Water Off My Wings





The screams of the fans filled up my ears. I looked to the other girls, and I whispered into Jade's ear that I saw her. She was the bully.


1. Looking Over My Shoulder

I heard the screams from the cheering fans. Well, of course I heard them. All of the Mixers desperately yelling to get our attention was a noise that filled my ears a lot of the time. Every once in a while, though, we'd get a shout of hate.

These haters were one of the reasons that we created Wings. Whenever someone would remind me of my childhood, or call me fat, I'd just remember those lyrics. I'd always whisper them to myself.

'Water off your wings, Jesy.'

'Your words don't mean a thing. I'm not listening to your hate, hater.'

'Wings are made to fly. Wings are made to fly.'

Jade, Leigh-Anne, and Perrie all knew that I'd had trouble with this when I was little. I moved schools a whole lot because of the bullying. People today still call me fat. I always move on from that and look on the bright side.

I looked up and realized that the chorus had come. The cheers and the screams were awaiting my voice. The three girls were staring at me.

Perrie mouthed, 'you ready?' I nodded in response. We danced around the stage. I sung the harmony that I was supposed to, and at the very end we all got into a line. Leigh-Anne grabbed onto my hand and smiled with both her mouth and her eyes.

"These wings are made to fly." We sang. The crowd cheered for almost two minutes straight. The concert ended by a pink belt decorated with our names flying at the stage and hitting the back of the stage. I picked it up and wrapped it around my waist.

"Thank you for the belt!" I yelled out into the crowd. A little girl screamed 'you're welcome!' in response. I couldn't point her out in the crowd, but I could point out one person.

Alexandra. The one who first called me the name.

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