Don't Let Me Go

Mikky Lawson is a normal collage school girl. Has normal, good grades.
She then meets a man of her life called Oliver.
She loves him, and always will.
Her friends decied to pull a little prank on Mikky,
and almost end up ending a inncoent girls life.
She is saved by a strange, Tall man.
He goes by the name of Louis Tomlinson.



1. Accidents Happen.

Hey, I'm Mikky Lawson. I am a college student trying to get my Bachelors degree in Law. 

I've only been in college for a year now. Only three more years till i get my degree.

My bestfriends are Emily and Catherine. They come over almost everyday and hang out.

They are my life. If i didn't have them... Well I would probably already be dead. I chuckle at the thought. Why would I be dead? Cause they are my world. If I didn't have a a world, I would not exist.

See? Don't you have you have a friend you don't want them to leave you?

If you don't... Then I'm sorry. I have Brown hair. People question me. It's a very dark shade of brown, so they say 'No, Its black.' Haha.. Fuck off. 

I might be a bit harsh at times. Probably cause i'm on my goddamn period. And if i hate you for no reason, its probably because you are annoying. Well thats a reason. you know what, lets drop that subject.


My alarm goes off on my phone. It's only 6:30. My alarm doesn't go off for another 30 minutes. 

I sat up on the edge of my bed and stretched my arms out to the side. I rubbed my eyes and went into the bathroom.

I turned on my stereo and blasted it so I could hear it when i'm in the shower. 

I started play 'Rack City' by Tyga.

I started the shower and the warm water ran over my body.

After the playlist finished on my phone, I hopped out.

One foot on the rug and one in tub. I didn't lift my leg high enough, and I fell forward and hit my head on the Granit counter.

I blacked out.



When I woke up, I held  my forehead. I had a splitting headache. 

I slowly got up with caution, careful not to hit my head once more.

My stereo was still blasting, and gave me more of a headache. I ran out of the bathroom naked as a pickle and turned off the stereo. I slowly sat down on my carpeted floor and laid down.

I put my hands over my head and laid like that for a couple minutes. I finally got back up again and brushed my hair.

My headache was getting worse, so walked back into the bathroom and when I walked in, I saw myself.

My whole forehead was purple, around my right eye was black.

"I can't go to school looking like this." I whispered.

I ran to my phone and called in sick for the next 3 days.

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