Love Degree

September. The beginning of his third year. A lonely university student drifting through life is about to be enrolled in the most difficult course of all: the course of love.

[a cell phone novel]


10. But the only face I saw was the face of Powder

I didn't lose my sense of being.

Two students grabbed me under my arms, lifted me and helped me to the nearest chair.

Blood was streaming from my nose onto my shirt.

But it wasn't my shirt.

I'd never seen this shirt before. It was light blue, worn, with a drawing of a man's face on it, navy, and the words Toumani Diabete written underneath in black.

It was also now streaked with red.

The screen flickered from North Africa to a photo of Erwin Rommel.

But the only face I saw was the face of Powder.

On the screen.

And on every body in the auditorium.

''All right,'' Professor K boomed, ''due to unforeseen circumstances, class is dismissed. We'll make it up next week.

''Not you, Oliver. You stay.''

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