Sleeping With The Enemy (Harry Styles, FINISHED)

Jane Hendricks and Harry Styles were arch enemies. Not JUST enemies, but it was just completely hate between the two. Although what others didn't know, was that Jane had a past with Harry. Even enemies could fall in love.. But that was then, and this is now, as others say. It turns out, it wasn't love they were in back then. It was a stupid bet that Harry's friends made him do. And that was to sleep with the enemy.. Who knew one silly night could change the two? All Jane and Harry wanted to do, was let go of that unusual past they had, and never look back again. But what happens when both of these two.. Meet again?


20. Chapter 19

Chapter 19:

-Jane's POV-

"Jane?" His voice interrupts the little trance I was in as I shook my
head, pulling myself off of him. Not speaking, I simply sat in the seat
next to him, not wanting to talk.

"Jane." He repeats.

I purposely, looked out the window, fidgeting slightly.

"Silent treatment is it, ey?" Harry says.

Me still ignoring him, I leaned my head against the window. "I'm gonna
get some shut eye. Night." I simply say, shifting my body away from his
as I closed my eyes.

I wasn't really going to go back to sleep.. I just didn't want to have
some sort of contact with that boy whatsoever. And I hope he knows that.

I hear him sigh, then a straight silence following right after. Thank
god he didn't start talking, I wouldn't have stopped myself from
slapping him straight in the face.

A few minutes later, I had started to grow sleepier, considering me not
really being that much of a morning person. The earliest I got up was noon..

But it was like 7 in the morning right now, almost 8 and I was just.. Ugh.

My eyes fluttered closed, my body becoming comfortable on where it
originally stayed.


-Harry's POV-

Along the way, I could no longer sleep, except just stare at the
stubborn girl right beside me. Her eyes were closed, light snores coming
from her, her mouth slightly parted.

I smiled slightly. Jane somehow had such a beautiful side to her, but
the other side was just pure evil. I mean seriously.

I hear her snort, her head falling the opposite side, towards me. It
looks as if she's trying to stop herself from falling the opposite way,
but her head ends up falling on my shoulder, and she's back to her
sleeping state.

I looked down at her, our faces THIS close.

I smirked, looking out the window. Moving the hair out of hair face
gently, I lightly pecked her cheek.

"I know I deserved what you did." I mumbled, feeling as if she is
actually listening to me. I wish she could hear me, but nope she can't.
And I don't even know if I'm going to get myself to tell her anything

"But nothing has changed.. I thought it would be all over once high
school ended.. But you're here again," I whispered.

"Jane.. I.. I still feel different about you." I say truthfully, as my
eyes travelled down to her lightly pink tinted lips.

"But you hate me."

"And I can't stop that." I sighed, looking away from the girl wistfully.

My head unawarely fell just right on top of hers, me falling asleep too.


-Jane's POV-

My eyes fluttered open slowly, to see that we've stopped.

I groaned, the sun shining in my face.

I nuzzled my face closer to my pillow, shutting my eyes.

Wait.. I didn't bring a pillow, did I?

I cursed, shooting up, earning myself to bump my head against the window.

I gasped, rubbing at the throbbing spot, as I narrowed my eyes at the
completely amused boy right next to me.

"How dare you." I simply say.

"What?" He asked.

"Why couldn't you have told me that I fell asleep on you!" I shouted

"Because you wouldn't move, god dammit!"

I huffed, looking around the bus, seeing that me and Harry were one of
the last people in the bus.

"Are we.." I gasped, looking at my surroundings.

Harry smiled crookedly. "Jane, welcome back to Cheshire, England."

Stepping off the bus, Harry followed behind me as I stopped in a halt.

It's like I remembered the city so well.. It was literally like 09' all
over again.

"Well bye." I blankly say, glaring at Harry right behind me.

"Bye." He waved, but it seemed like he didn't want me leaving just yet.

Starting to walk the opposite direction, I stopped in a halt as I bit my

When I said I remembered this city so well? It was such a lie.

"Harry?" I sighed, twirling back around.

"Mhm?" He rose an eyebrow.

"Do.. Do you want to walk with me?"

That question was just plain out dumb.. Ugh. I'm blushing.. I can't
blush, oh my god.

"Err sure? Why?" Harry questions, walking up to me.

"I have no idea which way I'm going." I say sheepishly, fiddling with my

He smirks. "Yeh, I can walk with you." He says, about to wrap his arm
around my shoulders.

"Uhh no what the hell do you think you're doing?" I stopped him.

He just laughs. "Well okay. You didn't miss me? It's been two weeks," He

I rolled my eyes. "Why would I. Did you forget what I did." I grumbled.

Silence was the answer I earned from him as we awkwardly walked down the
street, me following him basically.

Oops.. Shouldn't have said that..

We've been walking in silence for about ten minutes now, until I find
him speaking up.

"I know I deserved it." He says in that husky voice of his as he cleared
his throat.

I rose my eyebrows. "Good for you." I say sarcastically.

Harry grabs me by the shoulders as I gasped once we stopped walking, his
eyes peering down into mine.

"I don't know what the hell is up with you, but you can sure hold a
grudge." He talked through gritted teeth as my eyes widened.

"Excuse me, I don't hold a "grudge""

His stare was literally burning right through me, frightening me just a bit.

"I just can't stand people like you." I spat, sending a disgusted stare
back as I pulled away from his strong grasp.

"Where you gonna go?" He shouts angrily from behind me, once I had
already walked a fair distance away from him.

"Not anywhere with you.'' I called back grumpily, rolling my eyes.

"Good luck with that!" His angry voice rung in my ears as I mocked him
in my head.


It seemed everything that seemed to happen, I was mad at.

I accidentally brushed shoulders with a pass by stranger as I scoffed.

"Watch out, stupid!" I shouted, as the lady looked at me weirdly.

Realizing how rude of that to say, I sighed.

"Look, I'm sorry. I've been having a really bad day and just.." I
paused, groaning.

The lady still looked at me blankly as I got myself to continue.

"Do you happen to know where that comprehensive high school is?" I asked
with a small nod.

I was afraid she still wouldn't answer, but apparently she did.

"Down these two blocks, take a right after, and then I think it would be
there..Say, are you going to that reunion they're holding?" She pried.

"Ermm yeah, I am."

"I heard that they were going to trash the school tonight. As in a
Project X kind of party."

"I don't think it'll be to bad.. I mean we're just a bunch of high
school students." I shrugged.


The whole day and afternoon, consisted of saying hello to past teachers,
and a couple of old friends.

I also heard the news that my past Chemistry teacher past away.. YES! I
hated chemistry so badly!

Err.. Awkward.

But when the sun went down, and all the teachers had left the high
school to us, let's just say.. It got a bit out of control.

My eyes widened, me finding two blondes running naked across the grass
field, their gigantic boobs hanging out. I hear the faint giggling
coming from the both of them, as I furrowed my eyebrows.

"Oh my god, Jane is that you?!" I find the curly haired brunnette squeal.

"Holland?'' I asked disbelievingly, as I joined in on the squealing. We
threw our arms around each other, me sniffing her like some creeper.

"You did something different with your hair didn't you?" She gasped,
ruffling it playfully, as I frowned, swatting her hand away.

"Don't touch my hair."

Holland laughed, smiling. "Nope, you still haven't changed."

"So where's the other girls?" I asked.

"Outside at the pool, smoking some pot.'' She pretended to shake her
head in an unamused expression.

I chuckled. "Why didn't you join in?"

"Well isn't it illegal?"

"No you're thinking about----"

Holland groaned. "No need to say, I know what you're talking about."

I looked down at her outfit, only noticing now that she was in a bikini,
and was dripping wet.

"You're wet." I spoke the obvious.

"Noo. No I'm not." She gasped, holding a hand to her mouth sarcastically.

"Well are you gonna join the party or not?!" Holland shoves me playfully.

"No, I'm not really in the mood." I shook my head, making up some excuse.

"Uh huh. And you think I'll just let it go? Come on, I have a spare!"
She pulls out a black bikini.

"Lots will be surprised to see you."



"Woah." I whispered, looking at the huge pool area filled with dancing,
intoxicated, or completely wasted people dancing or either in the pool
doing some crazy things.

"Yeah." Holland nods with a chuckle.

"Say, why don't I grab you a drink or something?"

Before I could even deny, she drags me over to a shot and beer table.

"Want a shot or beer?" She nudges me slightly.

"Water. I'll have water." I pointed to the pitcher.

"Suit yourself." She smirks, pouring me some in a glass and handing it
to me.

Sipping two big gulps, I immediately closed my eyes, scrunching up my nose.

"Holland, what the hell was in that?!" I winced.

"It was spiked by a couple of the jocks."

"Why didn't you tell me?!" The wooziness immediately got to me.

I didn't know if you spiked something, it would be this strong.

''Oh my god.'' I mumbled, feeling as if I was walking on air.

"Good girl." I hear Holland last say, before everything else that seemed
to happen was a blurred moment.

The strength of the drink had started to ware off. But by the time it
did, Holland was chugging down shot by shot and giggling after every
shot glass.

"Jane? Ey guys look it's Jane!" I hear people from behind me.

The A-Listers..

They used to be in my kind of cliche (pronounced click), until Harry
actually used me as a stupid hook up.. That gained him all the
popularity, making me look so weak and vulnerable.

And I completely hated it.

I sighed, turning around.

"So are you Harry's little tramp now? Still bitching around, I see?" A
girl with such a tight bikini on laughed.

"Are you gonna be hooking up tonight? Whore." One of the tall and
muscular guys spoke. His friends, who had seemed to be the same size as
him, laughed.

I really forgot all of their names.. That's how much I wanted to forget
them so much back then. And to think they used to be my friends? It was
just so low of me.

"Will you guys just shut the fuck up, ans just grow up?" I find someone
talking behind me.

I find a shirtless and wet Harry, with a quite angry expression on his face.

He must've heard what they all said about me. Ugh. I hated it when
people saw me as a weak person.. I've always wanted to have the power to
be most confident, but sometimes I just can't.

"Oh Harry, you gonna be using Jane tonight again? Nice choice, man!''
One of the tall guys laughed.

I sighed, looking down, now completely embarrassed.

Harry gritted his teeth, walking right past me and throwing a strong
punch at one of the guys who just spoke.

He flew back, blood all over his noise immediately.

This seemed to catch all the attention during the party, including me.

Everyone gathered around the scene, my eyes widening with fear.

Did he just defend me? Because I think he did.

People were just taking out their phones, video taping everything..

I bit my lip anxiously, knowing that Harry would really be no match
against these guys. I had to stop this.. Just..

"S-STOP! HARRY!" I sobbed, sobering up just a bit more.


Before any of the guys could throw another punch at Harry, I seemed to
stop the commotion, just getting in between so they wouldn't throw any
more sick punches.

My body hovered over Harry's as I shook my head.

"Just go, or else I'm calling the fucking police. I'm not shitting."
Tears filled my eyes, as I shook my head.

The group of people seemed to change their minds because of my threat,
as they all began to disperse, going back to whatever they were
previously doing.

I turned back to the boy laying limp on the ground beside me.

"Harry, what the hell.." I cried.

"Jane, what the hell yourself. You didn't do anything to defend
yourself, so I had to do it myself."

"Harry, no, I thought you were fucking drunk."

"Well I wasn't. I can't.. I can't stand seeing people hurting you." He
blurted out honestly.

"Well you sure did yourself." I grumbled.

Harry said nothing, looking down at the glistening water.

I sighed. I should be thankful.. But instead I'm being such a picky
drama queen.

"I'm sorry, okay.. Look, thank you for doing that." I bravely looked him
in the eye.

He smiled slightly. "Were you really going to call the cops?"

''Yes, yes I was." I chuckled lightly.

"So you were defending me too, huh?" His words startled me, a blush
immediately creeping onto my cheeks.

Luckily it was pretty dark outside now, so he couldn't really see.

"Technically." I shrugged, as he laughed.

"You're blushing, Jane.''

''My fucking God.'' I groaned, burrying my face in my hands as we sat on
the ground like idiots.

"Say why did you go to the reunion in the first place?" He asks.

"Honestly, Niall forced me."

"Oh.. He did?" Harry questions uncomfortably.

I nodded. "Harry?''



"Do you want to get out of here? Please?" I had no idea why I just said

"Sure. Come on, let's go." He smiled.


I helped heave him up, making me almost slip on the wet concrete. I
shrieked, flinching, until Harry caught me.

"Be careful." He laughs.


I still cannot get over the thought that one of my enemies saved me..
Literally defended me.

Well I guess enemies could be allies once in awhile, huh?


I shivered, as we walked down the same, but now empty street.

"You cold?'' He asks shyly, glaring at me.

I looked up at the tall boy, nodding slightly.

Harry took off his dry jacket, seeing he still had wet clothes under.

"No, Harry. You'll be the one freezing to death." I shook my head. "I'm
okay.'' I pushed his hands away gently.

"It's not guy like to not give my jacket, so I think I should.'' He argued.

"Where'd you get that, the book of dude-eronomy?" I laughed at my own
inside joke.

"You still make really lame jokes." He smirked, earning me to roll my eyes.

Harry sets his jacket on my shoulders, me taking in the scent and the
warmth of it.

"Say, I still have you're jacketback at my place.'' I remembered.

He smiled. "It's alright, you could keep it.''

"No but it's yours." I argued.

Harry shook his head, as he stopped in a halt, making me do the same.

"Think of it as.. Me marking my territory."

Wait.. Not to be dumb, but doesn't that mean..

"I want you to be all mine, Jane. In all honesty.'' His words put me in
a state of shock.

I groaned frustratedly, as I crashed my lips onto his. I just somehow
had the urge to..

My mind tells me to stay away from Harry, that stupid troublemaker..


But what does my heart truly say?..


its in his DNA D-D-DNA! Listening to LM <3 this song reminds me of Dark...should I upload it on Movellas? I dunno if someone already did, ah whale.

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