Forget the ring, you're my previous ~ Pippin love Story

(I've changed it around a bit)
When Bilbo first adopted Layla, she was mute and scarred for life. Now she's twenty, she's hyper and everyone finds her extremely adorable. What happens when she gets dragged along with her adopted brother for a journey of a lifetime? to destroy the one ring.
Then what happens when he disappears with Sam..and she's left with Merry and the love of her life Pippin..will Frodo come back to a surprise?
(they are WAY younger than they're supposed to be)


1. Normal Life In The Shire

As a young girl, I watched as my parents slowly died at the hands of an Orc. He battered them, and told me he'd let me live to suffer...and I did. That was until Bilbo Baggins took me in at the age of four. At first I was mute, not talking very often. I'd shy away from Bilbo & my adopted brother, Frodo. Soon though, I grew to love them like they were literally my family. Bilbo spoiled me, since I was his 'daughter'. I'd call him "papa"while Frodo called him 'uncle Bilbo'. Frodo was two years older than me, and had a very interesting friends. They were Sam, Merry and Pippin. Pippin was always my favorite, and I never understood why until I was fifteen. I was in love with him. Now, five years later, my feelings are still going strong. But I shouldn't ever tell him, because I never wanted to ruin our friendship.     "Frodo! Frodo!" I called my adopted brother's name over and over, still getting no response. So he wasn't in the garden, his bedroom, the kitchen, or anywhere around the Shire. Where on Middle Earth was he? I sighed, walking back into the house and looking for Bilbo. I found him in his usual spot, writing his book. "Hey papa, have you seen Frodo?" I asked. He shook his head, not lifting it up from the book. I  groaned in annoyance, then began to walk around the Shire.  This place sure was beautiful, it almost kept my nightmares away. Whenever I had a nightmare, I would take a walk around the Shire, and  they wouldn't be so bad once I got home. Soon enough, I heard young children shouting "GANDALF!". I turned quickly, and surely enough, there he was. With his horse and trap. Frodo was with him. A huge grin spread across my lips, and I began to run towards the cart. He set off some fireworks, and everyone cheered. Frodo hopped out of the cart and walked over to me. "He's back Layla!" he grinned. I cheered, then remembered I was angry at him. "Hey hold on a second, where on middle earth have you been Frodo? I've needed help with the washing! Papa is getting far too old for washing up!". He chuckled "take a break from your chores and come to the lake with Sam and I".  A huge smile came onto my lips, and I nodded excitedly "oh please!". He laughed "come on" and took my arm, running in the direction of the lake.   Once we reached the lake, we seen Sam sitting there, reading a book. Frodo decided to sneak up on him, so pressed his finger to his lips, motioning for me to keep quiet. I giggled quietly, while he slowly walked up and pounced on him. I laughed so hard at Sam's reaction, I fell over.     Sam's face was priceless! His book rolled down the hill and into the lake. "oh no! me favorite book!" he whined. Frodo and I stopped laughing, and I sighed looking at an upset Sam. "I'll get it" I sighed. "Lay, are you sure?" asked Sam, concerned "I thought you couldn't swim". "Oh it's okay, Rosie thought me" I winked. He blushed a deep red, and I jumped into the water. I grabbed the book and tried to swim to the surface, but couldn't. I panicked, and started struggling. Soon enough though, I felt someone dive in too, and grab onto my waist. They pulled me up and I gasped for air, flinging the book onto the bank. "Me book! thank you Lay, are you okay!?" asked Sam. "Are you alright Lay?" asked Frodo. Wait..if Frodo and Sam were there..who saved me? I turned around in the persons arms and seen Pippin. He  was looking at me with a huge grin..and..was he blushing? naah. "Oh my God, thank you so much Pip!" I said, snuggling into him. He chuckled and then Frodo lifted me up onto the bank. "All for a stupid book" came a voice behind us. We turned to see Merry standing there. "Merry!" I exclaimed, running and hugging him. "Oi! you're gonna get my clothes all wet" he said, sounding annoyed. I giggled "you love me". I heard someone grunt in annoyance, but ignored it. It was probably Frodo being protective again. "Of course!" exclaimed Merry ..well..merrily.  I giggled and pulled away, then looked over at Pip. He looked upset, perhaps it was because he  didn't get a proper thank you. I skipped over, and kissed his cheek "thank you very much, Pip. You saved my life, I owe you anything you'd like". He mumbled something under his breath, which sounded like "you". "what was that?" I asked happily, thinking he hadn't said it. "U-uhm..apples..could you get me some apples from your house?" he asked nervously. hm..strange. I decided to ignore it and nodded "sure, come on" and took his hand. "Keep your hands off my sister!" came a laughing Frodo as we ran up the hill.   We arrived back at Bilbo's house and I quietly closed the door. "Papa is probably getting ready for his birthday tonight..he hates when I have boys in the house, because he thinks I'm courting them"I giggled, rolling my eyes. "I'll be silent" he smiled. I grinned "thank you" and took his hand again. "M-may I ask you a question..uhm..Layla?" he asked. Pippin never called me by my full name..something was wrong. "what is it?" I asked, letting go of his hand and rooting in the fruit bowl for an apple. "Do you-" he was cut off by Papa coming in. Papa froze once he seen Pippin. "A new boyfriend have we? I don't like it". "Papa this is me and Frodo's friend, Peregrin Took, you know his parents".  Papa chuckled "friends? nonsense, I know a couple when I see one" he said. I blushed deeply "papa stop it".  he laughed "okay, okay, I'm sorry darling, what are you doing near my apples?". "I'm  getting one for Pip, he saved my life I nearly drowned moments ago". "I told you not to be near them waters without Rosie didn't I?" scolded Papa. "I-I'm sorry papa" I said quietly. He knew how much I hated him scolding me, so sighed "I'm sorry Lay, I just care about you is all" he smiled. I grinned "I know papa" I said, handing the apple to Pippin who took a bite nervously. "Take care of my Lay, I have to get ready, be home in an hour to get into your new dress, I had the tailor make it to your satisfaction my dear" said papa, walking off into his room. "I'm so sorry about him, like I said, every boy is my boyfriend" I giggled. Pippin swallowed a bit of apple then said "ah yes, I understand, father's are quite strict sometimes". We stood there in an awkward silence for about a minute. Pip and I had never been alone together , and since I liked him it was even more awkward. Okay so maybe I loved him. So that made it even more awkward than when you like someone.  "So um..what was it you wanted to ask me earlier?" I asked him. "Oh yes, do you-" he was cut off again by Frodo walking in "Hey Lay, wanna get ready now?". I looked at Pippin who looked disappointed and said "I'll leave you to it, I'll see you in a few hours, Frodo, Layla". What was with him calling me Layla!? He then walked out and I stared after him, slightly confused. Frodo took my arm "come on Lay, you have a bath first". I nodded, still staring after Pippin.
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