where it all began with justin bieber

One day i was at home in bed my mom says Katie i got 2 tickets to a Justin Bieber concert..i want you to spend time with one of your bestfriends...so i called my bestfriend and asked if she could go she scream and said of corse..it got sooo much closer to the day i couldnt believe it


1. My week waiting for the Justin Bieber tickets

one day i was at home laying down and mybestfriend called me when i was asleep!..she was screaming her head off! i Ask what was wrong she said 'i just got Justin Bieber tickets for me and you! i was exited i didnt know what to think. So the next day she came over with her mom and sat down with my mom and we talked it out!! My mom said so what is the plane?..her mom said well im going to take the girls 1 day sooner when the concert gets close and we will go out to eat and get a holtel and then come back one day after the concert but im not going to the concert i will be droping them off!.. is that a good plane?..i looked at my mom...Im glad my mom trusted me!So she said i could go.!Jenna and i  were screaming our head off..it got close to the concert and the day before we were leaving Justin Bieber tweeted cant wait to perform in Dallas Texas!! i went to sleep and when i woke up there was something on the edge of my bad! it was a packet it had my ticket in there..! i took a pic and posted it on Facebook and everyone liked it.! i got everything ready for the concrt and when Jenna had called she said we might not get to Dallas until 12 am i said thats fine! so they picked me up from my house and there was alot of trafice..when we got to the hotel we went to get something to eat! we went to Texas Road House and i ha to go to the bathroom and when my ipod went off BAM someone hit me with a door i hear then say " do you need help up? i am so sorry i hit you with a door(his hand was right there infront of me) here take my hand" so i looked up and i said"is it me or are you Justin Bieber Jenna came running to me and said come on were leaving there are at lot of girl coming come on!! she pulled me waway and he let go she said omg i smiled and she said howwas it i siaid i cant stop thinking about his eyes!!

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