We Can't Stop

Roneth lived a plain life. she was a sweet, caring, and gentle girl. that all changed for her until one day she meets badboy Harry Styles. Harry had a reputation in town for being the biggest player, also the most aggressive guy to be with. Will Roneth change into a bad girl or will Harry become the good one?


59. A Kiss to Goodbye

*Harry's POV*

I broke everything that was in sight. My drawer, desk, picture frames. My knuckles were full of blood and my hands leaked them out. I cried hard as I felt my failure hitting me. I lost her. I fucking lost the love of my life. With my child.

"Harry?" The door opened slightly, showing Perrie. "I heard you while coming up the stairs. What happened?" She asked. "She left" i spat. "What.." He voice softly spoke in disbelief. "She was here, then left after to move out to the states with Niall" i spoke in anger, trying to fight back the dying pain to just throw everything and break anything. My lack of control was coming back. I felt it taking over. But it only became like this after she left..

"Sh-she cant be.. She wouldn't.." Perrie muttered. "She did. She didn't love me so obviously it proves that I was never enough." I snapped. She suddenly left my room. Soon came up everyone. "Telling everyone now huh." I spat at her. "Leave her alone, Harry" Zayn defended. "We'll catch them before they leave" Louis tries to say. "No, let them go. Let her be happy" i spat. "She's not happy with him! She wants you! Dont you realize she's only doing whats best for you but obviously you think so less of yourself when she always runs off. The best part about all of this is that you dont bother to go after her." Liam snapped.

"I'll talk to Niall guys, just calm down" Louis said and left the room. "Can I be left alone now" i asked, trying to hold my anger back. They all nodded, except for Zayn. They all left except him. "None of this would of happened if i could if kept her away from you.." He whispered. I sighed, "yeah, you should've". He pats my back, "but I knew you wouldn't mean any of this, Styles. My sister loves you too much that its beginning to hurt her. And it hurts me too to see her like this but i think she needs to be away to keep her safe.." He took a breath then continued, "i didn't prefer her to run off either but i feel better knowing she cant be hurt from you"

His words stung me as I had to take in everything. "I just want her to finally be happy with me.. But I can never do it.." I whimpered the last words as the tears fell from my face again. I looked away to a picture on the floor that was just her. She was smiling bright fully and looked younger. She radiated with passion and confidence that i killed from her.. "Ill go downstairs ok? I'll look for her too before she leaves" he pats me once more and closes the door behind after leaving.

There wasn't a point to go after her. She would still go off with Niall. She wants to be away. She doesn't possibly want to come back. And thats what hurts the most, just knowing she may never possibly come back. But she couldn't.. Not for our child. I just laid down and thought about us.. Having the memories fill me as I remembered the first time i met her.. Damn, shes beautiful..


*Roneth's POV*

i woke up to my alarm clock from the motel that provided it. I looked aside to Niall as he was curled up and nuzzled up close to me. Last night was sorta rough.. On the drive back he was angry about me seeing him and when we got to the motel, he constantly kept getting calls until he answered one. I didnt get to see who but i was sure it was one of the boys. I got up and headed into the shower. I ran warm water to clear Harry's touches from me.

I finish and head out to the room to see Niall out of his bed. He wasn't in the room, but I saw he was outside. On the phone again. He left the door slightly open so it didn't lock, and I took a listen..

*Niall's POV*

"Louis we cant come back after this. She's going to keep getting hurt.." I told Louis as he tried to argue with me about taking Roneth away. He replied saying that everyone is in debt of the presence of Roneth. Well thats their losses. I have her now. "Louis if you want to see her then meet us at the airport. Terminal 3 ok? Just stop trying already if all you wanted was to see her" i hung up i headed back inside to a dressed and fresh Roneth.

*Roneth's POV*

"Morning" i played out. He smiled back lightly, "Good morning". He began to get ready as he left his phone open on the bed. I go through to see every single one of the boys texted him.. Except Harry. I wanted to call him and try but i was afraid he wouldn't answer. I didnt want to get disappointed. I put it down back on the bed and packed my bags. He finally finished up and we headed out. I felt my heart beat quicken as I felt something was going to happen more than it should.

When we got there, we parked the car in the garage and headed inside. There stood the one and only. Louis Tomlinson. He runs up to me and hugs me tightly. I hug him back as I felt the tears already begin to prickle. "Dont cry! You'll be back to see me. Besides ill have Niall here to call anytime" he tried cheering me up. It hurt to fake out my emotions. It was guilty feeling that usually ate me up from the inside. I smile back at him and nod.

"Well I should let you guys go, dont want you to miss your flight" he told. I hugged him once more and whispered in his ear, "I'll miss you so much Louis.." He pats my back and whispers, "so will Harry.." I let go of him and gave him the sadness in my eyes. I began to walk to security and put my stuff down. "Are you ok?" Niall asked. "Yeah, just tired" i lied. I felt exhausted because of the extra weight that was on me and the fact of what Louis said. After we went through all that stuff, we went to our terminal. My heart sank out of my chest as I saw who was sat at our terminal.

"Roneth" he called. I froze as Niall stepped in front of me. "Why are you here" Niall spat. "To see her one last time. What right do you have to protect her like that?" He spat back.

"She doesn't want to here because of you, Styles" Niall told. I saw Harry's knuckles clenched along with his jaw. "Niall" i held his arm. He turned around to see my desperate look. He sighed, "fine". He walked toward different seats with our bags.

"Why are you here?" I asked Harry. "To see you one last time.."he replied.

I just stood there. No words couldn't quite come out at the moment. I felt a huge lump in my throat, as if that was the blockade of anything coming out. "Roneth.. I know its no use for me to do this but for one last time" he paused then stepped closer, "stay..". His voice was so soft yet it bled through me. It cut me into pieces. I wanted to stay, with all my heart. I love being surrounded by the boys when it's happy times. When none of this shit is happening. "I cant" i stabbed.

He swallowed hard and held my hand, "alright.. But i wont forget you. I need to hear your voice everyday so please answer your phone." He told. "I dont have it anymore.." I replied. He suddenly takes out a box with the cover of a brand new iPhone. "Dont lose this one, please" he hands it to me and looks at me. "Harry.." I called. "Yes" he replied so quick. "Kiss me."

Without hesitation, i felt his lips hit me hard. I felt his hands slide to the side of my waist as one of my hands were placed on his neck. His lips began to grow rough as I knew he wanted more, but I couldn't. This was one of the reasons why I hated being pregnant. We detach and look at each other. I welded with tears as I reminded myself this was the last time i was ever going to see him again. He cupped one side of my cheek and let his own tears already slide down one side of his cheek. Suddenly a voice rang from the desk next to our terminal called all passengers. It hit me hard as this was now the time for me to leave. "Promise not to forget" he told. "I promise" i spoke.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

And I knew at that moment we both meant it. We kissed one last time until I walked over to Niall, suddenly grabbing my hand. "He's gone now. Its on us." And I had to remind myself of that now.


We're getting to the ending soon! Which means i need to know if i should make a second story for this or not! Please comment what you guys think! :) x

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