The Haunted (Liam Payne fan-fic)

Jade and Liam move into a new house , well new to them. The house was built in the 1970's and maybe things don't go so well.
What'll happen when freaky things start happening?


1. Chapter One

"Do you ever get a feeling someone is watching you?" Jade asked Liam as they both brought in a box and set it on the floor in the family room.


"J , I'm famous. We're always being watched. Don't think anything of it." Liam chuckled.


She sighed and looked up at him. His beautiful chocolate brown eyes twinkled and the beads of  sweat dripping from his forehead and him just whipping it off with his shirt making his torso bare it all caught Jade off track.


"No , I mean in a creepy way. Like , someone is looking through your window at night. Ya know?" Jade finally replied.


"No... And you shouldn't worry about that. I'm here for you." Liam replied and kissed her forehead.


They both headed back outside and brought more boxes in the house. Jade brought some boxes into hers and Liam's room. She smiled at how satisfied she was with their room. It's what she'd dreamed of all her childhood! Liam came up and wrapped his arms around her waist making her jump. They both laugh it off and start to unpack. 


It wasn't the best day to be moving in. Soon came a storm it wasn't a light and easy storm either. It made their house creek every time thunder and lightning would strike. Jade wasn't comfortable and she had convinced Liam to go back to their rental house since the lease isn't up yet.


As they lied in bed , Liam fast asleep Jade kept tossing and turning. She soon became restless as the sun started rising. She huffed and got out of bed making a lot of noise. A lot of stuff was on her mind and they didn't seem to leave. She just felt like screaming. But , maybe it's just the stress from moving into a new house that she isn't used to just quite yet!  


Just to let the steam roll off her shoulders , Jade goes for a walk. She grabs a bottle of water and leaves the house. 


As she walks past a few houses she realized  that the sky is turning gray. She rolled her eyes and just kept walking. A little rain won't ruin her mood. She just needed a walk.


As the rain started dropping onto the ground she could smell it. The rain and asphalt mixed together smelt horrible. And on top of that the thunder and lightning started coming. 


She may not want to admit it , but , she's scared of thunder and lightning. She always has to be with Liam and snuggle to feel safe. But things will have to start changing since he's leaving for tour again. Liam was only home for a week to help move with Jade. And now she'll be at their new home all alone. Tomorrow Liam heads back to the US to start up the tour again. 





Should I continue or no?...

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