Forget the ring, you're my previous ~ Pippin love Story

(I've changed it around a bit)
When Bilbo first adopted Layla, she was mute and scarred for life. Now she's twenty, she's hyper and everyone finds her extremely adorable. What happens when she gets dragged along with her adopted brother for a journey of a lifetime? to destroy the one ring.
Then what happens when he disappears with Sam..and she's left with Merry and the love of her life Pippin..will Frodo come back to a surprise?
(they are WAY younger than they're supposed to be)


4. The Real Journey Begins

The next morning, we set out early. I stuck next to Pippin. This man scared me. How could we trust him? "Where are you taking us?" Frodo asked him. "Into the wild" he replied simply. We followed him into a forest. "How do we know this Stryder is a friend of Gandalf?" Merry asked Frodo. I looked at him, nodding gently. Merry was right. How did  we know? Frodo replied "I think a servent of the enemy would look fairer, feel fouler".  "He's foul enough" replied Merry. I noticed the man listening in on our conversation. "We have no choice but to trust him" said Frodo. "But where is he leading us?" asked Sam. "Rivendell master Gamgee" said the man "the house of Elrond". "Did you hear that? Rivendell..we're going to see the Elves" Sam said to me. "Oh I'm so excited!" I giggled. Pippin smiled at me. Maybe things wouldn't be so bad after all. We walked and walked. We all stopped, and then the man stopped too. "Lady and Gentlemen..we  do not stop till nightfall". "What about breakfast?" asked Pippin. "We've already had it" said the man, looking slightly confused. "We've had one yes, how about second breakfast?" Pippin asked. I giggled at how adorable he was. The man looked at him, then began to walk. Pippin frowned. "I don't think he knows about second breakfast Pip" said Merry, picking up his bag. "What about elevensies? lunch? afternoon tea? dinner? Supper? he knows about them right?" he asked Merry. "I wouldn't count on in" said Merry. Suddenly, an apple was thrown. I caught one, then Merry. Pippin was hit in the head with one. "Pippin!" came Merrys voice. I giggled. Pippin looked slightly embarrassed. We walked and walked. We were walking through sludge and I fell. "ew!" I yelled. Pippin picked me up "Are you alright Layla?" he asked me. There he was with the Layla again. "Yes" I said, looking up into his eyes. Was he really going to kiss me back at the Shire? Or was it just for the moment? Maybe I was making him feel awkward at the time..and..he thought kissing me would make it better. We kept walking until we reached a spot, and the man went and killed a deer. I felt bad but ate it none the less, I was starving. We all went to sleep that night, and I couldn't resist cuddling up to Pippin. I knew he would always protect me...even if this man wouldn't.
The next night, the man handed us swords and told us he was going off for a bit. Frodo went to sleep and the guys decided to cook some dinner. "Guys..I don't really think this is a good idea..what is someone see's the fire?" I asked them. Sam shrugged "They won't Layla..". I sighed and sat down beside Pippin. He looked at me and smiled gently. I returned the smile and gazed over at Frodo. He had been nothing but kind to me..ever since papa had adopted me. What if he died? I'd have nothing left. No family. I sighed, my smile fading. Pippin reached out and took my hand "are you okay Lay?". I shook my head. "What's the matter?" he asked. Merry and Sam looked up, interested in knowing what was wrong too. "I'm just..really scared..I love Frodo..he's kind of real big brother". Sam smiled "It's okay Layla..he won't be hurt..I'll take care of him I promise". I grinned then "thank you so much..Sam.. I appreciate it".
He nodded in return, letting a small smile take over his lips then continued cooking and chatting to Merry. Pippin pulled me slightly closer "I care about you..I won't let anybody hurt you don't be frightened". I let out a small giggle,and rested my head on his shoulder "I know..Pip..". "I-" he was cut off by Frodo waking up suddenly, and jumping up. "We saved some  food for you Mr Frodo" said Sam , trying to hand him some. "Put it out you fools!"he shouted, putting the fire out. "Hey!" yelled Pippin.That's when we heard the black rider scream. We all took out our swords and ran. My heart was thumping so fast, they wouldn't stop until we were all dead..especially Frodo! We ran up to the top of the watch tower and before I knew it, Pippin, Merry, Sam and I were on the ground,and they were going to kill Frodo. Frodo put the ring on and disappeared. The man was back and was fighting them off. Frodo took off the ring and everyone discovered he was stabbed.I screamed and ran to him as did everyone else. "Frodo..Frodo!" I shouted. He couldn't talk he was in too much pain. The tears were streaming down Sam and I's faces. I knew this would happen! I knew he would die! "Don't die.." I whispered to him. "Stryder! Stryder help him! please!" shouted Sam. Stryder told us he would have to get elves to help him. Sam carried him as we walked. "We're six days from Rivendell..he'll never make it!" shouted Sam. I walked with Pippin, crying my eyes out. I was getting pretty hysterical. If I lost Frodo, I'd lose everything. 
We stopped and Stryder revealed that Frodo would soon turn into one of them. I snuggled into Pippin, still crying. He made me feel so calm. He wrapped his arms tighter around me. Frodo was dying and I didn't save him..what kind of sister was I !?
Stryder went off as well as Sam to find some herbs. Then a really beautiful lady appeared on a horse. She had a beautiful glow about her. She was gorgeous. I felt so pathetic and ugly compared to her. "Who is she?" asked Merry looking at me. I shrugged. "she's an elf" said Sam. "He's fading" she said, touching Frodo's wound "he won't last..we must get him to my father". Stryder lifted him up onto her horse, and they started to speak in elvish..I think. 
"What are you doing!?" yelled sam "Those riders are still out there!". Stryder didn't reply, just stared after the beautiful lady. "Can she save him?" I asked Stryder. He looked at me "I hope so". I looked down. That wasn't the answer I had been looking for. We decided we would move again. We walked and rested for six days. It was a tiring journey, but I needed to see my big brother. He meant so much to me. I stuck by Pippin and he kept an eye on me. He always asked was I okay..getting the same reply every time. "I'm fine". Which was definitely a lie. I  felt useless, like a burden. I was going to fight harder from now on. We soon reached Rivendell, and I seen Frodo. He looked so peaceful in his sleep. I hoped he would wake up soon. As I sat by his bedside, rubbing his hand gently, I was joined by Pippin. "Lay he's going to be okay..come out for something to eat..the elves make amazing breakfast" he grinned. I giggled "I want to be the first to see him when he awakens". He sighed gently "You need some food..". "I don't I'm fine" I replied. He raised an eyebrow at me "come on, Lay". I giggled and let go of Frodo's hand. Seems like the boys were not going to give up until I ate something. "Fine" I replied, standing up. He took my hand and led me outside. 

I could tell the journey was only beginning..
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