Forget the ring, you're my previous ~ Pippin love Story

(I've changed it around a bit)
When Bilbo first adopted Layla, she was mute and scarred for life. Now she's twenty, she's hyper and everyone finds her extremely adorable. What happens when she gets dragged along with her adopted brother for a journey of a lifetime? to destroy the one ring.
Then what happens when he disappears with Sam..and she's left with Merry and the love of her life Pippin..will Frodo come back to a surprise?
(they are WAY younger than they're supposed to be)


5. Frodo is awake! and Papa..!

Eating and laughing with the guys gave me some relief. They were very fun...I was starting to love Merry and Sam the way I loved Frodo. Though not the way I loved Pippin. Sam went to check up on Frodo while I sat there, finished eating. Pip and Merry were still eating. I didn't understand how they ate a lot. We heard some people talking outside a few moments later. It sounded like Frodo. I jumped up and ran outside, seeing Frodo. "Frodo!" I yelled. He turned and held out his arms while I ran into them." I was so worried" I said. "I'm sorry Lay" he apologized. "There's no need to be sorry Frodo..I know I don't say this often but..I love you" I said. He chuckled "I love you too, Lay". Pippin and Merry ran out then and I gave them their chance to hug him. I was going to watch him from now on, I wasn't going to let him out of my sight. That's when I seen someone, and my eyes lit up. "Papa!" I yelled. Papa looked up "Layla! Frodo!". I ran to him and hugged him "oh , careful now, Papa is very old". Frodo soon joined us and we all talked. "is he treating you right?" Papa asked me. I looked at him, completely confused. "Mr Took.." he said. I giggled "Papa Pip and I are not courting". "Yet" piped up Frodo. I blushed a deep red, then sighed "he would never like me". "Why not? you are absolutely beautiful" said Papa. I grinned "really?". "Of course Layla, what is with your sudden change of confidence?" asked Frodo. "I just..don't feel like I am good enough for him" I sighed, looking over at him. He was talking to Merry. Papa frowned "you are definitely good enough, you just need to try get him..I've seen the way he looks at you..he's in love with you". I felt suddenly better. If Papa noticed it..then surely it was true right?    I found Sam later on, feeling too nervous to be around Pippin. "Are you okay?" he asked me as we walked around Rivendell. I looked at him, smiling gently and nodded "I just..want to go home.." I lied. Th truth was I loved seeing new places. This was quite fun, apart from the fact that Frodo had been stabbed. He was okay though, which was great. "Are you sure? why are you not with Pippin and Merry?" he asked. I felt my cheeks heat up and Sam paused "I knew it". "W-what ?" I asked, my heart thumping. "You love Pippin..don't you!?" he said happily. "Shhh!" I snapped, then sighed "I always lot just never noticed". Sam looked stunned "always? well that's who Rosie was talking about" he chuckled. I had totally forgotten about her. She must miss us so bad! "What do you mean?" I asked. He looked sort of sad "she told me you were in love..I miss her" he sighed. I rubbed his back "before we know it, we'll be back home..and you will see her again" I said. He smiled gently "I sure hope so. Lay?" he suddenly called when I started walking. I paused and looked around "yes?". "Are you ever going to tell Pippin how you feel?".  I thought about it. It seemed like a good idea. "Yeah.." I said, smiling slightly. "When?" he asked. "At the right time" I replied, then took his arm "come on, let's go see how Frodo's meeting is going".  I noticed Pippin and Merry hiding behind the pillar. I blushed and nudged Sam. He smirked, then turned his attention back to the meeting. Pippin was looking over at me, since I was hiding behind a plant with Sam. I looked at him and our eyes connected. He quickly looked away, as did I. What if Pippin did love me? Should I tell him how I feel just in case he did? That's when they all started arguing, and Frodo announced he was take the ring to Mordor. I gasped and Sam covered my mouth. Gandalf told him he would help him with this burden. Then Stryder told him he will protect him. "You have my sword" he announced. Sam removed his hand from my mouth. "And you have my bow" said the elf. "And my axe" said the dwarf. "Here!"  yelled Sam, running out. "Sam!" I whispered looking over at Pippin and Merry. Merry bit his lip. "Mr Frodo is not going anywhere without me" he said. I ran out with Pippin and Merry. "Hey! we're coming too!" yelled Merry. "You need some people of intelligence to do this" said Pippin. "Well that rules you out then" joked Merry. Pippin nodded, then realized what he said. I giggled. "My big brother is not going anywhere without me!" I announced. Frodo smiled at me. "ten be shall be the fellowship..of the ring" Elrond announced. "Right..!" said Pippin excitedly "where are we going?". I laughed and looked at him, while Merry looked at him like he was an idiot. "You find everything Mr Took says funny..young Baggins..I wonder why" smirked the elf. I stopped laughing and blushed, looking away from Pippin. 

Later on, Papa, Frodo and I stood in our bedroom.Papa gave Frodo his old sword. "It's so light" smiled Frodo, taking it out. "Yes, yes, made by the elves you know?" said Papa "the blade turns blue when orcs are's in times like that my have to be extra careful". He handed Frodo some clothes, then asked him to put it on. When Frodo opened his shirt, he seen the ring. "oh old ring..I would very much like to hold last time" said Papa. He sounded..really weird. Frodo closed his shirt back up, then Papa reached out for it. yelling. I jumped back as did Frodo. Papa looked upset by his action. "I'm sorry..I've put this upon you my boy..I'm sorry you must carry this burden..I'm sorry for everything" he sobbed. I rushed to Papas side and hugged him, while Frodo put his hand on his shoulder. Papa put his head on mine while I cried with him. I hated to  see Papa upset. He then rested his hand on Frodo's.  This would be a bad night..

That night, I snook out into the garden. Frodo hadn't woken up. We had to share a bed. I heard soft singing coming from the garden, and seen Pippin sitting on a bench.He was singing a song about a beautiful girl. I felt jealous. Maybe he wasn't in love with me after all..or maybe he was singing about me. "Who is she?" I asked. He jumped "Oh Lay, you startled me". I giggled "I'm sorry" and sat beside him the bench. "Can't sleep?" he asked. I nodded "too much on my mind"."Me too" he sighed. "Like what?" I asked him. He looked away "a lady..beautiful lady...I cannot take her off my mind.." he sighed then added "she would never love me". Just like I thought..Pippin didn't love me. I rubbed his back "maybe she does..but you are going to have to tell her". "I can't..I am too frightened" he said, putting his face in his hands. "Don't be frightened Pip.. everything will work out for you because I will beat her up if she doesn't love you back". "You can't.." said Pippin. "Why not?" I asked. He opened his mouth to speak, but closed it. "Pippin.." I said, looking away. "yes?" came his voice. "I..." I couldn't continue. This place seemed so romantic and perfect for me to tell him. "What is it?" he asked. He sounded nervous. "I don't want to ruin things between you and that girl so..goodnight Pippin" I said, standing up with tears in my eyes. "Hey!" he said, pulling me back down. I let the tears fall "I just..I.."I  couldn't say it. What if he did not feel the same? "Tell me how you feel about me.." he whispered, wiping my tears. I gasped. He knew. He just needed to hear it from my mouth. "I love you" I whispered. A huge smile plastered his lips. I giggled. "I love you too Layla..I always have and I always will". "Pip?"I called. He looked into my deep blue eyes and I looked back into his green ones. "Yes..Lay?". "Kiss me" I whispered. He leaned in and kissed me passionately. I felt the fireworks. I really did. Pippin and I were meant to be. Once he pulled away he gasped for air "wow..I've been waiting for that since your Papa's birthday". I giggled "Me too, Pip". "Court me?" he asked, pressing his forehead to mine. I nodded "Of course".

That's when I knew this journey would be good...
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