Sleeping With The Enemy (Harry Styles, FINISHED)

Jane Hendricks and Harry Styles were arch enemies. Not JUST enemies, but it was just completely hate between the two. Although what others didn't know, was that Jane had a past with Harry. Even enemies could fall in love.. But that was then, and this is now, as others say. It turns out, it wasn't love they were in back then. It was a stupid bet that Harry's friends made him do. And that was to sleep with the enemy.. Who knew one silly night could change the two? All Jane and Harry wanted to do, was let go of that unusual past they had, and never look back again. But what happens when both of these two.. Meet again?


23. Chapter 22

Chapter 22:

-Jane's POV-


We were cuddled on my broken bed for I don't know how long. All I know
is that it must be really long because the movie on tv was about to end.

"Do you want me to go get you something?" I mumbled, sweeping the hair
out of my face.

When I didn't get an answer, I look up at him, seeing he had been
sleeping, soft snores leaving his mouth.

I pulled a small smile, pecking the back of his right hand softly,
before leaving his arms to get me some food downstairs.

I'm hungry!

My feet padded across the carpet, the stairs creaking as I walked down
them, and to the kitchen.


Opening my fridge, I leaned down to see the things I've got in stock.

Taking out some bacon, I glared at the time seeing it was passed noon,
nearly evening.

"Aw who the hell cares." I shrugged, taking the bacon out and setting it
on the counter.

Pulling out a pan from the cabinet, I set it right on top of the stove,
turning the fire on.

Pouring some oil on the pan and spreading it, I watched the wisps of
smoke rise up later on.

The sizzling noise grew as soon as I set the strips of bacon on the pan,
me sniffing that good smell. It just made me grow even hungrier.

I flipped the switch for the radio just on the counter, humming to a
tune that came on as I leaned on the wall, patiently waiting for the
bacon to finish frying.

The doorbell startles me, making me jump slightly.

I turned around slowly, semi jogging over to the front door as I
breathed out, swinging it open slowly.

"Hey." I say, looking up at four confused looking boys and El standing
beside Louis.

I bit my lip. "What's up guys?"

"Do you happen to know where Harry is?" Liam says, me glaring at him.

Louis eyes me suspiciously, seeing that I was in just my really short
shorts a tank top and my hair was a bit messy.

"We need Haz, since he ditched rehearsal." Niall smiled at me.

"Er.. He's actually sleeping upstairs." I say honestly.

El raises an eyebrow her mouth shaping an 'o'

"Nononono! Not that way. He stopped by to err..Pick his jackets up, amd
he said he just wanted to crash soo uhh he did." I tried my best to lie.

They nodded understandingly, except El. She was the least stupid one.

She just smirked, but I still couldn't admit it. Me and Harry still had
to pretend that we hated each other right now. But I still hated him
right? I did.. That couldn't change.. I can't let that happen. They
couldn't find out we hooked up.. Again.

When they weren't looking, I took that time to casually just run my
fingers through my hair so it wouldn't be as bad looking.

"I'll go get him, you just wait all here." I say quickly, slamming the
door in their faces.

I ran to turn off the stove before sprinting up the stairs and to my room.

"Harry get up!" I panicked, jumping on him as I tickled him. It's my new
strategy to get what I want out of him. Something that I just learned today.

He shot up, laughing as he started to squirm under my touch.

I stopped, breathing out.

"What's wrong love? Is there a fire?" He asks.

"No." I simply say.

"Then why did you wake me up?" Harry pouted.

"Your bandmates are here looking for you, saying that you missed a
majority of your rehearsal." I explained.

"Oh shit, I almost forgot!" He cussed, getting up from my squeaky and
annoying bed. I should probably get it fixed soon. "I got to go. Is that
alright?" He asks.

I didn't even want him here in the first place! But anyway, he still
showed up.

"Mhm, it's fine." I pull a small smile.

I leaned in, thinking Harry was going to kiss me, but instead he went
for something behind me.

He reached for his jackets on the coat hanger, smiling.

"What." He glares at the look on my face questioningly.

"Nothing, nothing." I rush.

Harry smirked, pulling me towards him. "Bye," He says, gently kissing my

My smile slightly grew, as I looked up at him.

"I'll see you soon."


I followed him downstairs, going back to that enemy state in front of
the others. Harry knew the whole plan, he knew that we shouldn't tell
others that we slept together.. Again.

The boys seemed to let go the part that Harry was found at my place, but
El still clinged tightly to the topic, her curious stare burning through me.

"You wanna come?" Niall abruptly asks me.

"W-what?" I stuttered.

"Yeah!! JANEY YOU SHOULDDDD!!" Louis shouts as I flinched, closing my
eyes. "Please don't scream." I find screaming one of the most
annoyingest things on this planet.

"Tehe sorry." He says sheepishly.

"And don't call me Janey. No nicknames." I say sternly.

They all seemed to nod, reminding me of some obeying dogs.

I smiled crookedly, satisfied.

"So you should come! I think you should, I mean we have a lot to catch
up on!" El nods, wiggling her eyebrows.

Me and Harry exchanged a short glance before I sighed.

"Okay. Give me like ten minutes to get ready."

"FIVE!" I hear Harry shout once I was at the top of the staircase.

I chuckled lightly, shaking my head as I walked back into my room.

I picked out the most simplest of clothing, a white flowy top and some
flower jeans. I left my hair down, ruffling it in the mirror as I put my
normal make up on consisting of foundation, lipstick, and mascara.

I opened up my closet, looking for a good pair of shoes.

I picked up some mocha brown doc martens, slipping them on.

Looking for my phone, I find it on my counter, picking it up.


Admiring the oufit in the mirror really fast, I quickly shuffled out of
my room, walking down the stairs.

"Kay, readies." I nodded once as I breathed out in front of the group of
people in my living room.

"You look pretty." Niall smiled as I smiled back.

"Why thanks, Niall."

Harry's expression immediately changed, as I watched him tense.

"Like the outfit." El grinned.

"Nice." Zayn comments.

"Mhm." Louis nods.

"Very good choice." Liam follows.

Silence followed, the boys and El waiting for Harry to compliment me.

"Well go on, compliment the girl!" Louis raises his voice, poking
Harry's side.

"You look good." Harry tries to say the most naturally as I couldn't
help but laugh inside this little head of mine.


''Thanks Styles."




When I said I hated screaming, I didn't know there would be so many
screaming girls just behind a fence once we got there.

I pressed my hands over my ears as we walked passed the crowd.

"Who's this?!"

"Oh my gosh, who is she?"

"She sure looks pretty ugly."

"Ugh, lucky girl."

I hear some faint comments coming from them as I bit my lip.

"Don't listen to them Jane, they're just jealous you get to be with us."
Niall pats my back as I smiled.

"Alright, I'm fine." I nodded reassuringly.

He smiles back as we get through a back door, hearing it shut behind us.

I was greeted by really long corridors, people with laniards walking
round the place.

"Thank goodness we've found him!" A British accent interrupts my

Wait.. Is that...

Simon Cowell?!


Stay calm Jane.. Oh my god, it is Simon Cowell. Oh god.. I am going to puke.

My eyes widened in shock slightly as he cleared his throat, all their
glares directing over to me.

"Well who is this we've got here?" He asks.

Speechless. Come on Jane, SPEAK!

"I-I'm Jane Hendricks." I stuttered, still in utter shock that I was
standing in front of THE Simon Cowell.

"Nice meeting you! I'm Simon Cowell." He holds his hand out for me to
shake. I gratefully take that handshake as I find Harry smirking.

"Harry, where were you?" Simon asked angrily.


"That was my fault, he forgot something at my place and he needed it." I
interrupted Harry with a shrug.

Simon looks back at me, finally nodding. "Harry, just don't leave again
without notice. Understand?"

"Yes sir." Harry nods once.

"Alright boys they need you, center stage in five." He points at his
watch. "You girls, just sit back and watch.."

"Say Jane, is Harry your boyfriend?" He asks before the boys left.

I shook my head heavily. "Noo! Of coarse not, ugh." I rolled my eyes.

Harry laughed. "Eh, she likes it secret." He teases as the boys laughed,
except Niall. He smiled weakly at me.

I give him a confused look, but they started their walk to who the hell
knows where.

"You and Harry ARE dating!" El immediately squealed, once the corridors
were empty momentarily.

"No! What the hell El, didn't I tell you once that I don't take that
bullshit?!" I say realistically. Say, O think I'm getting pretty good at
the lying.

She narrows her eyes at me, me keeping a straight face.

"Well I know you guys did something.. Harry didn't just come to grab his
jacket." She rose an eyebrow, grinning.

"El, No----"

"Jane just give it up! No more need to lie!" She shoves me playfully.

I groaned loudly. "El, you cannot tell."

"So you guys... DID IT?!" She nearly shouted. I shushed her, slamming a
hand over her mouth.

"No! We.. Err, we.." I didn't really feel comfortable telling her.

"Felt each other up?!" She hissed.

"No we.. Em, we.. Uhh.."

"You gave him a blowjob." She gasped.

"NO! El, we----"

"He ate you out!" She guesses again.

"El, let me finish!" I whined. El chuckled, motioning for me to go on ahead.

"We had dry sex." I simply say as her eyes widened.

"Woah," She nods, approvingly. "So you like him?"

"No. No I don't. I didn't say anything." I shrugged. "El, there is more
that happened." I sighed.

She nods for me to keep going, as I told her everything that happened
the previous night.

"Oh so he's your protector now, that is? Your knight in shining armor!"
She batted her eyelashes jokingly.

"Ughh El." I groaned.

"He's like your hero!" She grins.

I frowned.

"He likes you, Jane isn't that obvious? First he's all flirty. Next
thing you know, he's going bad ass on you, and then he defends you! That
is somewhat of a cycle, I call the Jane and Harry cycle." El smirked.

"No, he doesn't El, he can't like me. It isn't supposed to be that way.
We're supposed to stay apart no matter what. I cam't get attached, nor
can he." I state.

"Well it already looks like you two have something going on." She rose
an eyebrow.

"But we don't." I sighed.

"You two had dry sex. Next thing you know, you'll----"

"El don't say it out loud!" I interrupted her.

"Oh whatever!" She laughed.

Music starts to play, somehow above us, as me and El listened. "Oh my
god, we need to see!" Sje exclaimed, pulling me down the long corridor.

We sprint down the endless hallway, taking a left turn, before sprinting
down another hallway. Finally we get led to where there are so many
empty seats you could barely count.

The five boys are on stage, getting ready to sing. I follow El, and sit
next to her in one of the seats as I watched intently. It's surprising
because I never saw Harry in the sort of singing category.. I mean know,
he's all pop star, and he's a teenage heart throb along with the boys.
It's crazy.


Harry seems to be singing these lyrics straight to me, making me freeze
in one of my shocked states. His eyes stared into mine with a smirk
before lyrics left his mouth.

Her name is Noel

I have a dream about her

She rings my bell

I got gym class in half an hour

Oh how she rocks

In Keds and tube socks

But she doesn't know who I am

And she doesn't give a damn about me

'Cause I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby

Yeah I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby

Listen to Iron Maiden baby with me

And once Harry's solo finishes, I have to say, I am pretty impressed. I
smiled slightly, until Niall's solo comes up.

He seems to also be looking at me while singing these lyrics, also
glaring at Harry after.

Her boyfriend's a dick,


The first line, he emphasizes it, glaring at Harry. Harry gritted his teeth.

And he brings a gun to school

And he'd simply kick

My ass if he knew the truth

He lives on my block

And he drives an Iroc

But he doesn't know who I am

And he doesn't give a damn about me


The boys then start to sing in unison, them jumping around the stage,
Harry still frowning at Niall.

"What just happened?" El leaned, speaking into my ear.

"I have no fucking idea."

All I know is that there's tension between Harry and Niall right now.
And I have a feeling Harry hasn't told me everything, exactly..

Once the song had ended with a well done high note by Harry, me and El
clap like idiots, seei we are the only two sitting in the audience.

"OH MY GAWD!" El imitates the fangirls outside.

Nope, not doing an impression of that.

"Come on Jane, scream with mehh!" El screams.

"Ahhh." I say flatly as the boys laughed, all of them drinking from
their water bottles up on stage.

"You've never been to a concert, have you?" She gasped.

"Yes I have, not a boyband concert, but to concerts kind of like Ed
Sheeran and such like that." I gestured.

"Well you NEED to go tonight! Girl you haven't lived life!" El snaps her
fingers as I chuckled.

"I honestly don't see the concept in boybands though." I shrugged.

They all seemed to gasp, their gazes fixing on me.

"What? It's an honest opinion!" I whined.

"Well boybands are awesome, Janey." Louis pouts, speaking into his

"Don't call me that." I snapped.

Harry smirked.

"Okay break time!" Liam breathes out, before they all started to
scatter, including me and El.

"I'm going to go talk to Lou real fast. Stay." El instructs, leaving me
standing in the narrow walkway.

I sighed, obeying as I planted my feet right on the ground.

"Hey." I find Harry speaking in a low voice, shoving me lightly against
the wall.

"Hi." I say.

He starts kissing me, me not moving at all.

"Kiss back." He groaned through my lips, but I still didn't.

"What's wrong?" Harry pulls away, looking me in the eyes.

"N-Niall. What's happening between the both of you?" I asked, abruptly.

He didn't answer, as he furrowed his eyebrows, his stare still fixed
directly on me.

"Nothing." He says straightly.

"Harry please just tell me, you know that----"

"Nothing Jane." His response is once again blunt as I sighed, giving it up.

"Niall's just being a jealous arse that I have you." He mumbles through
my skin, as his kiss travels up and down my neck.

"You don't HAVE me, Harry." I say, shaking my head as I backed away
slightly, to talk to him properly.

He seemed taken aback by my answer.

"I told you once, and I'm not going to say it again. I don't trust you!"
I motioned.

"Jane, just listen to me, I didn't mean to----"

"No, Harry." I sighed. "Just not now please." I muttered, walking the
opposite direction.

Me being such a clutz, I wasn't watching where I was going, and when I
turned the corner, I bumped right into Niall.

"Oh hey, Jane."

"Hi." I mumbled, ruffling my hair stressfully.

"You okay?" He asks.


"You aren't. What happened?"

"Nothing, Niall." I was turning just as blunt as Harry.

"Please tell me."

"Okay." I sighed. "Harry's just.. He's just being so stubborn and he
won't tell me things and it's just ticking me off a bit."


Silence was shared in between us, Niall soon breaking it.

"So you're coming to the show tonight?" He asks.

"Unless if it's not free, then I'm not going." I chuckled lightly.

"It's always free if you come in with us boys!"

I smiled. "Well then I guess I'll be going."

"Wear something pretty, okay?" He smiles back.

I nod. "Yeah, yeah."


The song they were singing was Teenage Dirtbag :)

my voice still isn't back.. its awful. I cant sing, speak arghh.
last update of the day :D

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