Sleeping With The Enemy (Harry Styles, FINISHED)

Jane Hendricks and Harry Styles were arch enemies. Not JUST enemies, but it was just completely hate between the two. Although what others didn't know, was that Jane had a past with Harry. Even enemies could fall in love.. But that was then, and this is now, as others say. It turns out, it wasn't love they were in back then. It was a stupid bet that Harry's friends made him do. And that was to sleep with the enemy.. Who knew one silly night could change the two? All Jane and Harry wanted to do, was let go of that unusual past they had, and never look back again. But what happens when both of these two.. Meet again?


28. Chapter 27

I decided to post another chappie :D ENJOY!

-Jane's POV-

"Henderson!" Sarcasm hit me. oh god. No no no no.


"Oh my god!" I giggled, blushing like a maniac.

"Happy anniversary baby!" He smiled, sweeping me off my feet and kissing
me like he''s never done before.

I kissed back, smiling.

That was my first kiss. He was my first kiss.


I tensed, my eyes meeting with his. He hasn't changed that much, hasn't he?

If you're wondering who the hell is Henderson, he was actually.. My
first real relationship when I was about 14.

We went for a solid year straight which was not bad for a 14 year old
like me at that time.

Harry looked over at me and Henderson.

"Erm who are you?" Harry butts in, inpolitely.

"Harry." I muttered, patting him on the shoulder in reassurance.

"How've you been?" He asks, ignoring Harry completely.

"I've been good." I simply say. "Um how about you?"

He nods. "Same. I missed you."

"Missed me?" I cocked an eyebrow. How could he have missed me, he's the
one who broke it off anyway without an apparent reason.

"Yeah." He smiled, taking me into an unexpected hug, as I pulled away,
not really interested.

"Well I think we've gotta go." I rushed, Harry tensing beside me.

This time, I was the one who shyly grabbed his hand, squeezing it slightly.

He looked down at me.

"So who's this?" Henderson dug in deeper, giving Harry a bad glance.

"Umm.." I couldn't really find the words to say. What was he? He wasn't
a friend, nor was he something else. But..

"She's my girlfriend." I find Harry saying, me getting completely taken

I was about to talk, but Henderson interrupted me.

"Was I asking you, man?" He glared at Harry.

Harry gritted his teeth, about to just lose his temper again.

"Oh for christ sakes Henderson, he is my boyfriend." I blurted out..
I've got to be shitting myself.. Yes. Yes I was.

"Oh." He awkwardly says. I could feel Harry perk up beside me, making me
roll my eyes.

"So what's his name? Where the hell did he come from?" He goes, making
me just furrow my eyebrows.

"This isn't 20 questions, Henderson. When I say he's my boyfriend, he
really is my boyfriend."

"Well what if I don't believe you." He retorted.

"Then don't. It isn't even any of your business anyway. It's been five
years, I don't get how you can be so attached still when you were the
one who broke it off in the first place!"

Silence. Oops. Almost forgot that Harry was right beside me.

"Goodbye Jane." He simply says, nodding once which makes me just look at
him even weirdly-er.

Harry had the same frown on his face, his hand clenching mine.

"It's okay." I mumbled. "Just some ex problems."

"He definitely was a fucking problem."Harry spat, still angry.

"Listen to me." I attempt, but he's still not. "Look, just.. Forget
about it okay? Please. I swear he isn't anything you should worry about."

Harry's grip untightens, making me breath out in relief.

"Thank you." I whispered.


The whole walk out, we've been silent, me just swinging my shopping bags

"so was it true?" He abruptly asks me.

"Was what true?"

"You said that I was your boyfriend." Harry smirked.

"Oh my god that was only to get Henderson off our backs."

"But you still said it." He grinned over at me.

"And I didn't mean it." I retorted with a shrug.

"Uh huh." He mumbled, still smiling slightly.

"You know what's the problem with you?" I glare at him. "You don't know
when to let things go."

"That is you right there Jane." He argues, stopping in a halt, furrowing
his eyebrows.

"Things change, but people never do change Harry. I don't trust you, is
that what you want to fucking hear?!"

'I heard it way to many times Jane! When the hell will you learn that,
that was in high school?! This isn't high school all over again!" He
rose his voice.

"Well it feels like it! It seems like a living hell ever since you came
back, god dammit! I thought it would be over! I.. I didn't want to see
you ever again, Harry!"

"Well then what happens now?! We just continue on doing this? Never
saying a word? You know how much that drives me so fucking crazy, Jane?!"

"Drives you crazy?! I don't mean shit to you Harry, just admit it! I
never did and I never will!" I rose my hands up in frustration, moving
the hair out of my face.

"What if I told you that you did, Jane? The reason I was always there
ever since we ran into each other was because I was guilty. I wanted you
to know that I'm a whole different person.." He says softly.

"A whole different person my ass, Harry. Don't play with me right now,
I'm not in the fucking mood." I talked through gritted teeth.

Wait.. Was he telling me that I actually meant something to him? I only
meant sex to him. Might as well hire his own sex slave because I'm not
getting overly attached again. I'm not going to let him ruin me once
again like he did back in high school.

"Jane, I want you to show you." He whispered.

"Show me that you're just some heartless jerk who loves to play with
girls like me! Harry you ruined my whole high school years, and I had to
suffer, watching you forget about everything you did to me. I had
feelings for you. A-and you just.. Turned away as if you didn't care."
Tears formed in my eyes, as I shook my head.

My heart started to beat rapidly, as I twirled around, walking the other

"Where the hell are you going to go?!" He shouted.

"Somewhere where you're not!"

"Don't you dare walk away from me you fucking----"

I turned around, slapping him coldly right on the cheek before he could
say it. His true colors were showing. He didn't need to hide them, I
knew it all along.

His expressionless face stared down at the ground.

"Don't come back for me. Never come back for me. I told you that I
didn't want anything to do with you. Go find someone else to fuck,
alright?" I sobbed, walking away.

Somehow, it did hurt. And I had no idea why. I was supposed to leave
without hesitation. But I was afraid that there was a bit of a conflict
in this head of mine. Why was it so confusing? Harry's this, Harry's
that. Next thing you know, I'm slowly falling like back in high school.

I can't let this happen.. I can't.

I dialled the first person's number that came to mind, wiping at my eyes
as I leaned on a brick wall, heavily breathing.


"Niall." I mumbled stressfully, putting my head in my hands.

"Are you alright? What happened?" He asks.

"C-could you just come and pick me up.." I sniffled.

"Of coarse, love. Where are you?" I could already hear him picking up
some keys.

"Right at the end of main street. H-hurry." I cried.

"Alright, Alright. I'm coming." I hear him shuffling around before I
accidentally drop my phone because of my shaky hands.

I sobbed quietly, pulling my knees to my chest.

Why did I even act as if things were going to be okay? I wasn't looking
at reality. Instead my head was above the clouds. And I should never do

Harry was obviously the wrong, and the right was still somewhere waiting
for me.

And right now, all I needed was someone's sweet comfort.

Niall's comfort.
more tomorrow :D

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