When The Perfect Guy Comes.

This story is about how a girl named Cheyenne Allen goes to a One Direction concert for the first time she also has a VIP ticket to meet them. 3 guys out of 5 like her and she turned 2 down really. Which guy is she going to be with out of the 3? Find out eveything will the one she loves leave her or stay? Please tell me what you think of my fanfic and favorite and like it please this is my first fanfic on here and ever been on a website so again please like, comment, favorite and tell me how it is.


10. Where Is She?!?

Where Is She?!?

Zayn, me and Brandi are going to the mall to go shopping we will be back in a hour or two. I said to him.

Ok babe you have the card right? He asked.

Yes. I said showing him it.

Ok babe. He says pulling me to him then giving me a kiss and he said be careful.

I will love you. I said getting up.

Love you too see you. He said.

Yup. I said closing the door behind me.

In The Car:

Brandi and i was heading to the mall singing in the car to the music on the radio and then we started talking to each other. We were just talking, talking and talking the last words i remember is I love Zayn. I blacked out because a car hit right on my side and pushed me off the road down a hill until it hit ground and was upside down.

Brandi's POV:

I opened my eyes seeing that Cheyenne had blood all over her i kept saying Cheyenne and i got no answer. I thought in my head did we get hit off the road (i looked around) why are we upside down? Oh god this is real we did. I tried to see if Cheyenne is alive i couldn't tell. I called the ambulance or cops whatever. They said they are going to be there in a few minutes to stay calm and don't move. I called harry after and told him and then i heard Zayn crying asking where she is.

Where is she?!? He yelled again.

She is in a ambulance right now and so am i. I said before the ambulance guy said i have to go.

We will be there in a couple minutes. Harry said before i hung up.

Zayn's POV:

I am really freaking out a girl that i love with all my heart is in the hospital dying. Why her! Why? I am here in tears hoping she isn't dead or that she can remember me. The lads are trying to calm me down but its not working we made it and i ran into the hospital.

I am here for Cheyenne Allen. I says with tears in my eyes.

I'm sorry sir but she is in surgery right now. They have to take glass out of her arm and they have to stitch her leg and arm and her head a piece of glass went into the side of it. She said with a sorry look.

Ok thank you how long will it take? I asked politely crying.

Like a hour and a half maybe but i will get you. She will be fine sir she will wake up soon. She said.

Ok thank you. I said.

I went back and sat down in the waiting room with my hands on my face crying hoping she will be alright and then i started thinking about the night before how we had a amazing time on our date and how she lost her virginity to me at the park and how we kept teasing each other today but now this i started crying again. I felt a hand on my shoulder i turned and saw Liam.

It's alright mate she will make it through. He said all surely.

What if she doesn't? What if i lose her forever? I asked him.

He looked down then back up to me with tears in his eyes. Then she is gone we can't do anything. I'm sorry mate. He said.

I just started bursting out crying. I can't afford to lose her. I said.

I know mate. He said now having tears stream down his face.

I looked around seeing Niall sitting with hands on his face crying to. Then i saw Harry looking worried about both of them he didn't bother asking about Brandi because he knew she was fine. and i looked at Louis and he was just standing there balling his eyes out like me because Louis and Cheyenne are like best friends. Then i saw a doctor coming toward us and he said Harry can go see Brandi because she was asking for him.

And Zayn. He said giving me a sorry look.

I busted out crying falling to the ground i knew i lost her.

I'm so sorry Zayn we did all we could to save her. He said

Can i at least see her now. I asked sobbing.

Yes you may. He said leading me to her room.

I walked in asking him for privacy. He allowed. I walked over to the bed still crying. I sat on the chair next to the bed and grabbed her hand which was icy cold she was all pale. i started talking to her knowing she won't answer her back.

Cheyenne it's me Zayn your boyfriend it is only me right now. I said kissing her hand. You was in a accident and i don't want to lose you if you can hear me i am begging you to come back to me please i need you. i just was on the ground crying when the doctor told me that you didn't make it. I started crying again i held her hand for a while with a silence i wasn't used to.

Cheyenne's POV:

I hear a familiar voice and after a while i noticed it was Zayn and he was crying i was walking toward a light and then i saw another one with a hand and it was Zayn's hand before i went into the light of the hand i said Thank you god for another chance to live. then i walked into it.

I started opening my eyes but i wasn't used of the light but i opened the anyways and then squeezed Zayns hand. He slowly looked up and i could tell he was crying a lot. He looked at me and smiled really big and kissed me.

Doctor! He yelled.

A doctor came in looking surprise because i was alive.

It's a miracle. You brought her back. He said looking at Zayn.

I smiled and said softly with crackling in my voice. He is my superhero.

Zayn looked at me and smiled too. I am hers and she is mine. He said.

Ok well we have to take test on her and she will probably have to stay here for the night. He said.

Ok. He said.

Hey sorry you can't get your surprise now. This is my fault for being in here. I said with a sad look.

How is it your fault and i don't mind not getting it i am just more worried about you. He said.

Ok and because i guess i wasn't paying enough attent- He stopped me.

It's not your fault it is the other person in the other cars fault he was being a retard and he was drunk. He said.

But i should of stopped then i couldn't of got hit and had you go thought the pain. I said crying now.

Cheyenne it's not your fault it was his and i was only in pain for you. Please don't cry he said but this time he started crying.

All i am doing is giving you pain and a bad reputation for being famous nobody likes us together you should be listening to your fans not me. I love you but i can't hurt you anymore Zayn. I said crying even harder.

I don't want to lose you i never so i want to be with you for the rest of my life i don't give a fuck what the fans think about you they don't know you i do. He said.

Are you sure you even know me yet. I met you two weeks ago. I said crying even harder knowing i am going to lose my love of my life forever.

He stood there shocked then he said Cheyenne i know you enough to tell that we are made for each other and that all i want in a girl is what you have. He said tearing back up.

Zayn can you just take me home when i get out of here tomorrow? I asked.   

That's where i was planning on doing. He said confused.

No take me back to California. I said.

Are you breaking up with me? He asked now crying a little.

I'm sorry but yes i can't get hatted from fans and keep hurting you. I said crying really hard.

Your not hurting me Cheyenne. Just ignore the fans most of them love you there are some fans that are just jealous that's all. He said   

Let me think about it tonight. You can go back to the condo. I said.

No i can't go back without you i am staying here with you. He said with me staring at his adorable brownish hazel eyes wanting him to stay.

Fine but i want you to sleep on the bed with me. I said giving him the puppy eyes.

Ok. He said smiling and he climbs on next to me cuddling me.

I can't lose him what was i thinking i want to stay with him forever too.

Zayn. I said.

Yeah babe? He asked.

I want still be with you i can't lose you i love you to much. I said smiling at him.

Good because i would die for you. He said looking into my eyes.

I'm sorry for all the things i said to you. I was just so upset about the crash. I said.

Don't worry about it babe. He said.

Ok. I love you. I said looking into his eyes.

I love you too. He said then comes closer but not to close because he didn't want to hurt me and he kissed me so amazingly. I love his kisses.

Then we fell asleep with each other close not letting go. We never want to die without each other and we never want to hurt each other or break up ever.   


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