Sleeping With The Enemy (Harry Styles, FINISHED)

Jane Hendricks and Harry Styles were arch enemies. Not JUST enemies, but it was just completely hate between the two. Although what others didn't know, was that Jane had a past with Harry. Even enemies could fall in love.. But that was then, and this is now, as others say. It turns out, it wasn't love they were in back then. It was a stupid bet that Harry's friends made him do. And that was to sleep with the enemy.. Who knew one silly night could change the two? All Jane and Harry wanted to do, was let go of that unusual past they had, and never look back again. But what happens when both of these two.. Meet again?


27. Chapter 26

Chapter 26:


-Jane's POV-


The make out was heavy, my tongue roaming in his mouth as I pressed my
body against his.

"Hey Haz, I----"

I gasped, me and Harry immediately pulling away as I looked up with wide


"LOUIS SHUT UP" Harry stopped him from shouting, as I was still in a
shocked state.

Louis walks into the room with someone behind him, also with wide eyes.


Oh shit..


"So.." Louis gestures calmly at first, once El closed the door slowly.


I shushed him. "The boys will hear you, dumb ass!"

"Oh my god, I was right!" El squealed in victory.

"And the boys are in still in the hallway by the way. Soo, talk. Now!"
Louis hissed, reminding me so much of my mother. Who umm.. Is gone now.

"Well doesn't this explain what's happening already?" Harry gestured at
the scene, both of us naked under the sheets.

"So, you're.. Dating?" El asks.

"NO!" Me and Harry shout in unison, both of us exchanging a glare.

"Errr.. Then what are you guys?" Eleanor motions.

"Babe, let me handle this." Louis motions over to his girlfriend.

Louis takes us by surprise, me literally having a heart attack. "WHAT

Harry flinched, looking at him with furrowed eyebrows.

"WE'RE NOTHING!" I say for Harry, throwing my arms up in frustration,
then pulled the covers back over me with insecurity.

"Nothing. Well isn't that irrelevant." El sets a hand on her hip,
narrowing her eyes.

I groaned, burrying my face in my hands. Well what the hell are we going
to do now?! Now two people know what we've been doing!

 "Will you two please keep your mouth shut about it." Harry
grumbled stressfully.

"Okay, so for now though." El pauses, and there's a silence.

 "OH MY GOD YOU TWO JUST.. DID IT!" El does a mini dance teasingly.

"El.." I whaled, face palming.

"My little baby Harry is growing up!" Louis pretends to fake cry,
falling on top of me and Harry dramatically.

"Get off, mate!" Harry groaned as I squirmed under Louis. He was a heavy

"Louis, I can feel your ass on my stomach." I state simply.

"Get off of her stomach." Harry says defensively as I smirked.

Louis rolls off falling onto the floor.

WONDERING IF YOU WANTED TO COME?!" Liam's voice came from behind the door.

"Shit balls." I hissed.

"ERR WAIT A SECOND LI I'M GETTING DRESSED!" Harry hollers naturally.

"Is Jane in there? Or did she go home?" He asks.

"Uhh her house burned down!" Harry calls back, making El and Louis look
at me. "So she's in the bathroom right now!"

"Really?" El mouthed over to me. I nodded slightly.

"There /is/ no bathroom in your room is there?" Liam said, a bit unsure.

Me and Harry exchanged a look.

We both fell out of bed, me motioning for El and Louis to turn around as
they obeyed.

Picking up my clothes, I quickly slipped my underwear back on, my high
shorts and my top back on as I ruffled my hair, breathing out.

Harry was in the middle of putting his pants on, as Louis opened the door.

Liam glared at the four of us, not really knowing what to say. "Hey Jane."

"Hi." I waved.

"So did your house really burn down?" he questions, me nodding slightly.

"Well I'm sorry. You're free to stay here if you like."

"Already ahead of you." Harry smirked, slipping a shirt on.

"We can take you out shopping!" El claps.

"Errr, I can take /myself/ out shopping." I corrected her. "I'm not
really broke or anything, so----"

"No! We can take you out shopping. I can come with you." Harry shrugged.

"Yeah, Styles can come with me." I nodded.

"So you're not going to Nandos with us?" El smiles slightly.

"Nah, not hungry." I gave her a 'you're making it obvious' look.

"Oh okay." Louis winked over at Harry as Liam just glared at the both of
us cluelessly.

Louis and El are two people who aren't really good at keeping secrets,
so now I regret ever letting them find out that me and Harry hook up.

I wait for them to leave as Louis closes the door behind him.

Once I was about to turn to Harry, Louis opens the door a crack again.

Harry gives him a weirded out glance.

"Tehe." Louis wiggles his eyebrows before he slowly closes the door.

Once we hear his footsteps leave that was when I breathed out.

"I can just.. I can just feel it. They'll figure out." I mumbled sadly.

"No they won't." Harry shook his head. "We won't let them."

I shrugged, getting a bit depressed.

"You don't need to be sad, babe. We---You'll be fine." Harry clears his
throat, looking down at me.








Me and Harry walk into the local mall, as he follows me around this time.

"Soo where we gonna go?" He shoves his hands into his pocket.

I searched around for a good store to start at.

My eyes scan the surroundings, landing on my second favorite store.

"FOREVER 21!" I shout, running towards the store.

It seems that I had missed that store. I haven't been there in ages,
ever since the Harry incident came.

I twirl around, finding Harry uncomfortably walk in, glaring at the
sparkling lights, pink walls, and purple glitter designing the floor
just a little bit.

I laughed to myself. Aw was he embarrassed? Let's embarrass him more,
shall we?

"HARRY COME ON!" I purposely shout as people start to look at Harry.

He groaned. "Jane. Can't we just.. Go to top shop or something?"

"No, this is my favorite store!" I argued. "Now come on." My fingers
wrapped around his wrist, me tugging him with me.

Walking over to a rack, I started looking through it. It was funny how
he just followed me around like some lost puppy. Not just funny, but it
was actually hysterical.

"How about this?" He smirked, holding up a dress that was so short, you
wouldn't even consider it as a dress. It was red and sparkly, which I
thought was really pretty. But I mean the size of the dress? Um, no.

I chuckled. "I don't think so." I rose an eyebrow.

 "Oh how about this. I think it would fit your boobs good, or----"

"Harry!" My mouth hung open in disbelief of what he said as he laughed.

"I was just teasing."

"Mhm, you tease all the time." I rolled my eyes, continuing to look
through the rack of clothes.

"Wow these are pretty, right?" I looked up at the boy.

"Uh yeah it looks alright."

I nod once.

"How about this one." i hold my other arm up.

"Err.. yeah it looks okay."

I groaned. "You keep saying the same thing."

"Well what do you want me to say? That it looks fabulous?"

"Sorry, I have to keep reminding myself you aren't El." I smiled sheepishly.

"It's alright." Harry swept his curls to the side.





I already have tons of clothes in my arms, struggling to hold them as I
looked through a different rack.

"What about this one?" I hear Harry say behind me.

"No Harry, I'm not going to be wearing another one of those tight dresses."

I twirled around, to see a pretty white lacey dress that was just right
this time, although strapless.

"Oh, what am I doing, I'm an idiot." It's like he's blushing. Oh wait he
is blushing.

"No! It's pretty, Harry. I like it." I say honestly.

I grab it from him, observing it.

"Why don't you try it on for me?" He winked.

I chuckled, him following behind me as we both made our way into a
fitting room.

Workers saw us go in at the same time, but I really don't care. We were
just having some fun.


My eyes didn't leave his as he slowly undressed me. He pulled my hair back.

I shiver, feelings his hands run up and down my back.

"You're beautiful." He whispered in my ear, his lips brushing it slightly.

My eyes fluttered closed, my back pressed against his front.

His hands were set on my hips, spinning me around, and kissing me. For
probably the one thousandth time today.

The kiss immediately frew sloppier, him gently shoving me to the wall.
His head nudged mine softly to the side so he could start to kiss my neck.

Harry lightly sucked, me moaning softly as my arms wrapped around him,
holding him closer to me.

My hands dug in his curls, nails scratching at his scalp teasingly.

He grunted, his kissing becoming much heavier.

"Mmm." I hear him hum as I tugged at his curls tentatively.

He lifted me, my legs wrapping around his torso as he caressed me. We
both continued the kiss, our lips connecting.



I pulled away, breathless.

He carefully set me back on my feet, smiling.

"I kind of liked it better when we were the same height." I joked,
seeing that I went back to my shortness as soon as I was on my feet.

He chuckled. "Nah, I like my girls short."

"Not your girl." I reminded, shaking my head.

"Didn't I say you were mine for the day?" Harry cocked an eyebrow.

"I thought you were messing with me."

"Well I'm not." He took a step closer.

"Well I am." I retorted, taking a step back, but I believe there was no
more room for me to actually move back more.

/'Yeah, I'm messing with you. Get over it.'/ I mentally said in my head.

"I like your game, Hendricks."

"And I like your desperation, Styles." I smirked, our faces becoming
inches away.

"Say how about you try that dress on."

I held my hand out, as I clenched it, slowly slipping into it.

"I'll zip you up." He says, twirling me around.

I feel his fingers lift the zipper up, another set of chills running up
and down my spine.

 Once he was done, I looked into the mirror, my eyes only meeting with
his from the mirror.

"It looks amazing on you."

I watched as his arms wrap around my waist from behind, pulling me
closer to him.

I pulled a small smile.



Once we had left, me ending up buying all the clothes I picked out plus
the dress that Harry picked, we were now just roaming around the mall.
People coming up to us every few moments to either get an autograph from
him or a picture.

"Hey. Is that you, Jane?" I abruptly hear a voice behind me.

Me and Harry seemed to turn around at the same time, as my eyes widened.

What. The. Hell.

"Henderson!" I exclaimed in a somewhat sarcastic tone.





last update of the day. good news my voice is FINALLY back, but i sound kinda like a chipmunk...its weird :/

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