three girls get home from school one day to find a surprise in the mail will this change there lives or will they be still ordinary


5. mail

ally's pov

i got home today an cheaked the mail i saw an envelope with winner i didnt open it i just stared i got inside and texted the girls i said meet me at star bucks we all got them and showed them the envelope they condent belive it i opend it to find ... AHHHHHHHHHH one direction tickets 


summer's pov 

i cant belive we are going to a one direction  concert in 2 days i am going to pack and then go shopping and buy some snap backs 

nikki's pov 

i will book the hotel room and hire a car since its at qld me and the girls once we was packed we left 

we finally got to the hotel i got the music pumping 

ally: every time we touch you get this kind of rush

summer: baby say yeah yeah yeah yeah 

all:and let me kiss you 

nikki: hahah you guys make me laugh

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