Forget the ring, you're my previous ~ Pippin love Story

(I've changed it around a bit)
When Bilbo first adopted Layla, she was mute and scarred for life. Now she's twenty, she's hyper and everyone finds her extremely adorable. What happens when she gets dragged along with her adopted brother for a journey of a lifetime? to destroy the one ring.
Then what happens when he disappears with Sam..and she's left with Merry and the love of her life Pippin..will Frodo come back to a surprise?
(they are WAY younger than they're supposed to be)


2. Something About A Ring

I lay in the bath, letting out a sigh of relief as the boiling water warmed my skin. That lake water was freezing. My thoughts drifted to Pippin. His beautiful eyes, his gorgeous face, his adorable personality. I shook my head and reached for the soap. 'He would never think of you like that, Layla' I told myself. I scrubbed myself down, then relaxed back into the water. Pippin sure was an amazing guy. I wouldn't mind actually being his girlfriend. I didn't like him just being a friend that Papa thought was my boyfriend. I lay back, thinking about his gorgeous features, when I drifted into a deep sleep...


Father and mother had said they were bringing me for a walk in the countryside. I was so excited, since I'd never been out of the Shire. After all, the world was dangerous, Father had told me so. He was an adventurer when he was young, but he stayed at home once he met Mother, and they had me. I was only 4 at this time too, so Father and Mother had to come with me. "Sweetie, keep up" said my father turning around and holding out his hand to me. I took one last look at the beautiful pink flowers and ran as fast as my little legs could carry me to Father. I took his hand, not realizing that this would be the last time I would hold his hand..

We sat down with our picnic basket in the middle of a beautiful field. It was full of beautiful flowers, ones that I had never seen before. "Wow!" I grinned excitedly. Mother giggled "she looks so cute in between those flowers". Father nodded in agreement "I totally agree, our little angel".
Mother and Father had been so nice to me, so I didn't understand why they were punished in this way. Suddenly, an arrow came and hit father in the head. I screamed as he toppled over, and stared at me lifeless. "FATHER!" I screamed.  A strange looking creature came up behind mother. "Run Layla! It's an Orc!" she yelled to me. "No mother I won't leave you! mommy please!" I beggd, running over and tugging her beautiful dress. She looked at me one last time, stroking my tear stained cheek and brushing my blonde hair out of my face "I love you Laylay" she said. "I love you too mommy" I cried. "Go!" she said, pushing me gently. I fell over and stood there, while the Orc beheaded her. I screamed. "Little girl why are you so upset?" he asked in a mocking tone. I tried to push him, but he picked me up by my hair. "Pushing me aint gonna bring mommy and daddy back.." he smirked. I cried, the pain was unbearable. He threw me onto the ground while the rest of his pack joined him. "Let's leave her to suffer" he said,  and they all walked off.....

End Dream

I felt myself being lifted up from under the water. I gasped for air, coughing and choking. I looked up to see Frodo. "Another nightmare ?" he asked me. I nodded, snuggling into him and crying. I was slightly embarassed. I had fallen asleep naked in the bath and now my adopted brother was holding me. Naked. He set me onto the ground and handed me a towel. I quickly wrapped it around myself and cried. He pulled me into his chest. "shhh" he cooed. It wasn't working, I was hysterical. Papa came rushing in then "Lay? Lay what's the matter? Did that boy hurt you?" he asked. "Boy?" asked Frodo. "That boyfriend of hers" said Papa. "You have a boyfriend?" Frodo asked me, slight disappointment in his voice. I also told him everything first. "N-no! it's-it's Pippin he's talking about". "Oh" said Frodo, then turned to Papa "Uncle Bilbo he's not her boyfriend, and she fell asleep in the bath..I heard  her screaming from the bedroom,and when I came in she was under the water". Papa sighed "what was your nightmare about?". "M-my parents!" I screamed, still hysterical. "Will the party cheer you up?" asked Frodo. I nodded, thinking about the fact that Pippin would be there. He sat me down on my bed and calmed me down, then let me get dressed. I got dressed in my prettiest dress, and asked Frodo to help with the corset. He did and then I let my hair dry into curls. Soon it was time for the party.

Frodo and I walked out of our rooms. "You look amazing" he smiled. "Thank you Frodo" I  giggled, then he linked arms with me and we walked down to the park. 
Once we reached the park, all eyes were on me. I felt so embarrassed. Some men wolf whistled as I walked past and Frodo shot them an annoyed glare. Big brothers..always so protective. Someone ran into me then, causing us to both fall to the ground. "Ouch!" I yelped. "I'm so sor-" came Pippins voice. I looked up into his beautiful eyes. Wow. He was gorgeous. He seemed to be thinking the same thing about me, but I refused to believe it. He stood up and held out his hand. I took it and he pulled me up. I brushed the dirt off my dress and looked up at him again. He was still looking at me. Why? "Wanna dance?" he asked me as the band started playing a new song. I nodded and giggled "yes".
He took my hand and pulled me into the crowd, dancing away. I laughed and danced with him. Then a slow  song came on, and he pulled me into him. I blushed deeply as he rested his hands on my hips. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and pressed my head against his chest. "This is nice" he said, after a moments silence. "I agree" I smiled. I wanted to tell him I liked him. This seemed like the perfect moment. I pulled my head up and gazed into his eyes. He gazed back into mine. What if I kissed him and didn't get the reaction I wanted?
That would be horrible for me. But then he leaned down, his lips inches from mine. Just as our lips brushed off each others Merry pulled us apart. "Hey Pip! Wanna play a prank?". Pippin looked at me, while I looked away in embarrassment. "Do you-" I cut Pippin off by saying "Go on, I'll just...find Rose" . With that, I walked off, never looking back.

I found Rose and we sat down and chatted. I told her that Pippin nearly kissed me and she squealed in excitement "Oh wow really!?". I nodded and sighed "nearly". She awhh'd and rubbed my back "It'll happen sweetie, at the right time".
"It's been five years when is the right time?" I asked in annoyance. She shrugged, looking at Sam "I can top that..ten". I laughed then, feeling slightly better in myself. 
Poor Rose had been waiting ten years for Sam to ask her out. She knew he liked her , it was kinda obvious. I waved Sam over and he shook his head. "please" I mouthed. He sighed and tapped Frodo's shoulder.
Frodo turned around and he pointed over to me and Rose. Frodo grinned and pushed Sam. I giggled "look who's coming". I pushed them both onto the dancefloor soon after, giggling and laughing. Frodo soon joined me at my table. Then Pippin and Merry pulled their prank. I sighed, knowing it was them. They were in BIG trouble with Gandalf. 

It was then time for Papa to give his speech.
It seemed odd enough, but then he disappeared. Frodo and I stared in complete shock at the spot where he was. "I'll go find stay here" he said, standing up and running off. Everyone was frightened. How did he just disappear like that? Gandalf had left before Frodo also. Sam approached me then, taking my hand "let's go back to the house and see what happened". I shook my head "Frodo told me to stay here". Sam sighed "please?". I sighed and stood up "okay,okay".

We hid underneath the windowsill, listening to Gandalf and Frodo's conversation. Soon Gandalf was telling Frodo he had to go. Then, Sam was yanked up through the window and flung onto the table. I gasped and then covered my mouth. Gandalf started scolding him. Sam groaned "But, Layla is there too!". "Lay is with you?" I heard Frodo ask. I heard Sam sigh with relief, then I was pulled up into the window. Gandalf put me sitting on the table and sighed "What did you hear, Layla?". He knew to be gentle with me. "I-I..n-nothing!" I exclaimed. "Please tell him Lay" begged Sam "he might turn us into something really ugly!" . I gulped. "Something about a ring.."I sighed. "I've got a good use for you two" smirked Gandalf. Oh no what was it...?

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