Sleeping With The Enemy (Harry Styles, FINISHED)

Jane Hendricks and Harry Styles were arch enemies. Not JUST enemies, but it was just completely hate between the two. Although what others didn't know, was that Jane had a past with Harry. Even enemies could fall in love.. But that was then, and this is now, as others say. It turns out, it wasn't love they were in back then. It was a stupid bet that Harry's friends made him do. And that was to sleep with the enemy.. Who knew one silly night could change the two? All Jane and Harry wanted to do, was let go of that unusual past they had, and never look back again. But what happens when both of these two.. Meet again?


22. Chapter 21





Sleeping With The Enemy

Chapter 21:


-Harry's POV-

Soo she found out. When I didn't really want her to worry about me. I
mean.. She actually.. Cared. Which surprised me.

I was meant to come for my two jackets I let her borrow, but instead it
turned into a very heated make out session. Might be leading into
something a bit more..

Yesterday, I probably got the shit beat out of me for a reason. Karma's
finally hit me after when I used Jane.

As they say, what goes around comes around, right?

My hands found their way to her hips, a finger slowly drawing circles.

She continuously starts to pleasure me, not stopping for anything.

A slight groan left my mouth, once she started to suck on my neck
roughly, her teeth grazing my skin playfully.

''Jane." Somewhat of a throaty murmer left my mouth.

I somehow liked the feeling of someone being in control of me.. But at
the same time, I liked leading any sexual activity, every single time.
But anyways, I prefer either way.

Her hips gently grind into mine for any sort of reaction. Err yeah, she
just makes me feel so different.

"Babe, undress for me." I whispered through heavy breaths.

"Nu-huh.'' She shook her head. "Not this time round.''

I didn't really understand her, until I caught onto what she was saying.

Our movements were in sync, me sitting up and leaning onto the headboard
as she straddled my torso, quickly going back to..

Dry sex.

Soft moans echoed the room, along with faint noises coming from the
movie on tv in the background.

The bed was shaking roughly, having that occasional 'squeak' come in,
every time we speeded the pace.

Jane's pressure against my crotch increased, my eyes fluttering closed
in pleasure. My lips parted slightly, me continuing to give her all the
pleasure she needed.


-Jane's POV-

We've been going at it for I have no idea how long, but it was enjoyable.

Harry's bulge started to grow hard under me, making me know I had did it
just rightly.

"Harder, Jane." He said, almost in a pleading tone.

My head was set on his chest, whimpering as he thrusted harder into me,
as my hands fisted his shoulers, my nails scratching at his skin roughly.

Our lips connected in another heavy make out session, moans echoing both
our mouths.

The bed squeaks one last time before the bed falls to the side, me
shrieking as I jumped off of the position we were in, but technically
stayed on top of the boy.

"Shit." I cussed, craning my neck to see what had been the incident.

One of the legs of my bed had just cracked, making it break.

I blushed deeply, as I could hear Harry deeply laugh from under me.

"We just broke your bed." Harry smirked amusedly.

"Oh god.. In all my times of hooking up with a guy, this literally never
happens." I mumbled in embarrassment.

Harry smiled crookedly, pulling me down so that I layed on his bare chest.

"Did I do good?" I mumbled.

"You did very great, love.'' He nods. "Quite kinky, seeing you starting
it all off." Harry winked.

Never in my life had I thought that I'd see Harry himself as cute, until

Well this is different from the shitty life I've been through.

His heartbeat had started to slow down to its normal pace, making me
smile slightly.

"I can feel your heartbeat." I mumbled, looking at the white plain wall.

"Can I?" He questions, making me look up at him.

I smiled, sitting up as I sat in front of him.

He sets a hand just right at the left of my chest, smiling immediately.

My hand falls right just on top of his, him locking stare with me.

He pecks my hand, looking up at me with those piercing green eyes.

I breathed out, me sitting on his lap, as he caressed my cheek with a
hand, pulling me into a nice and long kiss.

"J-Jane, do you forgive me, babe." He whispers through pecking lips as I
closed my eyes tightly. It has been the question I've been avoiding ever
since last night.

"Please.. Let's just forget about what the hell is happening right now."
I say.

"Okay..Anything, love." Harry pulls me into his arms.

"I never knew there was such a side of you." I brought it up after a
short silence.

He didn't answer, just glaring at me to continue.

"I-I always knew you as some heartless jerk. Turns out, you aren't
really that way.''

But at the same time, he still basically is a heartless jerk. Basing it
on what I've seen of him in the past few years.

"Jane why did you like me in the first place back in high school?" It's
his turn to ask me something.

"Because I saw you as.." I paused, knowing and remembering.

Harry looked at me for more words.

"I-I saw you much more kinder than all the other boys." I whispered,
pondering over it.

"Then you can fall for the exact same thing all over again, babe." He
smiled slightly. "I'm not going anywhere.''

"B-but you still haven't change entirely, Harry.. Look, I'm sorry, I
just can't trust you.. At least just for now." I mumbled.

He then nods, partly understanding.

''Thank you." I whispered.


It's only been a couple of weeks.. How long will I stand my ground? Or
will Harry break the walls built around my heart?



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