1. sick in Pittsburgh

As I walked into there room someone was in the bed I turned the light on the now identified male groaned "Harry?" I said pulling the covers down to his hips. He was sweating and red but yet pale he was shirtless "are you ok?, are you saposed to be at the stadium?" I questioned Harry turned to face me with a not welcoming look he took the duvet back over his head but I yanked it back down. "I'm sick Melissa ok, please I need to rest" Harry plead, I put my hand in his forehead he was hot....too hot. "I'm sorry" I said, Harry leaned up his elbows supporting him "this isn't your fault why are you apologizing?" Harry rubbing his eye socket.


"I remember I was sick last week and you hugged me and...." "Then cal got all pissed and grabbed your arm to take you to his side" Harry said with a smirk, oh god that smirk. I nodded in reply, Harry got out of the twin bed and walked over to the TV stand I quickly walked over to him stopping his movements but I was going a little to fast I stumbled in my own two feet making me fall into Harry's arms.


I got back on my feet but my hands still in his bare hot tan chest and his in my waist we looked into each others eyes he had the most beautiful green eyes I ever seen. "Melissa I always lov-" I stopped Harry before he could say what he was about to say by pressing my lips into his he brought my  Body closer to his making me groan, his hands rose lifting my grey t-shirt up when he reached my Brest I took my hands into his "we can't, I can't, you can't too" I said pushing myself back from him how much I wanted that body.


"Mel I have not seen you for about 18 years and everyday I wonder if you found a new lover,a new person to love" Harry said. "First don't call me Mel that's only for family members and close friends and second no Harry when you left Cheshire I haven't been able to move on from an incredible boy like you,you were my first kiss remember....our little place I go there every Friday and cry about how you weren't there to hold me" I said quietly loud, Harry came closer.   He put his hands back on my waist he leaned in close but I pushed him back by his forehead "your sick Harry you nee- no I can't do this Harry I'm with cal now" I said taking his large hands back to his side. "I can't stop loving you just like that Melissa you know how many times I tried, I tried eating peaches to forget about you" Harry said with a laugh, he remembered I hated peaches but that wasn't the point I had to leave. I turned my back and started to walk to the door before I could open it someone else opened before me, cal.
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