Sleeping With The Enemy (Harry Styles, FINISHED)

Jane Hendricks and Harry Styles were arch enemies. Not JUST enemies, but it was just completely hate between the two. Although what others didn't know, was that Jane had a past with Harry. Even enemies could fall in love.. But that was then, and this is now, as others say. It turns out, it wasn't love they were in back then. It was a stupid bet that Harry's friends made him do. And that was to sleep with the enemy.. Who knew one silly night could change the two? All Jane and Harry wanted to do, was let go of that unusual past they had, and never look back again. But what happens when both of these two.. Meet again?


38. Chapter 37

Chapter 37:



-Harry's POV-


As soon as I came into the hotel room, I find all the boys and Perrie
sat on the couch, watching something from Niall's iphone.

Until I heard her voice. I nearly froze in my space, remembering that
today was her birthday.

"Guys, where's Harry?" Her voice sounded worried. Like she.. Almost
missed me.

I missed her as well. But through the months that passed, I had to keep
reminding myself that she wasn't going to come back.

Sometimes, I would even cry myself to sleep, thinking that she wasn't
going to be here with me anymore.

"HARRY WHERE ARE MY THINGS!" Taylor's whiney voice snaps me out of my

"Wait a second, babe." I turn over to her as she rolls her eyes.

"I'm gonna get going." She simply says.

"Okay, I'll call you." I say blankly, as she unexpectedly kisses me.

Her tongue literally shoves down my throat as my eyes widened, but I did
my best to keep up with the kiss.

I pulled away, nearly disgusted with myself. "Bye." I forced myself to
say as she icily smiled before leaving.


"I'm hanging up." Jane said almost feverishly.

"NO!" They all yelled, but I hear that little sound effect which means
she did hang up.

I sighed. "I'll talk to her." I nod once as they all looked over at me.

"She really misses you, Haz." Louis goes.

"Well you know what, I nearly moved on so." I shrugged, but truly I was
only lying to myself.

"Just talk to her Harry, it's her birthday." Niall sighed.

Sighing as well, I walked over to them, grabbing his phone.

As if on cue, Jane sent a skype call back.

My finger hovered over the answer button, as I tapped on it.

Her expression seemed to change immediately though.

"Happy birthday, love." I say naturally.

She bit her lip, sadness filling her eyes.

"Where were you, Harry?"


We talked on, the topic of her bringing up my current girl, and hoing on
to why I didn't talk to her for months straight.

"I'm dating Niall." Those few words literally just shattered me.

I rose my eyebrows.


"When did this start?" I asked as normally as I could.

"Like..About two weeks ago." She shrugged. "Why, have a problem?" She
said as smugly as she could.

"No." I grumbled.


"Well what are you gonna do for your birthday?" I asked.

"Sit here in my misery." Jane mumbles. "And go shopping." She quickly added.

"Wish Niall was there huh?" I said fakely.

"Mhm." She hums. "Does my hair look okay?"

"It looks normal. Did you cut it?" I asked.

"My mum did, just a bit though." We tried to make small talk.

"Oh it suits you." I nodded.

I don't know how long I could put up with this.. Talking to her without
telling her what I've been actually holding inside of me for so long.

"So what's her name?" She asks after a small silence.

I just observed her face.

"Her name's Taylor. Taylor Swift."

She almost choked as she coughed, looking at me with raised eyebrows.
"Taylor Swift." She said disbelievingly.

"Yeah, is there a problem?" I mimicked her.

"No." Jane gushed, looking at me with her dagger eyes.

She just sighed. "So how've you been? Ignoring the part that you just
completely blow me off for Taylor Swift."

"Good. Ignoring the fact you're dating one of my best mates." I
retorted, as her mouth fell open.

"Whatever, bye." She rolled her eyes.

I smirked. "Love you too babe." I said jokingly. I could've sworn she
was blushing. I could hear her laugh once more before she hung up on me.

So were we okay? Or were we not?

Ugh. I have to see her.



-Jane's POV-


Blowing the hair out of my face, I was dressed in just a purple hoodie
and some denim shorts, my hair up in a messy bun.

Picking out some black gladiator sandals, I walked out of the house,
trying my best to forget about what just happened a couple of minutes ago.

Was I going to keep this up? No, I wasn't. The only reason I said I was
dating Niall was only because.. I was a bit frantic about the whole
situation, and I just said the first thing that got to my head. Which
was pretty dumb.

If Harry found out I was lying, I'd just chicken out and hide under my
bed forever.

Making my way over to the shops, I tried to get the thought out of my
head. And.. The whole Taylor Swift thing? That was such an omg moment.

I couldn't even process it. He moved on, and now he's dating some
freakin' country singer.







-Harry's POV-


completely wrong lyrics as we got off the airplane.

"That isn't even a song, Lou." Liam looked at him weirdly.

"Whatever, Isn't that the star spangled banner?" Louis asked stupidly as
we all just laughed at that.

We were here. For promo interviews and such. In California. LA.

Where Jane was at.

"We should really find Jane." Niall suggests.

"How? We don't even know where she exactly is." Zayn walks side by side
with Liam.

"We can just call her then ask her, no need to cheesily surprise her
anymore." Louis goes.

I smirked. "I don't really know if I can go though." I lied. I just
didn't want to see her yet.. I don't know if I could take it without
kissing her.

"Harry, you need to. You know you miss her too. /We/ know you miss her."

"I don't. I told you I fucking moved on."

"Moved on? Bullshit mate!" Louis shoved me playfully, as I jerked slightly.

"The last time we saw you talking to her, you were crying your eyes out
at the airport." Liam rose an eyebrow.

"Oh, Jane! You will be deeply missed!" Louis said in a feminine voice,
batting his eyelashes.

I rolled my eyes. "I don't talk like that."

"That doesn't matter. You're seeing her wether you like it or not, Haz."
Niall pipes up.

"Oh congratulations by the way. I heard you were with her." I nodded
over to him.

The boys looked over at Niall and then me confusedly.

"Who told you that?" He furrowed his eyebrows.


"Oh. Yeah? Oh yeah." Niall says slowly, nodding at the end.

I pulled a small smile, slightly hurt. I seriously have got to stop it.

I have a girlfriend..

Wait. Not really a girlfriend. More like a fuck friend.

But that was only to get my mind off of Jane.

But now she's back..


So what's the use of the shit I'm trying to pull off?


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