wasn't true.. He would never.. "Liam.." I was frozen. "How's Harry?" I try to ignore what he told me. He was lying. I knew he was. He wasn't that stupid to do this. "Niall, dont deny me. I had to, it was the-" "THAT WASNT YOUR LAST OPTION YOU STUPID CUNT! YOU'VE MADE THINGS WORSE! SHE WILL ONLY-" I stop in the moment of my anger to hear Roneth behind me.

"Niall? Niall, are you okay? Whats going on?" I froze again. Liam kept screaming through the phone just calling my name. I hung it up and went back inside to her. "Sorry it was Liam. He was telling me how he shagged this girl for more money." I lied. Fucking Payne. Such an idiot. I didn't let Roneth find out what happened. She doesn't even know whats wrong with Harry. It's better like this anyway. She's better off with me.


*Harry's POV*

I was too excited to wait for Roneth. To have her back in my presence and to be able to hold her. I continued to day dream about her and my daughter as suddenly Louis snapped me out of it, "Harry! Harry!" I shake my head to reality and look at him, "sorry what is it?" I ask. "Liam hasn't come back since yesterday". Liam went to Jade to see the child yesterday but hasn't came back. "Where is he?" I asked. "I dunno, that's why I told you. I told Zayn but just leave Niall out of it in the mean time. We cant get him all stressed out after just getting over the whole deal breaker" Louis commanded.

I nodded in return and decided to find Jade. We kept calling his phone but it went to voicemail every time and his phone was off. We couldn't track him at all. We weren't sure where she went but we knew that Liam wasn't safe wherever he was.

*Liam's POV*

"How much more do you want.." I breathed. "10,000 more" she commanded. "I dont have that kind of money anymore.. I just cant give-" another blow came to my stomach. I've been trying to stay awake to make sure i end up alive. I wouldn't know what Jade would do if i fell unconscious. "I need that money now. Or else I'll burn you in hell" she spat. "I-i dont have-" two more blows to my stomach and one to the face. Her new boyfriend had some thought knuckles. They dug deep into me every time he threw a punch. "Jade please.. I've come here to compromise. I dont want to start-"

"you're full of shit Liam. I trusted you to help me out and now you've left me with it. I cant care for it myself! Damn you!" She yelled. Her boyfriend threw more punches, continuing to weaken me. I felt myself begin to cough up blood.

"You're so pathetic to think that a stupid deal breaker would make me stay.. You think, I would want that? It's yours and you wanted it! I never asked-" i got another punch to the face. My eyes began to grow heavy. I couldn't give up. Not now. Not like this. "You have your boyfriend to help you. I dont understand why you need me" i spit out blood to show i can still fight her even being held hostage and nearly being beat to death. "I loved you Liam. I chased after you right when I got the test and said it was positive-" "You said that once youre pregnant you would leave us all alone!" "SHUT UP!" A tough blow straight to the stomach.

I coughed horribly. It was full of blood. I wasn't sure how much more longer i had. She did try to go after me right after I got her pregnant. I dont know why but she's crazy. Supposedly she fell in love with me? I dont know. All i know is that i needed help. Her phone began to ring and dismissed herself to get it.

-Harry's POV-

"Jade." i called. "What a surprise. You still kept my number? It's lovely to know-" "where is he. I want answers now." I spat. "Woah there, if you want him back alive you have to be nice" she was such a brat. "Fine, please give us a location in exchange for whatever you want." I lied. The moment we see her, shes dead. We all agreed to get rid of her once and for all. "My old house. The first one where we-" "I know. I'll be there soon." I hung up and knew exactly where she was, "she's at the house we ran away to together" i announced to Louis and Zayn. They nod as I began to drive. I sped alittle due to my anger. I was tense from just remembering her face. She is crazy.


Almost done!! Stick around just a little longer for the ending! I love all you guys!! Let me know for a sequel or not???

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