stuck between two

Rose is stuck between the two hottest twins in school jai and luke brooks....she finds something out she never wanted to know,,,,,ever


2. jai and luke

      Oh wow i haven't noticed i am  A FUCKING dumbass i thought to myself 'o that's cool i guess' Luke looked at jai who was leaning up against him 'rose rose!! hey come o...' my friend Kendall gets cutoff by her and jais looks meeting 'heya beautiful' Jai walks off and kissing Kendall's hand 'heheheh' kendall giggles 'umm okay  what class are you going to? Luke came beside me 'um i have english with Ms.huggings' i looked in to his hazel eyes 'ooh i have her to shes a bit annoying for me what about you?' he stares back 'no not really, her voice just makes everything annoying' i smirk we walk together to class 'hey before we go you wanna hang out later by the lake?' he plays with his lip pericing 'love to' i smile we walk in the class and i walk to my seat next to luke just  to tell luke brooks and jai brooks are new and the rest of his band ......we started taking this massive state test and whenever i look at luke and his dimples show as he bites his lips.. it turns me on but i have to have to focus on my test but i cant with mr.hottie next to me.......the bell goes off i am glad that i finished in time i walk out the class 'OOO i see luke has a girlfriend' i hear one of lukes friends in my ear 'hey james leave her alone' luke walks up to him 'hey later right' he smirks at me as he turns around and leaves with his group of friends i giggle at his sight 

```````````linette cepeda````

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